Pardoner Drop Bunny’s Taxi Single

Pardoner are about a month away from dropping their much-anticipated (over here anyways) album, Came Down Different, and with one final single, they’ve completely sold me with this performance. It opens up with these semi-post-punk riffs that feel like they were leftovers from that last Deeper LP (a good thing!). But, as the band kicks into gears, screeching chords try to escape, and things start to feel a little more harrowing with Max Freeland stalking through your speakers as things explode all around him, raining crashing sounds down upon the listener…you won’t mind. It’s this twisting twirling swirl of super dangerous rock n’ roll of the best sort, which should have you stoked on the album; it drops on May 14th via Bar None Records.

Winter Drop Here I Am Existing

It took me exactly 19 seconds to fall totally in love with this new track from Winter. The song started with just a slight atmosphere over a simple beat, but then it twisted in with these shiny guitars all angling and jangling in the wind. Samira wraps her vocals around the track, coating it in this dreaminess that takes you out of your body as you twirl and lose yourself in the song’s middling interlude. Things settle back into their groove as the track comes to its closing minute, shimmering in this sort of cacophony psychedelia. This song appears on her forthcoming LP titled Endless Space (Between You & I), which is out July 24th via Bar None Records.