Premiere: Fauvely Offers Up New Music

Today Fauvely releases a brand new EP, centered around the songwriting of singer Sophie Leigh. When listening to this song, there’s really two halves of the track. On one hand, you get this stunning vocal performance, backed by carefully strummed guitar. But, the group flips it up several times, rolling percussion to pack up an increased pacing from the guitar. That chorus spins you around dreamily, leaving you with a memorable take on modern pop. Watch Me Overcomplicate This is filled with six new tracks, drawing on catchy elements of folk and pop that will leave you waiting for Sophie and her friends to drop more delightful tunes. Grab the limited cassette from Midwest Action.

Another Killer Track From Slingshot Dakota

slingshotdakotaIt wasn’t too long ago that I shared with you this track from Pennsylvania’s Slingshot Dakota, but the duo is back with another great number to satisfy all your pop-punk needs. “Lewlyweds” is filled with the same kind of spunk that delighted you on “Paycheck” in a nicely packed two minute burst of energy. There’s alsoa good presence of synth on hereas well, adding some lightness to balance out the shredding guitars. Break, the album that this track is taken from, will be out March 11th via Topshelf Records.

Digging This New Slingshot Dakota

dakotaslingshotSlingshot Dakota is the project of Bethlehem, PA’s Carly Comando and Tom Patterson, who make indie punk rock tunes that will command your attention. The second that this tune, “Paycheck” starts coming out of your speakers, you’ll be immediately drawn to the crunchy waves of synth that never cease, combined with the punching drums that become cymbal-heavy during the catchy chorus. Comando’s vocals add a layer of sweetness to the otherwise snarling tune, but the sweetness doesn’t overpower the track. Take a listen below.

Their new album,Break, will be out March 11th onTopshelf Records. Preorder it here.