Pop Rock from Mrs Magician

mmMrs. Magician have appeared on our pages before, and its time we give you an update on what they’re up to these days. The band just announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, Bermuda, on May 20th via Swami Records. Our first taste is this seriously infectious bit of pop rock titled “Forgiveness” featuring some great riffs and a nice little vocal fade coming in near the end before the band blasts off with a bounce towards the track’s end. Definitely nice to see these guys back in the mix, and back in our listening rotation.

New Club Hit from Kisses

Okay, maybe we’re about 24 hours late on this, but I absolutely loved Kisses old jam, “Bermuda,” and I think this new track surpasses it, so I’ve got to share it with you in case you missed out. I love the groove that pulses throughout the track, thus the name of the track referencing a heartbeat.  But, it still has a little bit of sunny cool that rubs you just the right way. This new single doesn’t appear to have a release date, or be associated with any release in particular, so do yourself and pick up their pretty rocking The Heart of the Nightlife from a few years back.


Download: Funny Heartbeat [MP3]


New Tunes from KISSES

It’s been sort of a rock revival around our offices lately, but let’s not forget, we like to throw down on the dance floor too!  We’ve got a new jam for you today, which really sounds a lot like Hercules and the Love Affair, only the vocals atop the disco beats sound more akin to Jens Lekman.  It’s that particular warm vocal that is destined to win KISSES loads of fans when they release their debut Bermuda on April 27th.  Hope you enjoy this little number, and remember boys and girls, it’s okay to shake it at the office sometimes.


Download: Kisses – Bermuda [MP3]