Kevin Krauter Shares Surprise

It seems like a trend nowadays to flirt with the edges of indiepop. I feel like all these acts are employing these soft guitar edges and sweet harmonies…just like Kevin Krauter. Listening to this new tune, you can even hear the shimmering of guitars combined with the super calm vocal delivery; you make that guitar cutting through scream a bit louder and you might even find this landing in some shoegaze territory. But, at the core, is a great melody, something we can all attach to our ears and hum throughout the day; it’s that natural pop sensibility that we all adore, whether we want to admit it or not. I’m not shying away from my adoration, especially with this jam. His new album Full Hand will be out on February 28th via Bayonet Records.

Lionlimb Share New Video

Lionlimb have a new album coming out soon and from this upcoming release, they’ve shared a new video for the track, “Clover.” The track is subtle at first listen, but upon further visits, you begin to get a real grasp of its complexity. At the helm is Stewart Bronaugh, with his Elliott Smith-esque vocals. Accompanying him on the song are a delicate arrangement of strings and bouncing piano, acoustic guitar and bass, along with drums that weave the whole piece together. You pick up on different aspects with each listen, the track not lingering in one place for too long; constantly pushing into new territory. The video shows the band trying their hand at shooting with a newly purchased 16mm camera. Take a peek below and get excited for the band’s upcoming release,Tape Recorder, which will be out February 23rd via Bayonet Records. Preorder it here.


Lionlimb Announce New Album/Video

Lionlimb, comprised of Stewart Bronaugh andJoshua Jaeger, have announced that they’ve signed to Bayonet Records. With this announcement, they’ve shared the first video from this album for the track, “Maria,” which is a six minute twenty second sonic journey through several different genres. What strikes me most about this track is the orchestral elements that sweep through the mix and carry the song with grace and delicacy. You have a solid indie rock song for sure, but there’s this extra layer of beauty that makes it hard not to slip into the song. Check out the video below and look out forTape Recorder, which will be out February 23 via Bayonet Records.

Beach Fossils Share Previously Unreleased Track

Lately I’ve been obsessing over Beach Fossils‘ catalogue of new and old music, so naturally I was quite pleased to see that they’ve just released another track. Now, this one won’t be on their heavily anticipated upcoming record, Somersault, but it is part of the ‘Our First 100 Days’ series, which benefits some pretty great charities that you can find out more about here.This song is everything you’d expect from Beach Fossils– mildly hazy vocals, angular guitars that slice through the mix, and steady, constant percussion. Like most Beach Fossils tracks, you’ll find yourself singing along in no time, or mimicking the groovy bass line with your fingers on the steering wheel. Come along with Beach Fossils on “Silver Tongue,” and then try and prepare yourself for Somersault, which will be out June 2nd via Bayonet Records.


Beach Fossils Step in a Different Direction With “Saint Ivy”

Beach Fossils announced last month that they’ve got a new album on the horizon calledSomersault. Today, they’ve shared a new video for the second single off that release called “Saint Ivy,” which shows off a new sound for the band. There’s flute and strings tossed into the mix, which takes the band’s usual jangly rock to a whole new level. You can check out the interesting video and listen to a different side of Beach Fossils below– I’m stoked for the new album knowing that from these two singles we can expect a blend of old and new sounds from the group.

Somersaultwill be out June 2nd via Bayonet Records.


Beautiful New Beach Fossils Tune

While I’ve been a long time fan of Beach Fossils, I can say that this new track pleasantly surprised me– it’s a winner from start to finish. I know this song will be all over the internet, but it’s so important that you take a listen that it warranted a post. When you click on “This Year,” below, you’ll be greeted with tightly woven guitar riffs and those infamous barely-there vocals. Then you get about a minute in and you get these string sounds that provide a goosebumps inducing reprieve from those jangly guitars. The lyrics on this tune are also exceptionally moving and apt as New Year’s resolutions have probably faded now that we are in March; “This year I told myself it’d be a better one/try not to fall back onto the knife.” It’s not only a great indie rock gem, but it’s got an emotive side you shouldn’t skip out on. The band’s new album, Somersault, will be out June 2nd via Bayonet Records.

Look Into Lionlimb

lionI think the last single from Lionlimb definitely played upon the band’s knack to come off (vocally, at least) in the manner of Elliott Smith, but this song does a bit more to distance itself from that notion. My ears almost hear a smoothed out R&B focus, twisted a bit by a solo-ing bit that knifes through the track…not to mention the bounce of the piano. For me, this is perfect timing, as it’s good to see that the band aren’t sold entirely on one sound, meaning hopefully those stupid press folks (wait, is that me?) can steer clear of the old pigeonhole. Look for Shoo on March 4th via Bayonet Records.

Get Sinister With Frankie Cosmos

unnamed-18Frankie Cosmos, or the project of Greta Kline, has announced a new album called Next Thing, which is coming out April 1st via Bayonet Records. With this announcement, the New York native has also shared a single from that album, which is for your ears below. The clear focus of “Sinister” is the vocal performance of Kline, which is both profoundly soulful and wispy. Even though these vocals take center stage, there’s no ignoring the accompanying instrumentation, which comes across as a blend of bedroom rock with some sneaking synths that crawl through the mix. Take a listen and get ready forNext Thing.


Lionlimb Release New Single

lionFor some reason, I can’t help but think of Eliott Smith when listening to this new track from Lionlimb. Sure, a lot of it comes directly from the vocal inflections, but I can also hear it in the way the songs are constructed. It all harkens back to a purer era in pop songwriting, which you know always has my ears perked up. The band release their debut Shoo on March 4th via Bayonet, and with all the promise of this early single it should definitely be something we’ll all be noticing in the very near future.

Lionlimb Get Jazzy With Their Lo-Fi

unnamedLionlimb consists of Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jaeger, whom you may be familiar to you as parts of Angel Olsen’s backing band from her most recent tour. If they aren’t already familiar to you, in about three and a half minutes that will change. “Turnstile,” the single below, which will be released as a 7″ from Bayonet Records on September 18th, gives you a different spin on lo-fi with the incorporation of jazz elements to the track. On first listen, I didn’t really know what to make of the song, but now I can’t stop spinning the tune. The way the drums are heavy on the cymbal sound and the crisp piano sound provide the jazz sound while the heavily distorted guitar riffs pop in and out of the low key vocals. It’s a solid track, one which you can preorder here, if you do the iTunes thing.