Stream Baby Lucy’s Self-Titled LP

01 - Baby Lucy Album Art LP Jacket Front CoverEarlier this year we brought you several hits from Houston’s Baby Lucy, and now you have the chance to enjoy the entirety of the LP before it’s released to the masses tomorrow. Sure, you can jump right to the hits like “We Are” and “Modern Man,” but I implore you to listen to the careful pop gems hiding within the album. There’s lots of musical touchstones, demonstrating the wide variety of influences…take the super intimate “Float Away” or the bouncing hooks in the opener “Going Backwards”…and you’re sure to find joy somewhere within the confines of this listen. The LP is being released by Roofus and Friends, so be sure to head HERE and grab a copy.

More Fresh Music from Baby Lucy

01 - Baby Lucy Album Art LP Jacket Front CoverNot too long ago, we offered you the first single from Baby Lucy, the current project of Troy Tabner. Looking back, that seems like the other side of the coin; it was a more upbeat number than the calming stomp of his latest single. This track brings Tabner’s vocal abilities into play; it has a great draw that brings your ear, and probably your heart, into play as you listen. I’m really impressed with his approach, bringing in a similar sound on both tunes, but allowing for distinctive touches that are destined to provide variance throughout the entirety of his debut record; it’s available from Roofus and Friends on October 14th.

Premiere: Baby Lucy Releases Debut Single

01 - Baby Lucy Album Art LP Jacket Front CoverI’m really excited for you all to hear Baby Lucy; it’s the project of Troy Tabner, who played drums for one of our favorite acts in Austin, Sweet Talk. However, he’s now married and living in Houston, writing songs on his own. Your first listen should have you as excited as we are, filled with a galloping pace wrapped around Tabner’s vocals and strumming. There’s lightly placed backing vocals and a joyous chorus. It’s one of those tracks that immediately makes you feel uplifted, happy to just be walking on this Earth. The Baby Lucy LP is going to be released on October 14th via new label Roofus & Friends Records, so enjoy your listening, and keep an eye out for more from the project.