Don’t Sleep on B Boys

bboysWhile it might have been easy to pigeonhole Captured Tracks earlier on, the label’s done a great job diversifying their roster, and one of the bands that’s adding to that is their newest singing B Boys. Sure, there are some sonic similarities in the guitar ring, but the Brooklyn trio is taking on their own spin with it, issuing out a more grimy, proto-punk feel. Still, the label sells infectious pop, no matter what way you look at it; the No Worry No Mind EP from the band hits on March 18th.

B Boys Share No-Nonsense Rocker

B BoysB Boys are a three pieceon the verge of releasing their debut EP,No Worry No Mind and their sound is exciting and rambunctious rock and roll. They’ve shared a new single from this debut called, “Get a Grip,” and it’s definitely going to embed itself deep in your brain as you go through the rest of your day. You are welcomed to the song by tight knit guitar riffs and lo-fi vocals. The drums are shimmery and cymbal heavy, while those electric guitar riffs simply don’t quit, their cutting sound slicing through the mix over and over again. You’ll definitely want to keep your ears open and listening for updates from B Boys, especially that debut EP out March 18th via Captured Tracks.


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