FT5: Bands I Refuse To Apologize For

0619top5coverSince this is my first post, I thought I should give everyone a little bit of insight into who I am. Unlike the other ATH writers, I refuse to have “Guilty Pleasures.” Either I like a band, or I don’t. I won’t apologize or make excuses for what I listen to, and I try not to give other people a hard time for what they like (one exception would be Nathan). I’m not saying every band I like is great. Sometimes they have great musicians with bad lyrics and catchy beats. Sometimes they’re just catchy. And the best is when I hate a band, but I hear them so often that I’m tricked into liking them. That being said, here are five bands on my iPod that have play counts at or around 30, and that’s just since April.  Follow the jump for more.
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From The Closet: Blink-182

blink182Not sure why I’ve had Blink-182 on the mind lately, but can you deny the catchy pop/punk tunes this band used to create?  I highly doubt it.  I remember when Enema of the State came out and I listen to it now just as much as I did back in ’99.  This album also marks the band’s jump from a buzz band to a band that packed arenas across the country.  I’ll admit that Dude Ranch provided a lot of success and mainstream popularity, but Enema took them to new levels.  Hell let’s just celebrate that this album is about to turn 10 years old and you still love it!  And let’s not forget that the band is getting back together!  I chose one of my favorite gems from the album “Aliens Exist” which features a slick drum intro from then new member Travis Barker.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/03-aliens-exist.mp3]

Download: Blink-182 – Aliens Exist [MP3]