Light Pop from Far Caspian

I’m a sucker for little guitar notes that add some pep to my step…and the lads in Far Caspian are doing just that. They offer a brand of guitar pop, bordering on moving into the dream pop region with the effects that shine in the mix. But, it’s not all about the beat here, as the group have a really strong vocal presence. It’s gentle, and emphatic where needed, but never really reaching for the top…I like a voice that knows when you can just sit down and chill in the middle of the goings-on. Go ahead, enjoy yourself.

From The Closet: Third Eye Blind

3bHowwwwwww’s it gonna beeeeee, when you don’t know meeeeee anymoooooooore.

Come on, you know the words. 3eb exploded onto the pop scene with their 1997 self-titled album, scoring 3 Top 10 hits while selling over 6 million copies. I won’t lie, that album was near the front of my Case Logic CD case throughout the late 90’s. Partly because I didn’t know any better, and partly because it was a legitimately solid pop album. It played surprisingly well from start to finish, and the hooks had the potential to get stuck in your head for days. Briefly recapturing the magic with their second album Blue, Third Eye Blind faded into oblivion much like their other “Post-Grunge” colleagues. But have no fear, the 2009 comeback begins during SXSW as they are slated to play the Austin Convention Center at 6:00 PM on Friday, March 20th.