New B-Side from Wintersleep

Surely you’ve heard about Wintersleep by now, as they’re five albums deep into their career.  Today they put up this great new B-Side to celebrate their tour/invasion of North America throughout November.  This song is rather striking because it begins so heavily, almost bursting my speakers on the first run through (I’m not complaining), but as the song settles, you can see the vocals warm up a bit, calming the mood ever-so-slightly.  Such a strong sound definitely bodes well for all those fans that get to catch them on their upcoming tour.  You should also check out Hello Hum, the group’s latest LP that spawned this B-Side.


Download:Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

New B-Side from Gap Dream

Not too long ago I brought you the A-Side from the recently released Ali Baba 7″ by Gap Dream, but now I’m here to toss up the B-Side too!  I really like the way this is recorded, even if it does come across as a touch unpolished; that’s what makes it so rewarding.  The vocals come from the other room, in a haunting manner, while the guitar work seems to amble slowly, with an interesting wash seem to be placed atop it all.  If you’re interested in what you hear, then grab the 7″ from Suicide Squeeze before they sell out!


Download:Gap Dream – A Little Past Midnight [MP3]

New Jam from Cold Cave

Okay, so it’s not a new jam obviously, as it was recorded awhile ago as a B-Side for the Cold Cave‘s latest effort, Cherish the Light Years. It’s a heavy-handed dance jam, precisely what we’ve come to love from the group in the last few years.  For me, it sounds like a dark-edged Depeche Mode, rooted in the history of 80s, but obviously it’s got that modern twist.  Admittedly, there’s nothing new and sparkling about this song, nor the style, but it’s a jam I felt would kick off your Monday in the right manner.  Hope it does you justice.


Download:Cold Cave – Believe In Our Blood [MP3]

Nice Poppy B-Side from The Eversons

Not too long ago I brought you a sweet single from New Zealand’s The Eversons, discussing the gems off their recent album Summer Feeling.  I was stoked today when they offered up a free B-Side from that recording session, and it’s more blissful pop to warm your heart (as if I needed that hear in Texas).  You can find this song on their 7″ for Could It Ever Get Better, which you can pick up straight from the band if you offer them a generous (and helpful donation).  There’s a youthfulness to the tunes coming from this quartet, and right now, it’s precisely what I need to get ready for summer!


Download:The Eversons – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend [MP3]

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