Theres a Good Morning LP on Its Way

I’ve written about Good Morning in some form or fashion almost every year, and while that seems to have stretched back to forever, the band are just now announcing their debut LP, Prize//Reward. It’s interesting, as we get two new tracks to share with you today, yet they’re both offering a slightly different sound than what we’ve heard previously. Honestly, this sounds like a band that decided to write a record where Pedro the Lion and Beat Happening were huge influences, of course, I could be completely off with that. Maybe the current love of Hovvdy would be an apt comparison…if you threw in a slight Woods influence. You see, the group provide an all encompassing pop sound the whole world is going to love. Their new LP drops on May 11th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Jaala Offer Something Different

I can’t stop playing this brand new track from Jaala. At times it seems as if it’s a soulful R&B performance, but the edges aren’t as soft and the fleshed out sound seems a touch more artful. Singer Cosima Pay flirts with various nods to other artists, but she has a voice all her own; I’m particularly impressed by the range of notes she can pull of, even when she’s delivering vocals in a stop/start fashion. Ultimately, this track’s a soulful ballad under the umbrella of experimental pop tunes. The group will release Joonya Spirit on April 20th via Bedroom Suck Records/Captured Tracks.

Premiere Primitive Motion Release Feed the Signals Video

Bedroom Suck Records is one of our favorite labels, not just in Australia, but in general terms, and they reached out hoping we could spread the word on their first release of 2018: Primitive Motion‘s House in the Wave LP. This video exhibits the band’s creative spirit, whilst working with minimal instrumentation; on this song you have little more than piano and horns dominating the mix. Everyday images are used to express the natural beauty, in both the song and the world in which we live. Perhaps my favorite element, a benefit of live recording, is the slight buzz at times in the room where two recorded; it adds an intimacy that places you right inside the room itself. Look for the group’s new LP to drop on February 23rd.

Nathan’s Favorite Oceanic Albums of 2017

For the 8 or so people who read this blog on the regular, you’ll likely be aware of my affection for all things Oceanic, primarily New Zealand and Australia. So, with year end lists in mind, I thought I’d offer up my personal takes on the best tunes to come out of the area in 2017. There’s no particular order, just my sixteen favorites of the year.

There’s even a fun little playlist at the bottom for you to enjoy!


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Stream Step Aside/Oppsie from Good Morning

I’m a huge fan of Good Morning, and if you need an introduction, I suggest grabbing their compilation of EPs that just recently saw a release from Bedroom Suck Records. Today we’re happy to share with you two songs, united in the below clip as one. If you’re a fan of the group, you’ve likely heard these tracks before, but now, they’re ready for the whole world to enjoy. The subtle joy of “Step Aside” fades right into the more meandering pop of “Oppsie” right at the 3:06 mark, with both illustrating the sensible pop that I’m known to fawn over. If you like what you hear, you can grab the new single from Bedroom Suck Records now.

Have You Met Hamjam

Members of two of my favorites, Methyl Ethyl and Pond have formed to create Hamjam, and the sounds they’ve crafted together are quite delightful. They’ve got that subdued pop vibe, casual in its delivery, infectious in every way. There’s a nice little tone switch for the chorus, aided by accenting piano and saxophone; these are smooth jams for pop fans with refined tastes. The band will be releasing their debut A/S/L? on August 11th via Bedroom Suck Records, adding to an already strong stable of Aussie acts!

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Video Premiere: Treehouse Drop Hammer on the Door

I love to fawn over Aussie acts, as the world probably knows, and lately, I’ve taken to enjoying the work of Treehouse. The band is letting us share this playful video, which might be the perfect introduction to the group…if you’ve yet to have them cross your radar. Musically, “Hammer on the Door” almost holds onto a dreamy quality, allowing the guitar work to walk the fine line between heavy alternative and jangling pop music. The vocals are a touch more impassioned, always ramshackle, creating a nice dose of tension between the brooding pop sensibility and a near-live quality. You’ll be able to grab a copy of the band’s forthcoming Centre of Their World EP on 12″ vinyl courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records; it’s being released on April 28th, and preorders can be grabbed HERE.

New Music from Blank Realm

Blank Realm haven’t released anything new since they dropped Illegals in Heaven in 2015, but perhaps something is on the horizon. Our first hint is the new single they’ve tossed into the Split Singles Club courtesy of Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck Records. This has an old-school vibe to it, almost as if one of the Britpop forefathers opted to come out of retirement to bring us this skittering little club burner. You can subscribe to get more of the singles in a limited 7″ series HERE, or just enjoy a glimpse at the great music going on at the moment overseas…we’ll do our best to keep pointing you in the right direction.

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Bedroom Suck Records to Reissue Good Morning

I’m not typically one to get into the reissue game, as far as posting goes, but I feel like Australia’s Good Morning has been vastly overlooked…though I pointed them out here long ago. Luckily, the good folks over at Bedroom Suck Records will be re-releasing the band’s Shawcross and Glory EPs on one 12″, with additional singles like the delightful pop tune lurking on the pages below. To me, this feels like what’s really going on down in Australia, offering sublime pop sensibility in a casual manner that begs for listen after listen. Look to get your hands on a copy come July 7th.

Aussie Post Punk from Treehouse

The muddied, angular guitars working atop each other in the opening moments of this new Treehouse track grabbed me immediately, circling like a vulture as the vocals were delivered in a very matter of fact manner. Drums pound and build the setting for emphatic vocals bursts that come amidst the musical chaos. These Tasmanians grind out the tune, choosing to leave listeners with one final vocal barrage in the song’s later half. Lots of promise here for sure; look for the band’s Centre of Their World EP to his via the uber reliable Bedroom Suck Records on April 28th.

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