Slick New Single From Torpid

Most of the world is likely not familiar with the Brisbane based musical group Torpid, so allow me to introduce them to you. About a year ago the four Australian friends decided to get together and make some music, which resulted in the indie hit “For Your Health”. Since then, the band have been quietly working out plans for new music and recently dropped this new bangin’ single called “Don’t”. It will quickly bring up feelings of Joy Division meets The Strokes, meets Viagra Boys. The vocals are heavy and deep, the sounds are sort of in this garage rock/post-punk arena, and the lyrics are just quirky enough to put a smirk on your face. A little different and unique which is definitely my jam.

Catchy Pop Number From Sir Bobby Jukebox

Though you may not know the name, Brisbane based Sir Bobby Jukebox, is definitely a guy you know us or from other music sites. Most of his time has been spent with his ATH approved band No Monster Club, be he’s also spent time with Grand Pocket Orchestra and Paddy Hanna. Basically, the dude is busy. Well now the magical music man is stepping out on his own with his first music as a completely solo musician. He’s offered this song “You Only Dance” as a preview for what he’s been working on and I’m immediately drawn into the catchy as hell beats and fun vibe. Though it clocks in at over 7 minutes, you will be finding yourself sucked in and engaged for the tracks entirety.

Fresh Thigh Master Track

Having already written about one Brisbane act today, it only seems appropriate to follow it up with another that I’m quite fond of, Thigh Master. Matthew Ford and his band have things locked down tight on this one, fueled by a bounding rhythm section and this discordant guitar cutting through like a knife. Still, what’s always charmed me about this outfit is that no matter how rambunctious and out of control they seem, they always carry this pop sensibility just below the surface, lurking and waiting to burst your eardrums with joy. This track is no different! You’ll find it on the band’s Now for Example, slated for release by Goner Records on September 27th, with a big old US tour in the early Fall!

WAAX Will Get You Through Hump Day

As I continue to push songs with some energy and power behind them, I offer you today this new single entitled “Wild & Weak” from Brisbane based group WAAX. It’s easy to get hooked on this track after listening for a short few seconds. Reminiscent of groups like Joy Formidable or Screaming Females, this one is sure to guide you through the rest of your hump day. Get it.

The new Wild & Weak EP from WAAX will drop independently on July 2nd.

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Summer Ready Fuzzy Pop From The Jungle Giants

thejunglegiantsThe Jungle Giants are a four piece band from Brisbane who’ve been making jangly indie rock since 2011. Today, I’ve got the newest single from this group, which is perfect for the rising temperatures around the city, or even if you’ve just got summer on the brain during your work week. “Every Kind Of Way” kicks into action right away with some effervescent percussion that immediately gets your toes tapping. Then the vocals join the track as the lead singer uttering a cross between singing and talking, coating the song in this darkness that the band didn’t really embody in previous tracks. Though this song is a little darker, with those squeals of electric guitar cutting in and out, it still packs that breezy feel in the chorus: go pre-order it here.

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Chilled Vibes from The Good Sports

goodieI just can’t get enough of sun-drenched guitar pop, and today, there’s nothing better than this EP from Brisbane’s The Good Sports.  I’ve spent the last few hours listening to their new Mandarin Time EP, and it sort of reminds me of the music being crafted by The Growlers.  There’s slight traces of garage rock, but they spin it in such a soft manner that you can’t help but to just sink into the vibe of the tune.  Their EP gets a little bit groovier in the long run, but this tune was the one that grabbed me immediately.  You’re going to have a hard time getting this jam out of your head today.


Download: The Good Sports – Out Of The Way [MP3]

New Music from Morning Harvey

morningharveyMorning Harvey is a five-piece act from Brisbane, Australia, and listening to this track, I think they fit right into the country’s latest musical exports.  You’ll hear a slight nod to the modern blend of psychedelia and shoe gaze, but I also hear evidence of an infatuation with Brit-pop.  There’s even  a soloing piece of guitar work that echoes throughout the end of the track, which is a major throwback, in my opinion, to 90s pop over in London.  Regardless, this new tune is pretty sweet, and hopefully we’ll have more news for you soon about a new release from the band.

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Reverb Laden Rock From Keep on Dancin’

539949_492165600796040_2128801404_nAs I was trolling through my emails the other day, I came across this intriguing new track called “Grey Ghost” coming our way from Brisbane indie group Keep on Dancin’.  It’s of course a reverb heavy rock tune in the same vein as psych bands like The Black Angels or I could even see them compared to other female fronted bands like My Gold Mask.  Either way, I think the track is pretty rad and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

The Aussie’s have a new album called Hunter due out early next year.

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