Don’t Sleep on Woolworm

Woolworm just recently released brand new single into the world, and I’m just now soaking it in. I think the band has locked into the modern day tension of humanity; they have these darkened foreboding riffs that ring out, and if not, they bubble just beneath the surface, ominously haunting the song’s pop moments. Those pop moments, though seemingly weary from the world, illustrate our need to keep trying, keep finding our whatever routines work to carve out our own little niche in the world…mine will probably include listening to this song a whole bunch. This tune appears on Awe, which drops on November 8th via Mint Records.

Woolworm Announce New LP, Awe

The opening five seconds of this brand new Woolworm track definitely got me; that drum roll moving into those ringing riffs really set me up. I love how the verse came in and offered up a certain softness, especially when that backing vocal sparingly enters the picture. Moving fast, it quickly jumps towards the chorus, where the notes get downshifted ever-so-slightly, taking on more melody and giving off an even softer mood. They call this “Vancouver blanket rock,” and they’re spot on because I just want to snuggle up next to this song and kick back into Tuesday. Awe will be out on November 8th via Mint Records.