Another Track from Basic Plumbing

Earlier in November we found out that there would be a posthumous release from Patrick Doyle’s Basic Plumbing project; he’d previously been part of Veronica Falls, as well as his solo work in Boys Forever. But, the album he’d been working on with friend Helen Skinner is set to come to light on January 24th, and why not share another song he penned. I think you can hear sort of an homage to college rock in this tune, particularly in the way the vocals kind of hang out there in the air, moving in and out of the space left between guitars and drums. Keeping Up Appearances will be out next year, with all the proceeds going to LA LGBT Centre and UKs Calm. You can grab it HERE.

More Great Pop from Boys Forever

boysWe’ve covered a few of the great tunes from Patrick Doyle’s new project, Boys Forever, and here’s yet another one as we draw closer to the release of the self-title debut for Amour Foo. It’s got the expected bounce to keep it catchy, but the video below also fulfills in that it provides the sunny attitude true pop fans understand. You can be down on your luck, and somehow songs like this just make you feel better about the world. No need to keep going here…just listen to the track.

Brand New Track from Boys Forever

12487192_1667874550150876_9121168534019131929_oI think there’s a bunch of you out there, or maybe like five, lamenting the wait for new music from Veronica Falls, so while we hang out on that one, let’s rejoice that Patrick is going strong with his new project, Boys Forever. It’s steady bouncing indiepop, including a nice little solo in the middle of the tune that hints at some of Patrick’s other work. This track will be included on a brand new 7″ coming on the brand new label, Amour Foo. Looks like bother are something we should keep our eyes on as the year begins to unfold.

Meet Boys Forever, Will Ya

boysNot going to claim any skills in finding this track, as it was pointed out to me by our friends over at Slumberland Records; Boys Forever is a new project from Patrick of Veronica Falls. One of the songs just went up yesterday, and embarks on the pristine side of pop that one would expect a member of VF to be a part of…and one can also imagine more quality as this is merely a home demo. But, don’t just sleep on the newest track, as the previously released tune is just as tasty, though a slightly approach. You’ll best be served if you don’t sleep on this project. I put both songs below…convenience and such.