Martha Share The Void

Admittedly, it’s only March, but my favorite LP of this year has to be this brand new Martha tune, so I’m going to back that up with sharing this delicious song. This song encompasses everything I love about Love Keeps Kicking. It’s energetic in every way, but there’s this natural sense of having a blast that seeps through your speakers. Here, it comes your way via this male/female vocal barrage, aided by the anthemic backing shout. Just when you think you’re getting too old to listen to proper pop-punk Martha are kicking down your door with antoerh emphatic jam! The new LP will be out via Big Scary Monsters/Dirtnap on April 5th.

Today’s Catchy Martha Jam

I’m really hopeful that the new Martha record will make waves over here, hopefully encouraging the band to do a lengthy tour that includes Austin on this go-round. The band craft some of the catchiest pop-punk around, and Love Keeps Kicking is sure to fulfill on the continued progress of the hit-making machine. I love a band that can match the vocals, the drums and the guitars all at once, crashing down with this euphoric feeling that makes you happy to be alive. The video even has a nice little breakdown near the end, or an interlude, just to tease us with another round of hooks. The new record drops on April 1st via Big Scary Monsters/Dirtnap Records.

Enjoy New Music from Yndi Halda

Yndi Halda left us with the beautiful Under Summer in 2016, but it seems the story of that album was far from complete. The band left one stone unturned, an incomplete piece that was vital to the entirety of the album, though wasn’t able to fit. Now we’re able to hear the tune as the group ready A Sun-Coloured Shaker, their new EP…a companion piece of sorts. This track is all about the group’s vocal performance, draping harmonies on top of one another, as strings and careful musical accents dance their way through the tune; I find the string touches quite moving throughout. The new EP will be handled by Big Scary Monsters and Burnt Toast Vinyl, releasing on February 16th.