Killer New Track From Wilding

Having been damn near 5 years since we last heard from our Melbourne friend Wilding, I was quite excited to receive some new music from him a few days ago. His latest effort, “Speed King of the Commonwealth” is more of a loud, indie rock pop song worthy of dancing and head banging. It reminds me of early singles from Kaiser Chiefs with it’s chant inducing “la la las” and breezy guitar sound. This song is out now on all formats via Half Cow Records.

Only the beginning, Wilding is currently hard at work on his third album entitled The Death of Foley’s Mall coming sometime later this year.

Jade Imagine Share Big Old House Video

I got turned onto Jade Imagine a few years back when Snowy from the Ocean Party was playing as part of the band; I then caught them at SXSW for a short stellar set. So, I was really excited to see a new video pop up in Australia with this fresh tune. One listen and you’ll thrust the band right in alongside acts like Angel Olsen or Sharon Van Etten; it has this sort of understated bravado, saturated with these little dreamy qualities that come in and out of the track. I have a feeling these guitar riffs are going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Swim Team Share Are You Into Me

There’s something really special in the songwriting of Swim Team; there’s this ability to adhere to all the flourishes of indiepop, yet at the same time, sound wholly Australian. There’s a sweetness in the first half of “Are You Into Me,” that eventually subsides as the track pushes further forward, taking a turn just around 1.5 minute mark. The lyrical content here ties right into the title, but it feels even more personal for some reason. This is just a light-hearted way to start your day I reckon, so keep an eye out for Home Time on July 12th via Hysterical Records.

RVG Share Alexandra

A few years ago I claimed RVG the best band at SXSW; it was a year that acts like Shame, RBCF and Stella Donnelly really broke big…but for me, it was RVG. Romy Vager’s performances were nothing short of mesmerizing, fulfilling all my expectations having spent hours going through A Quality of Mercy. For me, that’s what I hear when I hear “Alexandra;” I hear the live performance, the passion in Vager’s voice. There’s this swelling in the song, a slight bit subdued, but I can picture the band unleashing that sonic blast in my face…and as my mind drifts I fall in love with this tune. This track is slated to appear on the group’s next album, and they’ve got a few N. American tour dates planned for June too (no Austin date, sadly).

Peak Twins Return with Beloved

Not too long ago, Peak Twins were getting some adoration from the masses, but they’ve been relatively quiet since 2013. Today that changes with the announcement of the group’s new LP, Beloved. “Water” is our first listen, accompanied by a gorgeous video employing mirror images, but ultimately it’s the song I’m in love with right now. All the verses reside in that casual pop arena popularized by many an Aussie outfit; they’re not pushing the envelop, merely caressing the natural melody within their songs. For my two cents, the special moment, aside from the nice little added arrangements, is the nice little change that comes for the first time around the 2 minute mark (also at 3:30); it’s just a mild directional turn, but plays in perfectly to the song’s aesthetic. Call it what you will, but Peak Twins have dropped one hell of a new number. The new LP will be out on June 28th.

Catchy Ditty from Party Pest

One of the things I love about the post-punk period was the clarity and space allowed in the music; there were bands leaving all sorts of empty space in their songs. Sometimes they were filled with groovy rhythm sections, other times it was merely just a stylistic choice to really build the song’s tension. Aussie trio Party Pest seem to employ those standards, working with precision rhythm while focusing on those angular guitar notes; the vocals get delivered in that Kathleen Hanna-esque howl, the style that makes you scared and entranced all at once. The band will deliver their Happy Man/I Can Do Better 7″ on May 24th.

Win Tickets to An Horse at Barracuda on May 5th

After a long hiatus, Aussie duo An Horse are returning with their brand new album, Modern Air this Friday. We’ve heard several of the tracks, all just as convincing as when the band left us with Walls back in 2011. But, more importantly, the band return to Austin this Sunday at Barracuda, and seeing as it’s never easy to catch an Australian band in the States, you should jump at the chance to win free tickets! Plus, the group will be joined by local powerhouse, Lola Tried.

All you have to do to win two tickets is pick a number between 1-1000, leave it in the comments, or tweet it at us! The only hint I’m giving you is that it’s not my favorite number! You’ve got 48 hours! Go!

Regular old tickets are HERE.

New Ballad from Emma Russack

Emma Russack has made these pages on several occasions; she popped up with Permanent Vacation, and then later on her collaboration with Lachlan Denton. But, today we’re pleased to inform you that she’s announced a new LP, and we’ve got the title track working below. The whole of this song revolves around Russack and the piano; the rhythm section hangs out quietly, filling in some of that space just when they’re called upon. There’s this forlorn delivery that Emma seems to have mastered here, adding to the solemn mood emanating from your speakers; it’s a pretty powerful performance, and one I deem worthy of your ears. If you like, Winter Blues will be out on July 5th via Osborne Again Music.

New Hit from Hierophants

The whole genre of post-punk can get a little stale at times, so it’s great that we have a band like Australia’s Hierophants to really turn things upside down. We haven’t heard much since 2015’s Parallax Error, but now there’s a new LP on the horizon. This one actually seems more like something you’d get from a chilled pop group, almost as if Hot Chip were really cool all over again; there’s this happy bounce, almost like a slinky club hit that really drive the tune. The vocals are delivered in this very casual matter-of-fact manner, allowing the slightest emphasis on various syllables. It’s also a study of patience, as the group don’t really hang reveal a massive hook; they’re not trying to be catchy, they just want to deliver a tune you’ll come back to again and again, letting it reveal its secrets over time. Spitting Out Moonlight drops May 24th via Anti Fade Records.

Monnone Alone Shares Do It Twice Video

I warned you back in February about how great the latest single from Monnone Alone was, showing off Mark’s songwriting chops with a fuzzy guitar wound tightly around his pop sensibility. I mean, really, all you need is to hear that chorus and it’s “do it again” refrain by the backing vocals, and you’d be sold. So, with slow Monday’s, why not share with you the band’s recent vid of the track, just to be sure to keep it on your radar. For the most part, the video is live footage of the band, spliced atop found video footage from the past; it must have been windy too because Mark’s hair is all over the place! Just watch the band jam out in the song’s latter half and tell me pop bands can’t rock it out.

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