Boyracer Shares Bored and Lonely

Boyracer has been writing great fuzzy pop-punk since the early early 90s, and pretty much everyone you love and adore has probably played in the band a time or two, but now, Stewart Anderson has solidified a new line-up and new tunes. Below we have the short poppy spurt of “Bored and Lonely,” a song seemingly built upon the backbone of our society where we all feel isolated behind our screens, though we’re all likely doing the exact same thing…or at least that’s how I see it. This song will appear on a quick little three song single, but more importantly, it will also be included on a forthcoming album which we hope to hear more from in the very near future.

Hear Brand New Boyracer

After a brief period of radio silence, Boyracer is going to return this year with a brand new LP; the band admit to recording over 20 brand new ditties to better your life…and today they’ve shared one of these tracks. It’s a short fuzzed out ripper that begs the question, why haven’t more people fallen in love with the group over the year? It’s catchy, making it memorable; it’s upbeat, thus perfect for jamming in the morning, on the drive down the sunny highway, or just when you want to rock out with your friends. This song will be on a hyper-limited 7′ lathe cut, with word that there’s a similar Monnone Alone you can read about right HERE. All these great things courtesy of Emotional Response.


Boyracer Covers the Style Council to Encourage You to Vote

Tomorrow is the end of the midterm, and everyone is making the final push to get the vote out; Boyracer joined in on the fun by banging out a quick cover of The Style Council’s “Walls Come Tumbling Down.” They collected a bunch of their friends to hold up the lyrics, and you might just see a certain ATH member holding his baby up in the mix. Take a listen to the song, watch the video, get out and vote…if you haven’t already. Please.

All of this is courtesy of Emotional Response Records.

Feel the Tangible Excitement! IndiePop!

tangibleThis word doesn’t get thrown around so much in relation to Tangible Excitement, but my record collection is definitely calling these guys a supergroup: 1/4 Summer Cats, 1/4 Boyracer and 1/2 Lucksmiths. Need I say more? Indiepop fans are already clamoring to get their hands on this ridiculously fun release. I like the upbeat jam, “Puzzle Pieces;” it’s the best jangling pop tune you might not have heard yet…feel that groove. For those of you not familiar with the participating acts, just spend about 12 minutes indulging in the delightful pop waiting at the click of a button. Then, be a good human, and go grab the 7″ from Emotional Response!

New Music from The Wanda Junes

11428175_621323831337191_2443049842309276834_oI’ve been a fan of Emotional Response and their work since they label was first brought to my attention, so keeping an eye on the label is our job here at ATH. Seeing as the label has been run by Stew and Jen from Boyracer, it would make sense if you pigeonholed the label (though unfortunate), which is why I want to bring you attention to the Wanda Junes. The group specialize, at least in my time with the album, as creators of saloon Americana. By that I mean you can hear the history of our fairly young country (I wasn’t referencing the bastardized genre), dripping with booze and a big band sound recorded in a small room. You should grab the group’s Hi Fi Record from the label right HERE.

Jittery Pop from Boyracer

photo02There’s a bit of a staggering stutter that comes to the guitar work in the opening moments of this new single from Boyracer.  It should come as no surprise as the band’s been releasing catchy pop tunes for their 20+ career…landing on labels like Slumberland and Sarah Records.  Sadly, the word on the street is that this might be their final EP, which will come out on Emotional Response, the label run by the band’s Stewart Anderson.  The label is about to release a slew of new singles from the likes of Hulaboy and Safe Distance, but I figured this one is a must for your radar.


Download: Boyracer – The Kind of Man You Really Are [MP3]

New Single from Hard Left

hardleftSurely everyone knows of the great Slumberland Records, but did you know that the founder Mike S. was a hard-working musician himself?  He’s spent time in Manatee, and now he seems to have formed a rad little rock n’ roll band that deserves some attention, Hard Left.  They’ve only got one recorded song, and they’re operating under the guise of ‘terrace glam,’ though if you ask me it’s got more of a proto punk with a political bent.  It’s good to see people who run great labels out there putting their money where their mouth is.  Sorry, I can’t play anything.