Mellow Out With New Rose

As I strive to prove that modern country music goes beyond Sturgill Simpson, let me introduce you to New York based band New Rose. Their take on the genre veers in more of the slacker style with slow strummed acoustics and trippy pedal steel in the background. If my description doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, check out this new single “Waiting On Me” and make your own assessment. To me, it’s as if Destroyer started a group with Sun Volt as the backing band.

A new album entitled Morning Haze will drop on June 30th via Broken Circles (pre-order).

Groovy Track from Femny

femnyI’m going to be playing this Femny track quite a bit today, and I’m hoping you do too. We’re winding down the year, and so posts are fading…just don’t ignore this. It reminds me of a less reverb-coated Julian Casablancas outing, only with heavier synths and brighter hooks. In the latter half, there’s even a distant shout coming in through the main vocal mix…and it really could be Casablancas himself. Don’t let similarities dissuade you; your’e going to have fun listening to this tune. Look for their Instant Star EP from Broken Circles on January 17th.

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