Support Your Favorite Artists at Bandcamp 3/20

With all of the event cancellations, we know that the service industry and performers are being hit hard. Bandcamp is running a one day event.

To raise even more awareness around the pandemics impact on musicians everywhere, were waiving our revenue share on sales today (Friday, March 20th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists pockets. – Ethan Diamond, Co-Founder & CEO

So, just go get records or download some high quality rips for your Zune.

ATX Spotlight: Decisions Decions Are Ready to Rock

228747_1088522405580_3663907_nDisclaimer.  I’m friends with Stuart from Decisions Decisions. Disclaimer. Stuart was also in the Rise, who I think any old-school Austin music fans fawned over.  His new band has that same tenacity, living somewhere between the realm of post-punk and hardcore. The vocals border on angsty scream, though they have a bit more control, allowing the actual lyrics to shine through the track.  The band have just uploaded 8 new songs to their Bandcamp page…and they’re worthy of your time, if rocking out real loud is your style.  Check it…and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows.

Sweeping Pop from Seatraffic

TempoOfRegret_artworkI’ve written about my love for Seatraffic before, and as the band continues to work hard on their single series, I’ve got another great tune to share with you.  I like the expansiveness of this track, using a trickling bit of keyboard to allow room for the floating harmonies to move in and out of the track.  Vocals are slow moving, matching the pace that the music (and artwork) emits.  They’ve also got an accompanying video for the song that you can view HERE.  Don’t forget to stop by the group’s BANDCAMP page to pick up all their new singles by kindly donating what you can spare.


Download: Seatraffic – Tempo of Regret [MP3]

New Music from Life Size Maps

The interesting thing about the modern day in music is the combination of electronic elements, atmospherics and other such things amidst the the more traditional instrumentation.  If you’re one of those folks, like me, who takes a liking to such things, then perhaps you’ll dig this track from Life Size Maps.  They’ve just completed their Excavate EP, and it’s definitely an interesting listen.  It’s heavy on the guitar edge, but the rest of the music surrounding that is a mix of various electronic flourishes that add more depth to the EP as a whole.  I quite like this, and if you do too, it’s free on their BANDCAMP.


Download:Life Size Maps – Abstract Speed [MP3]

New Jam from TV Torso

The dudes in TV Torso have been hard at work recording various tunes over the last year, and we finally get a chance to hear some of their efforts paying off.  This tune comes from Clear Lake Strangler, which is a short EP the group currently has to offer HERE for the NYOP special.  This particular tune has a straight-forward edge with a vocal that I’m really attached to today.  I have a feeling this is just a short preview of the great stuff they have coming our way in the very near future.  The group will be releasing their new CD at Hotel Vegas this Saturday night in Austin with some other great locals, so be sure to show your local love.


Download:TV Torso – Clear Lake Strangler [MP3]

Benefit Album from The Flute Flies (ft. Ivan from the Rosebuds)

I know how important the word community can be in regards to music, so when I read about the benefit album being put together by some of the heavy hitters in North Carolina’s music scene, I knew I had to share.  Ivan from the Rosebuds (the most well-known of the bunch) and two other friends have created a record titled Yes Means Maybe, using the moniker The Flute Flies.  Right now, they’re offering the album for a donation only, which is an absolute must, as all the money goes to Tisch Brain Tumor Center.  The TBT Center is important to the story because their friend, and member of the NC music community, was a patient there before his passing. You know this means a lot to the musicians involved, so please head over to the band’s BANDCAMP and donate–enjoy the music they created in honor of the cause too.


Download:The Flute Flies – Shopping Mall [MP3]

New Jam (and tape) from Velcro

A few weeks back my friend Guy from Chapter Music turned me on to Velcro, a Melbourne band that I really dug.  They’ve just released a new tape overseas, and the lead track is pretty solid; I’ve been jamming to it all this afternoon.  They’ve also seemingly tossed it up for free on their BANDCAMP page, so you have the right to enjoy it, just in case you’re not into ordering tapes from abroad.  Regardless, these guys are really warming me over with their mellow affected pop tunes, and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter time before the rest of the world gets to see the talent laying in wait.


Download:Velcro – One Day [MP3]

Great New Song from Silver Firs

Sometimes in order to run this site, I have to seek out things other than my inbox (and other than P4k or Stereogum), so I often hit up various site, like I Guess I’m Floating; that’s where I found this wonderful new song from Silver Firs.  There’s more of a haunting indie rock chant associated with this song, rather than actualy lyrics, but the mood of the music is quite affecting.  You can find this jam, and more, when you pick up the self-titled album from this Swiss group.  It’s a casual number, but one that I hope you enjoy.


Download: Silver Firs – Away We Go [MP3]

Introducing You to Velcro!

When we hung out with Twerps the other night, their bosses so to speak, Chapter Music, suggested we get to familiarize ourselves with Velcro, the next big thing to come out of Australia.  The Melbourne group has released two EPs already this year, with my favorite being the first, Highest View.  There’s elements of bedroom electronic pop that they experiment with (fleshed out on their later EP Inadequate Lover) on the track featured below, but I like the innocence the song takes on in its simplicity; it gives you that endearing emotional appeal that a lot of bands seem to short for nowadays.  The rest of their brief catalogue sounds a bit like a Calvin Johnson meeting Diamond Rings in a sunny place.  Familiarize yourself with the band by checking out their BANDCAMP page (free EPs!!!), and then keep an eye out for more great things from the group.


Download:Velcro – Curfew [MP3]

SXSW Interviews: Spanish Prisoners

Spanish Prisoners are an up-and-coming act who are making their first venture to SXSW, not to mention their first venture together in a van! We all know how that can go, so we wish them the best of luck.  Also, you can download their excellent debut Gold Fools over at their bandcamp page, but be sure to donate to help support the cause! Here’s their answers to our questions: let’s be sure to give them a warm welcome. Read more

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