Lake Ruth Covers Pale Lights

The team over at Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten are responsible for some of my favorite releases the last few years, and they’re definitely hitting their mark with this new Lake Ruth/Pale Lights split 7″. Below we have Lake Ruth‘s wonderfully woozy cover of “Only an Ocean” off their opposites Before There Were Pictures LP. They craft this smooth space pop, which interestingly fits inside the ramshackle pop of the original; it definitely gives you a different viewpoint for the song…and I can’t wait to hear what Pale Lights did to “Through the Lychgates!”

Pale Lights Are Back with New EP

pale_lights_may_15Those living in the indiepop realm should have known this was coming. Pale Lights have been hinting at new music for some time via their social media outlets, and it’s finally here…thank goodness. I tried to pick a favorite song to put out there, but it’s changed every time I listen to the tracks. “Mother Cries” sounds like early psychedelic pop from the late 60s, while “Alone in this Room” rings of the more modern indie fare I adore. Each track is great, and fulfills on the promise the group displayed in their Before There Were Pictures LP from 2014. Take a listen, enjoy yourself and grab a copy from the band when it’s released this Friday!

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Perfect Indiepop from Pale Lights

paleIt’s a bummer that I opted to take most of last week off, as if I hadn’t, you’d have had this Pale Lights single spinning in your head throughout your holiday week, or your black Friday enslavement.  Regardless, you’re now going to spend the next 20-30 minutes playing these two songs over and over again.  It’s remarkable how quickly this band can add to their already strong catalog, having released the much needed  Before There Were Pictures earlier this year. I don’t know which of the two tracks is better here, so you best listen to them both.  Hoping to see this on a vinyl release, but for now it’s just a digital single you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as possible.

New Music from Pale Lights

paleDuring slow music weeks you turn to your friends, and I always know I can count on IPSML for a good jam or two.  Today I bring you a track from Pale Lights that he pointed me towards, which features Phil Sutton of one of my favorite acts, Comet Gain. You’re going to get a similarly ringing guitar, and even find the vocal delivery similar.  Personally, I dig the nice female vocal in the background.  I’m posting this track because I love it, but you can stream the band’s whole new album, Before There Were Pictures, right HERE.  It’s so good, you won’t want to have anything else on today.

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