New (ish) Track from The Entrance Band

1393921_10151766034632632_1694839805_nAfter spending the last month focusing mainly on Austin City Limits, I’m taking a few day to check back in on all the old reliables before we go full throttle on Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I’ve already posted one tune from the up-coming releases by Beyond is Beyond is Beyond, and here I am with a tune from The Entrance Band.  While I can definitely sense the psych nod going on the way the guitar is being utilized, there’s something quite different in the delivery of the vocals themselves.   They manage to maintain a different level of spirituality, and I can’t wait for you all to hear what’s happening on their full length, Face the Sun.  It’s out on November 19th, and will definitely be something you’ll need in your collection to wrap up 2013.



More New Music from Prince Rupert’s Drops

Back in early August, I brought you this swaggering psych rock tune from Prince Rupert’s Drops, just before they’d announced the official details of their LP.  Well, the first official single is finally out there, happily floating around.  The album is titled Run Slow, and it will be released by the new label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records on November 13th.  This new tune still holds to that swing that I appreciate about the group, plus there’s some inclusion of various psych rock staples; personally, I like the fact that they’re still willing to dwell in the realm of approachable pop, making it much more consumable on first listen. What say you?


Download:Prince Rupert’s Drop – Almond Man [MP3]