Endearments Share Empress Single

Some reason, I’ve just been wanting to spin and dance and smile; I guess I’m just fed up with feeling fed up. For me, I always turn to music, and this Endearments tune is a bit of an early morning bop to slid you into your midweek grind. There’s that sort of casual smoothness to it, sort of slinking its way into your life; it has a touch of that sort of crystalline synth pop mood. When it hits the chorus, it’s a quick little burst of euphoria, emphasized by some backing vocal tracks to push it forward. And each time, it crawls back to the calming waters of late night electronic pop, perfect for the late night playlist you made for your friends. This track appears on Father of Wands, out November 5th.

Furrows Share Grey Cities Single

Furrows, the project name of Peter Wagner, is a relatively new act on my radar, but I’ve really been able to dive headfirst into the latest single, “Grey Cities.” The song is a sort of reflective piece for Wagner, who said the tune is an “elegy for all the ghosts we carry with us,” and the music seems to match up with that, even allowing the voices to have their own voice. Up through the first two minutes, you get this steady strum and drum work, not too far off from where you might find a Real Estate…then, just before the 2 minute mark, you get to hear the past start to make itself known, with little nuanced notes ringing out in the mix.

Driving New Single From Lea Thomas

Brooklyn by way of Hawaii based artist Lea Thomas has been dropping all kinds of new singles this summer in preparation for her new album Mirrors to the Sun coming in late July. Just yesterday she shared this striking new single “Howl” and I couldn’t be more excited to drop it with you all today. Thomas has this magical way of keeping the song intimate in a sort of singer/songwriter style but also offers these bursts of grit and tension to really give the song this strong, driving edge. Ya dig.

New album Mirrors to the Sun will be available on July 23rd via Spirit House Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Acid Dad Share Searchin’ Single

Acid Dad seem like one of those bands that truly benefited from the pandemic that wrecked the music industry in so many ways; they were able to craft their own studio (and guitars) to work on completion of their latest record, Take It From the Dead. Clearly, the band are still honing in on psychedelic vibes, which I don’t mind, but they seem to be operating a little bit in that cleaner arena where bands like Woods hang out. It’s like re-imagining classic rock vibes, which I think the band admittedly epitomizes, offering up the lyrical line “I’m still searchin’ for the sound.” Take It From the Dead is out July 16th via Greenway Records and Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Hard Nips Share Blender X Video

Today we celebrate the release of Hard Nips new LP, Master Cat, and in doing so, it seems only fitting we do it by dropping this fun video for standout single, “Blender X.” Guitars dangle and churn before dropping in this heavy stomping sound; the song takes on this sort of punk meets blues rock vibe, and honestly, the vocals give off a faint hint of classic rock attitude. They’ve been compared to the B-52s, if you were forced to kick Fred out of the band…and here, they’re not missing a beat. It’s a fun video, matching up with the fun attitude this quartet carries, so lets celebrate their triumphant return and crank this video up! The LP is out today via Dadstache Records.

A Place to Bury Strangers Announce Hologram EP

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten fresh new music from A Place to Bury Strangers, but with the announcement of the Hologram EP, we welcome a new track from the band. It begins with some cymbal and snare work, burrowing into the background before the song erupts with squalling guitars; I keep thinking you can hear vocals from new drummer Sandra Fedowitz in there too, but then I go back and forth thinking I’ve been fooled by the group. Oliver Ackermann’s voice is this heavy haunt in the tracks front end, playing somewhere between J Spaceman and the Gallagher brothers (and I don’t mind that). Plus, you get the added bonus of a hypnotic video to accompany your listen! Hologram will be out July 16th via Dedstrange.

Acid Dad Drop New Single

It’s been a hot second since we last posted about the Brooklyn based outfit known as Acid Dad, so it feels like a great day to get back in touch and share their new music. Today the band dropped this brand new rockin and rollin track called “BBQ” and it’s a slick one you need to check out immediately. The song is a sort of psych inspired tune with some 90s era grunge rock vibes added in to give it a more guitar heavy rock feel.

If you are into this sort of thing, the band is releasing this track as part of a new album entitled Take it From the Dead due out June 11th on Greenway Records.

Stream This: Cool Sounds + Toledo + Kelly Duplex

It’s Friday…and I just wanted to point you in the direction of some jams that have been on rotation around these parts, just in case you don’t have the time to really browse through the web and find that magic. So here’s a couple of suggestions on my end.

Cool Sounds are an Aussie outfit we’ve supported for some time, and today they release Bystander around the world. For me, I’ve been drawn to “Back to Me” since I first heard it, so I’m sticking with that as my favorite slow burn on the LP, but, there’s this subtle sunlight from “South of France.”

And, earlier this week we tossed out a tune from Toledo, and the band drop their Jockeys of Love EP today. It’s a collection of well written ballads with just a faint hint of that subtle emo sound; it reminds me a lot of Good Morning, offering just good clean guitar tunes to bounce around in your head.

Kelly Duplex‘s debut LP is something I’ve been raving about the last few months, sharing every little single I could. Well, today’s the day you get to hear it in its entirety, courtesy of Strange Daisy. Plus, if you’re a collector of vinyl, you’ve got to see all the limited edition colors they’re offering…on top of these rad songs!

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts Share Head North

I’ve been sitting on this song from Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts for a few weeks now, waiting to share it, and it feels like the perfect way to start off a Friday…the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! In the first minute or so, you get this soft pop vibe, perfect for cruising through immense landscapes and “heading North.” At the 1:30 mark, there’s a twist, a jump up if you will, just a brief moment in time for the duo to employ some really strong hooks that soar, blowing through the song like the breeze when your windows are down. This is definitely one of those songs that just stays with you all day long.

Gustaf Share Design Video

Brooklyn seems to be the hotspot of the day, with that Fixtures tune earlier and now a brand new tune from Gustaf; their Mine 7″ drops this Friday via Royal Mountain. This tune here is the B-Side to that release, and draws on that sort of arty post-punk style, though I love how they never shy away from a little nod to a nice hook. There’s always this sense of playfulness, even when the band attack modern desires as constructs of our own design…or at least that’s my interpretation anyways. Plus, the video tosses in just enough fun that you can tell the band would be one hell of a live show…if that was a thing. Check the vid!

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