Mondo Video from Operator Music Band

Operator Music Band are working towards the release of their album Duo Duo in September, so they’ve shared another track to catch your ear. It’s interesting to me that the band get the Stereolab comparison, just because there’s a lady and some warped synth pulses; I feel like it’s more organic, almost like !!!. On this number, it’s all about that rhythmic groove, from the cymbal work to the bass lines to the synth stabs; I think the vocals even have this purposeful pulse to them. But, ultimately, that comparison for me is all about the joy, and when you get to the song’s end, you’ll feel that exuberance through your speakers. The new LP drops on September 20th via Broken Circles.

Teen Body Announce Dreamo

What!? Teen Body titled their new release Dreamo? Yeah, I’m totally going to have to listen to that. Luckily, I like what I hear, and while I understand the sentiment, I feel like this is far more dream pop than emo…but who am I to say. I love the way the vocals duel with one another, though they seem indifferent to the presence of one another. Throughout, the guitars have that angular shimmer that carries us off to pastures beyond our own, letting us look longingly at our own lives. A pretty special first listen on my behalf; looking forward to the album release on April 12th via Broken Circles.


New Rose Channels Nostalgic Americana on Poison Tree

It would be easy to offer up New Rose as Americana revisionists, but in listening to their new single, it almost seems as if they’re revisiting what all those revisionists were revisiting. The coating on the lyrics almost has this wispy crackle to it, as if it’s been worn by years of existence; it works wonderfully with the guitar bending in the distant horizon while cymbals sway through the speakers. It stretches out over 3 and a half minutes, tickling the fancy of all those steeped in the roots of American rock n’ roll; look for the band’s Crying Eyes on November 9th via Broken Circles.

Yet Another Single From Hypoluxo

Since we’ve already posted two singles from the upcoming Hypoluxo album, I figured we would be missing out if we didn’t also post the third and final single. I’m not sure what else we can say about this band that can’t be said with a quick listen to this new joint “Trust Fall”. The band is dreamy and sort of new wave with deep vocals which might just put you in a trance. These guys are making some remarkable music right now.

Hypoluxo will release Running on a Fence on September 21st via Broken Circles.

Another Track from Hypoluxo

Brooklyn outfit Hypoluxo have already caught my fancy with their earlier single “Kentucky Smooth,” and I’m quite fascinated by their newest number. I thought I had this one pegged for the first minute, with a slightly dreamy guitar line hanging out there…not quite dream pop, not quite Mac Demarco. Then the vocals threw me off; there’s something in the hearty tones that give off a different vibe, and as such, the guitar takes on a different attitude…something darker, forbidden almost. I like how even in sections where they go verse chorus verse chorus, it never once takes on monotony. Look for the group’s new LP, Running on a Fence to drop September 21st via Broken Circles.

New Music from Hypoluxo

Today I’ve really been enjoying this track from Hypoluxo; it offers a blend of various genres that all seem right up my alley. From the get go, the percussion opens the track up with a bouncing rhythm, allowing room for the guitars to dance around. Seemingly, you’ve found a gem of a dream pop number, but the way the vocals are delivered indicates a style rooted in traditional indie rock, a la the National. All together, it straddles the genres perfectly, melding them together in an intoxicating fashion. The group are set to release Running on a Fence via Broken Circles come September 21st.

Enjoying This Lightwash Tune

The guitar vibes immediately set you in the mood when you put on this Lightwash single. It’s important to take that to heart, as we’re being told that the band’s latest Half Hung EP isn’t meant to be scrutinized, only revered as a gem of pop songwriting. It does indeed accomplish its feat, at least on this track, with the vocals hanging on every note, fading out with the last syllable. Personally, I like the emphatic drum rolls giving an extra punch to the turning of words. Go on and jam it, then pick it up from Broken Circles on February 2nd.

Chillwave From Pro Teens

What a perfect day for a little chillwave/slacker pop music right? On this gloomy Tuesday morning, you’re sure to find some enjoyment in this track “Tulsa” from Phoenix based outfit Pro Teens. The guitars are slow, methodic, and full of haze. Add in some perfectly timed drum beats and shiny vocals and you’d have a nice description of “Tulsa”. Check it out.

Pro Teens will release the Philistines EP on NOvember 3rd via Broken Circles.

Smut Share Bones of Summer

I’m fascinated by Smut. They’re probably lumped in with the mass of acts taking up the remnants of shoegaze/dream pop, but they claim that’s unjust. Sure, you can hear those touchstones, but they also have this tenacity that a lot of that genre fails to capture. There’s this sense of urgency, even in the vocals of Tay Roebuck as notes fall off that signal; there’s a need to unleash these songs on the masses. And at the center of it all lives just a faint hint of pop sensibility, enough to make them endearing. You’ll want to spend some quality time with the group’s End of Sam-soon, dropping October 27th via Broken Circles. They’ve also got a little South/Midwest tour in December, including an Austin date.

Digging This New Hypoluxo Track

Easily my favorite track from the last few days has to be this new one called “Sometimes” from Brooklyn based Hypoluxo. The song talks a lot about being lazy and wanting to stay inside, but the music offers a bit of a contrast to that with bright guitars and an almost dreamy feel. It reminds me quite a bit of bands like Beach Fossils or Real Estate, though the deep and heavy vocals offer some the band can call their own. Ya feel me.

Hypoluxo will release new EP Taste Buds via Broken Circles on August 4th.

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