Bangin’ New Broncho Track

Tulsa based pop group BRONCHO has picked up a ton of positive press from us over the last few years. It’s easy to write good things about a band who bring such a positive vibe to danceable pop tunes. The band’s latest track “Keep it in Line” furthers their foray into quality pop music and should firmly establish them as one of the best in the indie pop genre. Seriously, this song is so catchy and so easy to like.

BRONCHO will release new LP Bad Behavior on October 12th via Park the Van.

Why Not Share This Broncho Track?

unnamed-43Oh man, this track is a real winner. If you’re into garage rock with enough fuzz on it to rattle your headphones then this new track from BRONCHO who hail from Norman, Oklahoma. “I Know You” is a spiraling rock track, with twangy guitars and hazy vocals, but at the same time, it’s got a compelling vibe to those gang vocals that will have you coming back for more. From the beginning, this song is huge and it doesn’t ever get less than giant in its sound. Take a listen and get excited for theirupcoming record,Double Vanity, will be out June 10th via Dine Alone Records.

Word on the street is that they’re playing at The Sidewinder in a few short days (5/28) and you should probably scoop up a ticket for that right here.

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I Was A Tourist In My Own Town

Formula OneI know FFF9 is upon us, but I would like to reflect on Formula One. It is something you here on the news. It is what many of you mistakenly call that thing out there on the east side of the airport. A long time fan, F1 weekend is just like a music festival to me. It is three days of party and day-drinking. But F1 weekend, with help from Transmission, has actually been able to provide a bit of music festival to go with the festival of speed.

You see, having Circuit of the Americas in Austin is a rather special thing. It is the only track to host Formula One in the United States and that means nearly a half-billion worldwide viewers know where we are and what we do. It hosts MotoGP, Tudor United and World Endurance Championship. It also has a big-ass music venue and that cool Loch Ness monster looking tower. Like I said, it is kind of a big deal. COTA is also nice enough to host Fan Fest downtown. This year, I hit night one with the Haloween crowd Friday and was lucky enough to check out Duran Duran Saturday. You will get a few DD cause I already posted the big gallery, but you will get plenty of Broncho, Devotchka, De La Soul, crowd shots and stuff from the track. I skipped Kid Rock, though regretting that a little. O_o

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More New Music From Broncho

broncho1Already this summer we’ve heard some new music from Oklahomans Broncho and we were pleasantly surprised with the new direction of their sound.  Today the band is offering up another stellar new track called “What” which can be streamed below.  This track is just downright fun and a real pleasure to listen to.  It’s a garage rock themed, sort of throwback style number that’s sure to improve your Friday.

Pick up new album, Just Enough Hip to be Woman on September 16th via Dine Alone.

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Broncho Band Got the Hooks

bronchoI know. This song is so last week, but it’s just too damn good to not share it again.  The stuttering opening had me from the get-go, but the off-kilter vocal swagger that unfolds as the song rolls along isn’t too shabby either.  You’re going to have a hard time ignoring Broncho on their new outing, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman, which comes to you via Dine Alone on September 16th…you should also check out their previous effort Can’t Get Past the Lips…this music is brought to you by the community that brought you greats such as Colourmusic, AAR and Other Lives…there’s something special in that Oklahoma water.

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New Jam from Broncho

I went to school in Oklahoma, so I’ve got to rep the OK bands from time to time.  One of the acts that’s been on my radar is Broncho, kicking out catchy garage jams that encourage anthemic sing-alongs. The group has just put out their debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and now they’re in the full swing of a nation-wide tour.  If you’re looking for hooks and a bit of grit that harkens back to the swagger of the 70s, then you’re definitely going to love listening to this group.  They’ll be playing a show in Austin at FFF Fest Nites over at Red 7, so get your ears ready.


Show Preview: Broncho @ Mohawk (6/27)

Date Wednesday, June 27th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $7 at the Door

This is essentially a great local show with a great out of state opening act.  The opening acts Grape Street and No Future (formerly Leatherbag) are two acts we’ve raved about on these pages, and they both put on exceptional shows live.  Even if it was just these two bands, it’s worth your $7! But, you also get to see Broncho, one of the stronger acts to come out of Oklahoma.  They’ve got ties to Other Lives, Starlight Mints, Colourmusic, Unwed Sailor…so they come with good pedigree, and great songs.  Seriously, it’s inside, with cold beer and nice AC, so do yourself a favor and catch some great no-frills rock n’ roll.


Download:Grape Street – A Date With You [MP3]