New Sleepy Pop from Sea Oleena

I’ve got to give out a shout to our reader James for bringing this wonderful track to my attention.  Sea Oleena is Canadian songwriter Charlotte Oleena, who composed the songs for her most recent self-titled album with the help of her brother.  It’s got this dream quality to it, but more in that wooded dream as opposed to the more dense dream-pop of late. Something about Oleena’s voice really draws you into her songs, encouraging you to devour every last second of the record.  You can grab the album for the special “name your price” deal over at her Bandcamp.


Download: Sea Oleena – Asleep at the Wheel [MP3]

Free EP from Netherfriends

You want something creative and tasty? Try listening to Netherfriends.  After the 50 Songs 50 States project, the group has now constructed an entire EP based around Harry Nilsson samples.  While it might push some buttons as sort of kitsch pop, it’s definitely pushing the envelope in regards to the music we can create with electronics pushing us into the future.  Just go to the group’s BANDCAMP page and search around; you’ll surely find something interesting, and the odds are it’s going to be something good.  If you’re looking for something that challenges your opinion of traditional pop, look no further, Netherfriends is here.


Download: Netherfriends – Full of it [MP3]

New Song from Elba

There seems to be a small amount of buzz growing behind Seattle group Elba, and I’m here to further their endeavor.  In September, the group will be releasing their self-titled album, which will hopefully put the band’s name out there.  On this track, the ringing guitar floating is mesmerizing, while the quieted backing vocals provide a new level of depth to the song’s sound.  Like me, you’ll scour the Internet for more tracks; you can find one on their BANDCAMP, and another HERE.  All signs point to a great release to further our already busy listening schedule in the fall.


Download: Elba – From A Sinking Ship [MP3]

New Tunes from ARMS (Todd Goldstein of Harlem Shakes)

In case you missed out on the now defunct Harlem Shakes, I’m here to let you know you missed something quite special.  For now, we can all make due with ARMS, the project of Todd Goldstein, formerly of HS.  He’s done some work on his own, but he’s now recruited a few friends to help flesh out the sound of ARMS.  His new moniker in tow, he’ll be releasing Summer Skills on November 8.  Some of the tracks, like the one below, you can find on a free EP over on the group’s BANDCAMP, but as for the rest, you’ll have to wait until November before you get to fall wholeheartedly in love.


Download: ARMS – Heat & Hot Water [MP3]

New Dream Pop from Work Drugs

When I first listened to this record by Work Drugs, I thought they surely had something going with Captured Tracks; it captures that minimal sound with warm melodies and quiet vocals. But, I was wrong, as these guys are going it alone, so your best bet is to get out there and support them.  They’ve just self-released their album, Summer Blood, and you can grab it for yourself over on the group’s BANDCAMP page.  If you’re looking for something in the vein of bedroom construction to wrap up your summer, then you better get on it soon, as this band is doing a great job crafting that sound.


Download: Work Drugs – Rad Racer [MP3]

New Music from Teens

What’s the best new music your $3 can buy?  In my opinion, it’s gotta be the new self-titled record from Teens.  It’s the perfect short little release for summertime, filled with bits of garage rock, hints of psychedelia, and perhaps a hint of classic surf twang.  The vocals are a bit gritty, but you can’t deny the passionate approach of these guys.  Each song breezes in, making you shuffle your feet just a bit, then goes off into the next song before you’ve had a chance to sit down and breathe. If you want to have a wet n’ will summer filled with hooks and debauchery, I suggest you choose the Teens to be the soundtrack.


Download: Teens – O’Lay [MP3]

New Music from Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

My girl Christen got me hooked on this great band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly from New York today.  First I got hooked on the track “Can’t Sleep,” from their recently self-released Pioneer Ghost EP, but now I’m just playing “Safari” over and over again.  Just imagine a less-spastic Los Campesinos with a bit more female vocals and you’ll definitely get the picture.  Oh, and a “whoh-oh-oh” chorus never hurts an old pop-punk kid.  Listening here, it’s young and vibrant, and there’s nothing wrong with that as we get ready for the Spring weather.  Go head over to the band’s Bandcamp page, and grab the EP for yourself; you’ll be glad you did!


Download: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly – Safari [MP3]

Free Mini LP from Brown Recluse

In preparation for the release of their album, Evening Tapestry, the catchy Brown Recluse have released an aboslutely free mini-LP for you to download, and perhaps hold you over for the time being.  This little release is titled Panoptic Mirror Maze, and I’ve been enjoying this all morning.  They even have a little video to go with one of the tracks, emphasizing that this band is just as hard working as they are enjoyable, which is quite a bit, if you’re asking me.  If this is the kind of music you’re into, then head right over to the band’s Bandcamp Page to grab this for yourself.


Download: Brown Recluse – Notorious [MP3]

New Music from Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich is primarily the work of Alex Schaaf, but he’s just trying to get by with a little help from his friends, and a little bit of help from you.  If you’re into low-end bedroom recordings, in the manner of folk music, you’re going to have to take a listen to his stuff over on his BANDCAMP page, where you can download lots of his tracks for a price of your choosing.  He’s just put up The Mistress, and there are some great finds all over the place there, including the below track, which I hope you enjoy.


Download: Yellow Ostrich – Hold On [MP3]

FT5: Worst Things in Music

Today marks the beginning of a new feature on Austin Town Hall.  Every Friday we plan to bring you a completely random Top 5 List.  We’ll be bringing in all of our writers for this one, with the goal of creating lists based on what we are most passionate about.

We apologize for starting on a negative note, but today’s topic is “The Top 5 Worst Things In Music”.  We try to focus on the major problems and not just nit picky things like the existence of Scott Stapp.  These are the issues.  These are things that must be changed.  Follow the jump to read the full list.

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