Brand New Track from Ezra Furman

It’s a good thing we have this Ezra Furman to start off our day, as he’s one of my favorite curator’s of pop rock. His tunes are rooted in the tradition of garage rock, and on this album, he’s filled the record with lyrical content put forward as a collection of stories. You’ll hear the hooks in this song, with some Springsteen-esque delivery, rocking its way to the sweet chorus. His new album Transangelic Exodus will be released by Bella Union on February 9th. .

Brand New Ezra Furman

I cannot wait for the release of the new Ezra Furman album, especially now that I’ve listened to the record’s first single. There’s this almost Springsteen like vocal delivery, spoken with a purpose, as opposed to sung. But, for me, it’s the backing production work that really elevates Furman’s work. From the little strings to the backing vocal bursts, you can tell just how much Ezra cares about what he’s creating. Don’t skip out on the euphoric ending that awaits! Look for Transangelic Exodus to drop via Bella Union on February 9th of next year.

New Ballad from Will Stratton

I always love to mix up my musical tastes, and I’m assuming you’re looking to do the same. If that’s the case, then why not listen to this ballad from Bella Union‘s new signing, Will Stratton. At first, the careful picking of the guitar won me over, but in moving forward, there’s a really careful buzz emanating from the way the strings are plucked; its one of my favorite bits of recorded music.Look for Rosewood Almanac to hit stores on May 12th…hopefully including more great balladry.

More Music from Lowly

This new Lowly track is another example of why the band is quickly making a name for themselves in our neck of the woods. Tight percussion works beneath a wash of synthesizers as the heavenly vocals fill in the rest. The band uses a great bit of negative space, never allowing instruments to step atop of one another or the voice; it’s textured pop music, but the sparkling clarity leaves a stunning impact on listeners. The band will release their album Heba tomorrow via Bella Union, and you’ll want to be sure to spend some time with it going into this weekend.

Deep Throat Choir Release New Music

As a kid that was attached toOmaha music scene in the early 00s, Tilly and the Wall was one of those bands that turned me onto to a broader spectrum of pop music. Why does that matter with Deep Throat Choir? Well, I think the band’s approach to songwriting is similar, layering various textures on top of each other, particularly in the way the vocals swirl and overlap on their latest single. You just can’t turn yourself away from the innocent playfulness, and you find yourself coming back to press play over and over. Bella Union will be releasing the band’s album Be Ok on February 17th, and I think it’s going to be a special listen that lasts throughout the year.

New Music from The Trouble with Templeton

troublewithtempI hate to pigeonhole folks, but there’s something late 90s brewing in the sounds emanating from The Trouble with Templeton. You’ll hear a gentle trait in the vocals, moving carefully along with the maneuvering guitar work. It all comes to a head when the group hits the bright burst of pop during the chorus. I can’t place it entirely, but those nostalgic hints definitely have me gravitating to the band’s craft. The Brisbane outfit will be releasing Someday, Buddy on December 2nd via Bella Union, which will feature the hit below.

Good Old Guitar Pop from The Trouble with Templeton

twttI love the way this new track from The Trouble with Templeton takes a casual stroll to draw in the listener; you’ve got to give it a careful ear as the song moves along. There’s some minor bursts of sound eruption, fitting into the perfect moment of the song. Eventually, it all settles and slowly begins to fade away, taking the song into its closing moments. To me, it holds the perfect balance, giving just enough oomph in the right places. The group has a new record, Someday Buddy, which will be released on December 2nd via Bella Union.

Ezra Furman is Back with New EP

ezraIt took catching a live set from Ezra Furman for me to entirely buy into the hype surrounding his music…but now that he’s announced a new EP I’m salivating at the thought of new tunes. It’s got six new songs, one which is streaming below. I love the production work on this number, with his voice really taking control of the listener from the get-go. There’s some range from Furman, but when the accompaniment takes off, including a saxophone, the song really excels, leaving with you this infectious piece of pop music that you’re unlikely to ignore. Look for the new Big Fugitive Life EP coming in August from Bella Union.

Are You Stoked For Wild Nothing’s Life of Pause Yet?

11958077_970211316378664_2723550751892443815_o-2No? Really? It seems almost impossible that you could have missed out on the excellent singles that Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing has been doling out over the past few months in anticipation ofLife of Pause, but if you’ve been under a rock or something, you’re in luck. Today, we’ve got yet another single from the upcoming record with its title track, which you should immediately press play on below. This song is perhaps the single most resonant of Wild Nothing’s past collection of synth drenched pop tracks, and it’s every bit as good. Pulsing synths really drive this song, and the mellow beat grounds it in a danceable rhythm. All that’s left for you to do is preorderLife of Pausehere and wait a little while longer for the February 19th release date viaBella Union.


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