Circling Back on Behavior

Not so long ago I was really digging on the first single from Behavior‘s forthcoming Spirits and Embellishments record, so I’m coming back to the group to see they dropped another tune from the LP. Something in the band’s sound is so very hypnotic; in this tune it seems to be the stationary guitar riffs and that deepened thump of the percussion that has this almost animalistic nature to it. It allows for the vocals to sort of just hang out, take on this indifferent persona that radiates LA cool; it’s like the band doesn’t really give a fuck what your musical expectations are, and in that, they draw you into their little circle. I’m looking forward to this LP; it drops next week via Post Present Medium.

Slept on This Behavior Video/Tune

Although you can see the lights in the blogosphere starting to dim, we still get a huge number of emails all the time about new music, which I love. But, sometimes, you can’t squeeze everything into your listening, like this Behavior track. It was sent by a friend, so I went back and fell in love. In a sense, it reminds me of what I sort of wish had come out of the NYC scene of the early 00s…there’s touches of Strokes/Walkmen/French Kicks here, but the effortless cool doesn’t seemed donned for approval, rather an innate quality that lets the band throw jazzier elements into the mix atop jangling little guitar notes. It’s honestly like the band truly doesn’t give a fuck, they’re going to craft their own sound, and I love it. They’ll be releasing Spirits & Embellishments on October 18th via Post Present Medium.

Behavior Drop the Thirsty Garden

It seems like now is the perfect time for acts like Behavior to drop back into our consciousness; their new single “The Thirsty Garden” seems to take cues from the present batch of post-punk, while still brandishing its own distinctive flare. The first minute seems intent upon inviting you into the song, fueled by tension-building guitar and the indifferent cool of the vocals. Then there’s 30 seconds of angsty rising action that recalls (to me anyway) touches of Shellac or Fugazi, all waiting to be unleashed just after the 1:30 minute mark. From there, you get this odd time contract that throws you off, with this little gruffness at the 2:07 mark kind of hinting at a Paul Westerberg nod. It’s fucking cool, that’s what. The new record, Spirits and Embellishments comes out on October 18th via Post Present Medium.