Fresh Tunes from Blush

What began as bedroom project for Maura Lynch has now evolved into Blush…a band fleshed out by members of Pill and Pop. 1280. The impressing bit in this new single is that the group still manages to capture the intimacy of a bedroom recording; Maura’s vocals are almost like quiet whispers, so as not to wake the others in the house. Still, there’s plenty of little artful flourishes, like the sharp guitar plucks that permeate through the track’s natural melody or the buzz in the quiet distance. Look for the band’s self-titled LP to drop on December 8th via Arrowhawk Records.

Japanese Bedroom Pop from The Sky Mata

There are some labels that go above and beyond to unearth gems, and those familiar with Jigsaw Records will surely give the label its due in that regard. Today they just dropped two delicious bits of bedroom pop from Japan’s The Sky Mata…though the tracks are from a bit ago. The project just dropped a brand new album (the band’s 3rd) in August, so check that out; however, our focus should be on revisiting the First Album, which is seeing a reissue via Jigsaw, and deservedly so. It’s an album filled with these quirky elements of pop you’re not likely to find in your mainstream listening. Go check out the whole album below…and grab it from the label HERE.

More From Wilt

Taylor Malsey, and his project know as Wilt, has been giving us some slick jams this summer. Today he’s bringing us yet another new tune for your enjoyment called “Scurried”. It’s yet another hushed, quiet track which manages to capture one’s attention despite the minimalist sound. Repeated plays will reveal more and more things to enjoy so I suggest you get it started now.

Debut album Hand Mirror is out on August 4th via Good Cheer Records.

Perfect Bedroom Pop from Boreen

When one aims to define a genre, you can often send mixed singles. On this latest Boreen track, I feel as if bedroom pop can be applied in multiple direction; it could have been recorded in your bedroom, but it’s also delightful if you’re laying in bed looking at the single…in your bedroom. Opening with a vocal sample, the song soon blasts off with tight drums and a great harmony that’s sullenly playful. This song has the power to cure your ills, leaving you dreaming of better days. As of now, it’s just a tease for Friends, the album coming March 10th via Good Cheer Records.

Stream/Buy New Soccer Mommy Album

soccermommyI first got turned onto Orchid Tapes because of their work with Coma Cinema, and it looks like they have another sparkling sensation in Soccer Mommy that’s made perfectly for all those folks sitting at home in darkened bedrooms. Listening, I can’t help imagine myself sitting in the corner of a friend’s apartment, watching as singer Sophie Allison records these songs with littler more than her voice and guitar. There’s something in these tracks, something intimate and admirable; I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the songs that make up For Young Hearts. My latest favorite of the 8 is “Skinned Knees,” if you’re looking for a place to start. You can grab it from Orchid Tapes and be sure to give money to the cause, as the album is currently NYOP.

Ghost Orchard Join Orchid Tapes

ghostorchardMan, this is precisely the music that I think of when I think of Orchid Tapes…just one of the reasons I really love the label. This new Ghost Orchard tune from their forthcoming album Bliss is remarkable; it’s got the exact sentiment that defines bedroom pop music. But, surprisingly, there’s a maturity to it that you wouldn’t associate with an 18 year-old, like singer/songwriter Sam Hall. It sounds like the perfect track for you to drift away into your daydreams at work, or to lay on the floor and just let your mind run amok. Should be out via the label real soon, ya here.

Nice Bit of Pop From The Hazy Seas

12795335_951492121602660_8656031474738553721_nYeah so you know the story by now right? I know very little about (insert band name here), but I love them after hearing their music today. Sound familiar? Well I’m yet again discovering new things today with a new single called “Evergreen” from Michigan based pop group The Hazy Seas. A lot is going on in the song but all blends beautifully with jangly guitars, some hushed vocals, and a somewhat frantic pace all coming together nicely. After winning my ears today, I’ll be sure to share more from The Hazy Seas once I get the info.

Listening to SHYA

shyaI came across SHYA by checking in on DZ Tapes, the label responsible for the delightful debut by Romantic States. It’s a bedroom pop project, but there’s more of a focus on songwriting rather than just synthesized sounds billowing out. Some of the tracks have this down-trodden Mac Demarco feel, while others have a brighter spotlight that billow forth. This reminds me of what being in your bedroom writing songs should always be about; it’s personable, relatable and leaves you longing for more. Trying, the LP, is now available via DZ by going HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Square Paradise

0006747488_10Austinites who pay attention to the local music scene will definitely recognize the name John Hetherington and his work with Austin band Knifight. Well maybe you don’t all know his name, but you’ve certainly heard of the band right? Right!? #supportlocalbands

Brand new act, Square Paradise, is John’s new project completely solo and away from his previously mentioned group. John tells me that he plans on releasing at least one new song a month “for the foreseeable future” as he records more and more music by himself in his home studio. Today you can find what is sure to be the first of many new singles below called “Ten Numbers”. This is pop music at its finest folks. I’m really looking forward to what else John has in store.

More From Summer Heart

unnamedAround a month ago I shared with you fine folks a true gem of a newsingle from Swedish based lo-fi pop group Summer Heart. Today I have even more new music in the form of this single “The Forbidden”. Once again we are treated to a lo-fi, enchanting pop number full of rises and falls. I think it’s time that we all start paying attention to David Alexander and his Summer Heart Project.

Still no word on an official release date for the new EP, but stay tuned.

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