Fuzzy New Number from Heart Beach

It’s been a few years since Heart Beach dropped an LP, but while there’s no official announcement, the group have been hinting at something with a slew of singles in 2020, like the new one below. This new track was written while the core songwriting partnership of Claire and Jonathon McCarthy were struggling whilst living in Montreal, before moving back to Australia. You can hear some of the struggle in the lyrical content like “check the map because you don’t know where you’re going,” which in the context can work on multiple levels. I just love the interplay between the McCarthy’s, not to mention those fuzzy distorted edges swirling about the track. We’ll keep you posted if we hear news of a new record.

Haiku Hands Announce Debut Album

In 2019, Australian outfit Haiku Hands brought their choreographed dance party to our shores during SXSW (RIP); I know we were all impressed, and anxiously awaiting news of an LP. Well, that news dropped yesterday, and the band remind me a lot of CSS in a lot of ways. For one, they have these satisfying dance club hits that always seem to get stuck in your head; this is music for people that want to enjoy living. Two, they work as a collective, curating and exploring art amongst their members. I have a feeling this song would be huge had it dropped in different circumstances, but lets hope it brings you all a little joy. Their debut drops in August via Mad Decent.

Popfilter Debut on Stay Inside Compilation

We’re all holed up at home, looking to our favorite artists for glimmer of hope in the world. But, they’ve got to make a living too, so a bunch of Australian labels like Osbourne Again, Hotel Motel, Spunk Records and more have organized the Stay Inside Compilation. 100% of the funds will be split between the bands, many who’ve taken a financial hit. Now, not only do I love the labels and the acts, but it also is our first introduction to Popfilter, a band that features members of our beloved Ocean Party; our first introduction has the band covering “Romance at the Petrol Station” by Jordan Ireland/Stolen Violin. This version seems to strip away some of the darkness on the original, choosing instead to highlight the song’s natural pop sensibility. Future tunes from the likes of Snowy Band and Emma Russack are said to be on their way too!

Candy Share Clean Video

Calum Newsom used to play with Amyl and the Sniffers, which should warrant your attention, though his sound under his Candy moniker is far different, if you ask me. This tune’s much less punk, and much more pop oriented; the bass line alone just reeks of folks looking to kick up their heels and have a blast. Honestly, there’s an understated jingle to it, which makes me think fondly of the early stuff from the Drums. It’s Monday, about to get rainy, so may as well hold onto some dreamy pop vibes before the day descends further into darkness.

Dance A Lot with Nick Griffith

As rains cover our town, it seems only fair that we begin your day here by playing this fun little ditty from Australia’s Nick Griffith; if anything, you can escape the gloom of your day with this pop number. This is the sort of electronic stuff that I can totally get behind; it seems so simple that I could pull it off (though that’s probably untrue), but it also has these little pop treats you can’t escape. Here, you’ve got little doses of steel drums bouncing the rhythm along. You’ll also get some accompanying vocals from Sophie McComish of Body Type (operating under the name Tuffence Meringue). This single comes your way courtesy of Dinosaur City Records.

Bouncy Pop from Heart Beach

I was seduced by this new Heart Beach track immediately; the dual vocal playfulness, delivered to craft a moderate little harmony atop light guitar notes is a perfect ploy. Then suddenly the distortion jumps in and jagged chords start to rip through the speakers like some college rock act from the mid 90s. Still, the team of Claire and Jonathon McCarthy sound settled as the notes circle their heads like hawks hunting prey; that sense of calm helps fashion the perfect pop sensibility that lets you sink your teeth deep into the meat of the song. Let’s hope 2020 brings us more from this outfit!

Go Get Mum Announce New EP

What on Earth is in the water over in Australia this week!? I’ve covered Sweet Whirl, Brain Drugs, The Great Divides, RVG…and now we’ve got the announcement of a new EP from Go Get Mum. The band have the muted jangles, akin to work from peers like Dick Diver or the Lucksmiths, but this song for me is all about the vocal work (which I’m assuming is Izzy). There’s this assuredness lurking in the melody, like the voice knows there’s nothing better in the world at this very moment; I love the slight pitch change right at the chorus (“When you go please mop the floor”) as the rest of the band joins in with backing vocals. What a great song to wrap up a great Aussie week…leading to the question and the title of the band’s new EP, Ok Now What…it drops March 20th via Meritorio Records.

RVG Sign to Fire and Announce Feral LP

I’m super happy that there’s a new RVG LP on the horizon; they were hands-down my favorite act at SXSW a few years ago…and as I recall their new single was part of those live sets. There’s a little more polish to this track, but I actually really love that about it; the guitars have more sheen, making them sharper in their soft rings. I think thematically, almost every human can relate to this concept, so you should universally love it! But, most importantly, the video does an exceptional job of capturing the passion in Romy’s performances; you’ll be hard pressed to find a performer putting that much soul into every song. Good news is they’ve just signed with Fire Recordings to release Feral, out April 24th!

Aussie Pop from The Great Divides

When you drop names like the Sea Urchins and the Clean in your reference points, I promise you I’m going to listen (and I’ll be pissed if you’re lying!). So this is where I get to meet the Great Divides, the newest Australian export with an EP on the way shortly. In this tune, the band’s classic jangling sounds get balanced out by the heavy throb of the bass work; they mix in the trade of male and female vocals like only the best pop purveyors can. Seriously, I’m super into this song right now and just want you all to listen to it with me! This track appears on the group’s new Face the World, Again EP, which is being handled graciously by Spoilsport Records…out Friday!

Sweet Whirl Announces How Much Works

Thanks to my on-going infatuation with Australia’s Chapter Music, I’ve had Sweet Whirl on my radar for a hot minute, but today she announces How Much Works, her debut LP…and she does so in striking fashion. I remarked last time I covered a tune from the project how powerful Esther Edquist’s voice was, and here, it sounds even more assured than a year ago; it’s bolder somehow, carrying the weight of the song as piano and atmospherics collide into one another. The sparseness of the song allows the emotion to tear through your speakers and hits you across the face. This new LP will be out on March 29th.

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