ATX Spotlight: AMA Releases New Single

Those of you following Austin’s AMA closely might be a touch surprised with this new single, as it presents a softer sound than what’s been presented in their recorded material to date. Honestly, I’ve always loved the songwriting of Blair Robbins, but this tune’s offering up something remarkable, pulling every ounce of emotion out of listeners; I love when her voice almost strains to stretch the notes out. This song’s casual style brings a certain level of charm that’s intoxicating, putting the rest of Austin on notice that Robbins is here to make a name for herself. It’s up for the NYOP option, but throw some funds so they can get back to writing more hits.

ATX Spotlight: Spot On Folk From Rain Collectors

raincollectorsSo, the folks over at Side One Track One got the premiere of this track,but it’s too damn good to not spread the love over here as well. We’ve loved ATX’s own Rain Collectors, or Santiago Dietche and Blair Robbins, for a while now, and have grown quite fond of their stripped down folksy duo sound. This new track, “Lately,” is every bit as lovely as what we’ve heard thus far from these two. Once again, they’ve put out a stunning example of a duet, their voices melding together as one in harmony. Check it out below.