Moon Pics Share FLWR Video

Ever wanted to know what it would be like if Radio Dept descended into that cloud of smoke on the cover of Clinging to a Scheme? Well, if they turned that way instead of bubbling into pop (not that I mind that), they’d likely sound like Moon Pics. The project of Brazilian Adriano Caiado, he’s crafting these ethereal pop pieces, these otherworldly musical entities that sweep you away as a listener. Of course, you could also sit back, let the mind be mesmerized by the visual effects working in the latest video too. This is that place where you let your mind go, that place we’re all looking for right now. Go ahead, go.

Moon Pics Share Fall Video

I’m sort of obsessed with Adriano Caiado’s project Moon Pics at the moment. Today he shares the fantastic black and white video that accompanies his brand new single, and while there’s some incredible work in the video, the song puts me over the moon. Drawing from the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the Radio Dept, his work blends the harsh tones with this incredible pop sensibility that seems to move in and out of focus. It ends up creating this warped brilliance that sort of intoxicates you, letting you bath in this glorious soundscape crafted by Caiado in his bedroom. This new digital single is being put out by Midsummer Madness.

Chilled Out Summer Banger from Das Kope

This track from Das Kope is going to end up on every part playlist I craft throughout the summer, but don’t think of it as an out and out banger of a tune. Instead, it’s a teaser, slowly walking you along with these coated vocal lines stretched over guitar lines. But, if you wait, you’re going to get that reward as the song builds on multiple occasions for the release of the track’s title associated lyrics. The Brazilian producer is pretty new to the scene, but if he’s going to keep crafting hits like this, I’m going to keep coming back for more.

Boogarins Are Back

boogarinsTraditionally, I wouldn’t post a lyric video…but seeing as this song isn’t available any other way yet and it’s in Portuguese, it might just require such a post.  Well, there’s that and the fact that I really enjoy the work that Boogarins have been doing…this new jam included.  You’ll definitely hear moments of the band’s exploratory psych tendencies, but I also like the art-pop moment that comes from the line “that will not let me see the sun/they will not let me see the sun;” it’s possibly my favorite moment on the track.  Their new LP, Manual, will be available on October 30th via Other Music/Burger Records.


New Music from Boogarins

boogarinsI don’t typically gravitate towards songs with languages other than English, as lyrics are pretty important to my listening experience. That being said, there’s something about Brazil’s Boogarins that made me gravitate towards their sound.  I can hear little elements of psych, but also a central focus on simple pop harmonies…those being portrayed primarily through the tones of the vocals.  The band has recently signed on with Other Music Recording Co. to release As Plantas Que Curam on October 1st.   Definitely interested to see where their music goes for an entire full length.

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New Discovery: Ciro Madd

The great thing about a good long holiday weekend is that it allows for discovery, and I stumbled upon Ciro Madd by checking out the UK blog, Burning World.  The group is another one of those Brazilian acts that we might not have heard about, if we weren’t getting by with some help from our friends.  They’ve just released the wonderful Sleeping in the Rough Sea on Pug Records, which has a lo-fi pop feel at times, and other times it reminds me of the Wedding Present.  If I had a complaint, it’s that the vocals are possibly too low in the music, but they’re still decipherable, and elemental to the band’s sound.  If you’re looking for some nostalgic rock n’ roll, then you’ll want to check in on Ciro Madd, where you can grab their album for FREE.


Download: Ciro Madd – The Call [MP3]

Dark Shoegaze from The Perfect Needle

It’s been a pretty awesome couple of months for Brazil’s The Perfect Needle; they’ve drenched several singles in dark atmospheric haze, and this is just the latest of those singles.  There’s not too much info about the band, other than their country of origin, but both singles really have something to offer listeners.  I’d be careful to listen to this track with the volume turned up too loud, as you’re likely to either bust your speakers or your eardrums.  You’ve been warned folks.


Download:The Perfect Needle – Keep Out [MP3]

Pale Sunday – The Fake Stories About You and Me

Rating: ★★★½☆

You can put all your preconceived notions about music in Brazil to the side now.  Pale Sunday are nothing like CSS or Bonde Do Role. While I appreciate the regional flavor of those acts, The Fake Stories About You and Me seems so distant; it’s an album of pristine guitar pop in the realm of bands like Lucksmiths or Nada Surf–it’s somewhere in the middle there.

It’s a short EP, but “Happy (When You Lived Here)” is perhaps going to be one of my favorite guitar tracks of the year; it’s easiest the best track from the band that I’ve heard to date.  Luis’ voice sounds incredible here; it’s calm and cool, yet there’s a smoothness that coincides with the rest of the music.  Everyone else’s accompaniment fits perfectly into the track, from the backing vocals to the steady propulsive drum beat. So good; I wish everyone would write tracks like this.

“About Your Life” seems a little bit more straightforward in the vein of classic pop songs.  The guitars aren’t quite as clean here, and the synths provide an extra element to the background. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this song so familiar, but I put it all down to Luis Gustavo’s voice.  In contrast to the casual cool of the EP’s opener, here he sounds a bit softer, yet more distant in the mix.  It might seem like I’m not enthused by the difference, but I assure you that I’m having a hard time not playing this track over and over.  Screw it. I’m playing all four songs constantly.

Pale Sunday gives a bit of a bouncing drum roll on “That’s the Way,” giving the third track a bit of swagger and swing.  It’s a song about getting high with a friend or loved one, feeling lost in an emotional sense.  Towards the end of the song it sort of careens with guitar work that sort of bursts into a solo…perhaps providing the listener with that feeling of taking off into the far out realms of one’s mind.

When The Fake Stories About You and Me came to a close with “The Winter Song” I was taken aback at first.  It’s a song focused on strummed guitar, and a different pop appeal than the previous tracks. For me, it seems a lot more thoughtful, as if the band intended to leave you with a departing note about how we should go on with our lives. I like the way there’s a musical emphasis from the rest of the group that seems to arrive just after the 2 minute mark.  It’s a gorgeous track, and one that’s a fitting end to this EP.  Just as it ends, you want more, which might be my only detractor here, but with songs this good, Pale Sunday isn’t going anywhere any time soon. I’m grateful for that.


Download: Pale Sunday – Happy [MP3]

The Fake Stories About You and Me is available now from Matinee Recordings.


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