Please to Meet You: The New Mourning

Thomas Pronai has a pretty extensive music career in Austria, both as a musician and engineer, but for many folks, myself included, The New Mourning is our first introduction to Pronai’s work. It’s already got the backing of James from Ultimate Painting (who recorded it) and Pete Astor (who plays on it), so you know that it’ll easily get my stamp of approval…oh, and it’s being release by KUS (easily one of my favorite labels). The song they’ve presented from their new single is this not quite psychedelic pop ditty; it has this bright guitar presentation, with the slightest hint of that acid washed world. That said, its the vocals that sort of take on a mantra of their own that really seals the deal…the simplest little line and yet its been stuck in my head all morning. Give a listen and grab it HERE.

Who’d Stop The Sun from The New Mourning on Vimeo.

Turn on The Faded North

Austrian outfit The Faded North reached out to us with a new video from their EP (out today!), and I was really drawn in by the song’s craft. I love how the guitar notes ring, then just sort of hang in the air, billowing into the background. From there, the indifferent vocals work into the track, built on the backbone of solid rhythm section. They all cruise along harmoniously, anxiously awaiting the song’s crescendo where all is combined into beautifully discordant post rock, crashing down upon the listener’s ears. The What Did I Miss EP is available today, so take a gander won’t ya?