Top 15 Songs of 2019 According to Chris from Young Scum

Everyone! Meet Chris from Young Scum.

2019 for me was one of those years where when its all said and done you wonder what did I really do or achieve this year? So much happened its hard to process it all at the end of December. Kind of like… making an end-of-year list and trying to remember everything you liked and listened to! It was an amazing year for music and my list was way bigger than this but I narrowed it down to my top 15 songs.

And if you didn’t already know how great they were, go check out the wonderful self-titled LP from Young Scum HERE.

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Friday Top 5: Post-Show Munchies

This may not seem like the most important subject in the world, but you’re wrong.  Nothing is more important than what one must do after they’ve spent hours pickling their livers and watching a good old rock show.  Admittedly, I probably hit up the JITB or Whataburger far too often out of convenience, but I definitely have my favorite places to hit up in Austin after a good show. Read on for my suggestions on where you should go after you’ve hit the town for some booze and rock n’ roll.

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