Bleached Announce Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough

It looks and sounds like Bleached are heading for pop stardom, well, if we could transport them back to the late 70s. Today they announce Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough, and the first single has this super retro vibe to its correlating video, all the way down to the hair blowing in the wind. The PR for this references the Damned and Paramore, which definitely fits with the pop vibe of this tune, but I can’t help but to think of a solid Blondie comparison throughout this number; it’s like they’re blending those parallel lines between punk and pop, and doing so perfectly. Dead Oceans will release the new effort on July 12th.

Four New Music Videos You Should Peep

As we’re in the thick of spring, it seems like we’re approaching peak musical release time and, I know, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep up with everything as it’s coming at you. Today, I’ve got three music videos that came out within the past week that you should watch/listen to, if you’re trying to stay relevant. They’re all a little different in terms of genre and style, but all worthy of your time, so strap in and let’s get rolling– check them out after the jump.

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Catchy New Bleached Tune

While the Can You Deal EP might have been recorded in a quick spurt, the song’s we’ve heard from the new Bleached EP don’t bare any resemblance of being rushed. For instance, on this latest single, it might be the best bit of sunny guitar pop the ladies have written. While there’s a sugary call in the verses, there’s this distorted moment around the 2 minute mark that’s really emphatic, offering the perfect punch, giving the song the perfect balance. The band’s Jennifer Clavin has even constructed a zine documenting how music will always be the soundtrack to our lives…both zine and EP will be released by Dead Oceans on March 3rd.

Burst of Slacker Rock From Bleached

Yea, I know Bleached is a big deal, so you’ve probably been informed that they’ve released a new track. If you passed over that blip of news, perhaps you should use this as an excuse to sit down with “Can You Deal” and then prepare to stand right back up so that you can dance to your teenage hearts’ content. This track is a whirlwind of quick-lipped lyrics and ferocious guitars that is hard to get out of your head once you’ve let it in. I’m digging the catchy chorus, which has the right attitude to get you out of bed in the morning and face the day, guns’ blazing.

The EP that this track is taken from will be out March 3rd, alongside the “Can You Deal” Zine, which the band is releasing and contributing all profits to Planned Parenthood. Go buy one.


Sound on Sound 2016 Preview: The Do’s and Don’ts

13557836_290760167940194_5618505617977878544_nIt’s finally here! By this time tomorrow we here at ATH will be headingout to Sherwood Forest, swords and shields in hand, ready to fest. Ever since the lineup was announced for the inaugural Sound on Sound Festival, we have been eagerly awaiting to descend upon Austin’s newest excuse to invite a ton of great bands to our town and enjoy all that these lovely folks have put together for us. To help you out, I put together a little guide to help you fest your best. Read on for my ‘tips’ or else be labeled a KNAVE.

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Bleached Strike Again!

12471348_959204584127145_6166781260372655284_oBleached are really on a roll– the video and track they released a little while back for “Keep On Keepin’ On” caught our attention and has brought us back for repeated listening. Now, they’ve got another single/delightful music video for “Wednesday Night Melody,” which is a Weekend at Bernie’s-classic short story featuring the members of the band. The music video is enough of a treat for you, but then you add in the great track and the band’s hit a sweet spot. The song has got a great laid back beat to it while still packing a punch of that rock and roll in the huge sound of the guitars. Take a listen and watch below and lookout for Welcome The Worms, out via Dead Oceans on April 1st.


Dark Rock From Bleached

unnamed-15Are you ready for a mix of dark badass rock mixed with a radio ready chorus? Bleached consists ofJennifer and Jessica Clavin, Micayla Grace and Bosh Rothmans, who have gained a bit of a following with their gritty rock tunes. They’ve been working on their second full length album, and have graced us with a music video for single, “Keep On Keepin’ On,” which you should watch below. This is the kind of song you put on when you’re amping up for the day; the guitars roar along with the vocals in tandem and those handclaps in the chorus will have you joining in and turning up the volume.

Their new album, Welcome The Worms, will be out April 1st via Dead Oceans.

Bleached Kick Out Summer Jam

bleachedYou ready for summer fun? Well, then you better press play immediately!  This new track from Bleached encompasses everything perfect about summer, even going so far as the title, “For the Feel.”  It’s a song that holds a no-bullshit attitude, even keeping clean on the distortion and atmospherics, as other like-minded acts are wont to do.  It’s a pop rock track that chugs along spiritedly, giving you some added energy in your daily listening rotation.  It’s a song that might not make the girls new record, but is slated for a 7″ release via Dead Oceans on July 22nd.  So so good.

FFF8 In Pictures – Saturday Edition

BleachedSaturday featured legends and legendary performances, though usually not at the same time. Johnny Jewel gets best performance of the day with double duty killer jams from Chromatics and a manic dance party with Glass Candy. MIA eludes me. I just don’t get it, but okay, the kids like to here abbreviated beats up and down. Ice-T let Bushwick Bill freestyle. Deerhunter had the most epic sound check ever, reconstructing “Marquee Moon” to test the levels.

This giant photo post features Frank Smith (kinda), Ola Podrida, Bleached, The Impossibles, White Lung, Chromatics, Geographer, Glass Candy, Television, Tycho, Deerhunter, MIA, Ice-T and The Descendants. Click through…

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Show Preview: Bleached @ Mohawk (4/12)


Date 4/12/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate/$12 @ Door

As we previously mentioned, this week of shows, or even month, is insane in this town.  I mean, this is why we all live here right?  Well I feel like this one going down at the Mohawk on Friday night might be flying so far under the radar that people are forgetting about it.  On the loaded bill you get lady rockers Bleached, Hunters, and Fleshlights.  It just seems like something you should be doing.



Download: Bleached – Think of You [MP3]

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