Quivers Share When It Breaks

I’m a sucker for big circular guitar sounds, the kind that seem to wrap around your ear with these delicious pop tentacles, such as the latest tune from Aussite outfit Quivers. They’ve pushed out a couple of tunes since the release of their 2018 hit, We’ll Go Riding on Hearses, but this might be the best one. I love the way Sam’s voice has this sort of heavy melody to it, blanketing the track in this general warmth; it gets some great added muscle when the accompanying vocals come in to turn up the charm on their end. It’s not quite power pop, and not quite indie pop; it’s somewhere in the middle, somewhere where you feel comforted by your favorite sounds, so give a listen.

Stream Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton’s New LP

Monday’s are generally pretty slow, and while I’m looking over last week, there’s really only one thing that needs to be said; you need to listen to Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton‘s new LP, Take the Reigns. I could easily walk you through the whole record and all my favorite moments. For instance, go to “Help,” and wait for the beautiful uptick at the 1:18 mark. Maybe you’ll enjoy the stomp of Emma’s performance on “Letting Go,” which admittedly caught me by surprise. You can always come back to the joy of “Catch,” but when you do, you undoubtedly realize you’re going to keep coming back to this whole record time and time again. I dare you to find me a great pop album than this right here.

Elizabeth Gives Us Another Tune

I’m always up for a new track from Elizabeth, and with her new LP just a few weeks away, I think she’s dropped what, so far, is my favorite of the pre-album singles here. Something about her voice in this one really hits at home; it almost has this 80s nostalgic pop sound, though it doesn’t sound too far off from something with Hope Sandoval (or any number of Sarah Records acts). There’s this beautiful moment when it rises up near the end, and Elizabeth has another powerful performance to make all her peers shake. Plus, the arrangements of this song are really emotive, strong where they need to be, and pulled back when necessary. The Wonderful World of Nature is going to be some debut; it drops on November 1st.

Olivia’s World Share Blotter Video

A few weeks ago, I went out of my way to encourage you to listen to Olivia’s World and their latest track; I even vaguely reference Rose M’s participation, but I suppose if you don’t come out and say it, no one’s like to do the research. Alas, the band’s back with a video for the tune, so maybe that’s a chance to get you caught back up in the joy of this tune…plus, for what its worth, this track belongs on repeat all day. I kind of figure that folks are getting back into the jangle a little, or maybe they’re just going to look into the band’s current Aussie locale as reason to get in on the tune. Regardless, the track rules, and it’ll be released on the new EP, out October 25th via Lost Sound Tapes.

Guitar Pop from Candybomber

I was really into the Kensingtons, though they came onto my radar just as they were seeming to slow things down. Now that they’re geographically separated, Stewart has a brand new project, Candybomber. The band have just shared this new single, which, to me, recalls a more melodic Wedding Present. You still have these distorted guitars jangling and ringing out loudly, tearing through your speakers. But, the song’s core revolves around the gravitational pull of the melody that shines through Stewart’s vocals; it’s the classic loud/quiet juxtaposition, and it’s executed to perfection in this tune. Turn this one up super loud, and don’t look back at that whole in your speakers.

Elizabeth Drops Powerful Ballad

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Elizabeth, most notably as the leader of Totally Mild. But, I’ll come out now and say it…I’ve never heard her sound as powerful and bold as she does on her latest single. The arrangements are perfect, dreamy when necessary, but mostly staying out of the way, save for that heavy-hearted piano line. It all serves as the ideal backdrop for Elizabeth’s striking vocal performance, emphatically hitting those high notes just before the 3 (and 4) minute mark. If ever there was a ballad built for your Friday, let this be the one. The Wonderful World of Nature will be out on November 1st.

Cool Sounds Share Hula Hoop

Not too long ago we shared a tune from the forthcoming Cool Sounds LP, More to Enjoy, and the band have another rad tune for you to enjoy. There’s something about this number that seems so timeless, so pure in its pop enthusiasm that I’m sure you’ll love it. For me, it transported me back to the log cabin I lived at in Yellowstone, sitting on the porch drinking a beer with my stereo lightly playing from inside as I stared into the great wilderness. That said, I went back and listen again as I always do, and here I am enjoying this sort of modern funk with a classic rock tinge, bobbing my head thinking of my dad but living in every moment of the present. The album drops on September 20th via Osborne Again/Hotel Motel/Meritorio.

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Share New Single

Two of my favorite voices from Australia, Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton, are teaming up again to release their 3rd album working together; they’ve both released wonderful solo records this year as well. In this video, the duo seem to be having a dinner party, built around the making of pasta with a bunch of pals. Emma takes the reins on the vocal duties for this number, with slight backing vocals provided during the chorus. The subject matter here involves self-love, and the inevitable drive to get out of bed and seek it out. Their new album is titled Take the Reigns, and it will be released by Osborne Again/Bobo Integral on October 18th.

Good Morning Announce Basketball Breakups

I’m pretty anxiously awaiting the US arrival of Good Morning; I’ve been jamming to the band for several years, and this will the first time to step foot on our soil (as a band anyways). It looks like they’ll be doing so with a new record, their second this year, in tow, as today they announce Basketball Breakups with a brand new single. This song and its accompanying video are equally charming. The guitars have this tornado of light jangle working around the casual vocal delivery; the video is entirely filmed inside an IKEA, though I’m a bit bummed they didn’t seem to sample the meatballs. Some bands get prolific and then they get boring, but Good Morning seems to be taking it all in stride, and our ears are better for it. Their US tour runs from October thru November.

Our Ithaca Creek Release It’s 09 and the Future Looks Good

I’m a little weary of buying into the story of Our Ithaca Creek, as there seem to be various accounts of the creation of both band and this album, It’s 09 and the Future Looks Good; I can live with just a hint of mystery. All I know is that I’ve really been enjoying the album’s lead single all weekend long, which really has its own sound, and while sounding great, doesn’t wholly fit into my own preconceived notions of current Aussie music. There’s this softness in the chorus that sort of gets stomped out, like they’re kicking down the door to save the world. The rest of the song seems to have this similar wistful feeling, like we’re out here searching for great answers to life’s questions; there’s a lot of promise in the future, if you care to look.

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