Sub Pop Records Sign Husky!

Well, we didn’t really know who Husky was either, until we read up on the Well ourselves.  Sub Pop officially signed their first Australian band, and considering we have a bit of adoration for all things Oceania, we had to fill you in.  The foursome released their record, Forever So, last year in Australia, and their new US label will be re-releasing it on July 10th.  On this track, I appreciate that there are touches every day indie rock, but slight details allow the central harmony to rise to the forefront in this track. They’ve also got a pretty interesting video to accompany the song that you can check out HERE.


Download:Husky – The Woods [MP3]

Seeker Lover Keeper – s/t

Rating: ★★★½☆

Consisting of three ladies each established in their own field of the music industry, Seeker Lover Keeper fundamentally sounds like a good idea. Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann are currently some of the biggest Australian songwriters, previously writing songs for artists like Fiest, and touring with Lykke Li, The Tallest Man on Earth, Broken Social Scene and more. However, it takes more than apt songwriting and knowing a lot of great musicians to be great yourself, which poses the biggest question: do these credentials add up to a good album.

The self-titled album begins on a soft note; gentle strumming of guitar pieced together with ghastly “oohs,” before the sweet vocals jump into the song. First up, “Bring Me Back,” lets the audience find their way to this band and their elegant charms before they pick things up, serving as the getting your toes wet experience for the listener so they can jump in. On the next number “Light All My Lights,” some synthesizer gives the tune a little bit more of a life than the first song, but the real first standout isn’t apparent until the third track “Even Though I’m a Woman.” The piano that sounds at the beginning of the track carries it along, but the vocals, a touch raspy and whispery, yet dangerously sugared are, of course, the main focus and I’m reminded a bit of Regina Spektor in this piano/vocals combo. Some great harmonies can be found here, and the main chorus will have you singing along, or trying to, as it’s not very easy to keep up.

Throughout the whole album, the ladies change places as lead singer, writing songs for each other. Along with this passing of lead, there is also a transition from the overall sound of the band, which keeps the group from falling into a pattern, but also prevents one solid identity to be formed for these ladies and if you are a person who isn’t okay with change, then this may not be an album for you. However, I find most of the variety to be enjoyable and interesting, keeping me guessing as to what these power females will do next to change things up a bit. My favorite transition is the one from the edgy and rhythmic “Everytime” to the soft and wispy “We Will Know What It Is,” that follows immediately. Here, you can see the combined talent of this group.

Seeker Lover Keeper do not disappoint their credentials; you have some brilliant writing on this album, and delicate tracks that will catch your ear. As far as a first album, you get essentially what you would expect—a good start.

Fresh Pop Track from Cameras

America, please meet Cameras, an indie pop group from Australia.  Their first album featured a predominantly female vocalist, but I like how they switched it up on this recent release, especially the lead single–using a male vocal.  The crisp guitar line that opens up the song holds a lot of power when combined with the deep vocal, but then the song takes off, soaring into a more traditional pop realm.  If you dig this track, you can expect to find more tunes just like it on the new album, In Your Room, which you can find now.


Download: Cameras – Defeatist [MP3]

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