New Bit of Poppy Noise from Bastards of Fate

I think perhaps the greatest thing one can do as a hunter of music is find a band that begs to be pigeonholed, yet you’re unable to really label them…such is my fascination with Bastards of Fate. Watching this video, you get drawn into the opening moments of quirky bedroom pop, but it soon blasts into a noisier, crashing against your eardrums while an undercurrent of pop sensibility keeps the song level. Just as you’re fixed on a sound, the band offers up a haunting bit of doo-wop, as captivating as the earlier moments, and possibly even weirder. The band’s 3rd LP, Suck the Light Out, will be offered up from the very reliable HHBTM Records on February 24th.

Brand Spanking New Bastards of Fate

bastardspress2-kent-mooreBoredom tends to sink in at this time of the year, as we read through an abundant list of Top whatevers, quietly disagreeing. Enter Bastards of Fate, an other worldly affair Personally, their offering up something that’s indescribable, and I mean that in a flattering sense. You’ll ear elements of classic instrumentation (in the opening moments), discordant flair, rockabilly, prog…and it’s all wrapped up in a tight little pop sensibility bow for your ears. It’s kind of reminiscent of the B-52s, if they were possessed by the devil and impervious to what’s cool. Their new album Suckthe Light Out will be released by HHBTM on February 10th of next year.

Quirky Pop from Bastards of Fate

Bastards_of_FateSomewhere in the last decade we’ve all started taking our artistic statements way too seriously, especially as commenters on the world of music.  Personally, I accept that fault, but I still hold a really special place in my heart for oddball pop songs that might not get the appreciation they deserve.  Such a tune came in my inbox this week via Bastards of Fate, who are set to release their new album, Vampires are Real and Palpable.  There’s moments when you can see the lineage to acts like Of Montreal or Elf Power, but they also take things into their own hands, blending in a demonic voice near the end of the track, then off-setting it with a high-pitched bit.  It’s a good song that embraces the idea of frivolity in songwriting; you should definitely take a listen.