Skinny Dippers Share Home Single

You’re in need of a shining bit of guitar pop to win you over? Something along the lines of Real Estate or the like? Well, then I advise you to listen to this new single from Brooklyn’s Skinny Dippers. This single feels like you’ve left town, windows down and the warmth of the day shining upon your face. I love when the voice of lead songwriter Ryan Gross combines with a female counterpart; in a strange way, it brings the indie innocence of the early 2000s, though perhaps I’m just easily charmed by harmonizing. Enjoy the sunshine vibes of this tune!

Silver Liz Share Unlikely Girl

As we move into the summer season, I start to indulge a bit more in my musical sweet tooth, which is great since there’s this new Silver Liz tune giving me my fix. “Oooh hooo” opens up the track, and instantly you’re sucked into that dreamy voice, intoxicated as it bends the notes around this very light jangle. Still, whilst loving it, I didn’t become addicted to this track completely until the moment where the band pull back the music and let Carrie Wagner’s voice continue to shine on its own, almost in that Hope Sandoval fashion…and each time the band employ that little trick I get a little weak in the knees.

Brand New Music from Phantom Handshakes

I was super in love with No More Summer Songs, the debut LP from Brooklyn’s Phantom Handshakes; they’ve just returned with this little pop delicacy to sneak into your day. Listening through, the musical elements feel really dense, but in a certain manner, they stay out of the way, letting Federica’s voice sparkle in the front of the mix. Having spent a lot of time with the band’s work, this might be her best vocal performance; she has masterful control over the melodic tones, letting them hang in the air as the guitars rise from behind to support. Flat out, the band rips. Plus, all digital sales have proceeds going to Emergency.

Stream Welcome to My (Strange) Jangle from Lil Hospital

Our friend Kevin Hairs is back again with his Lil Hospital project, having just released the brand new Welcome to My (Strange) Jangle EP this week. We’ve loved Kevin’s work, plus it’s great, so feels like you should have it on your radar! This whole EP hits a little bit of everything I’ve been into this year, kind of drawing on the San Francisco sound (of late), mixing it with a fondness of Robert Pollard and company, then drenching it in a heavy coat of indiepop jangles. Suffice to say, it’s classic guitar pop you can’t seem to get out of your head. Plus, if you’re in the Brooklyn area this weekend, Lil Hospital have a show with Jeanines at TV Eye…and if you’re not…listen to both bands.

Pamphlets Share Shut Tight Single

There was a demo version of “Shut Tight” about a year ago, but now Brooklyn’s Pamphlets have touched up the single and introduced it to the world at large. This is the perfect tune for kicking off Friday, as its both a little bit arty and definitely frantic. Musically, the band aren’t too far off from ATH faves Deeper, particularly with the way the guitar knifes through, then falls in a shimmering curtain call. The vocals from Jeremy Marquez fall somewhere in the realm of Tim Darcy and young David Byrne, so you can get the picture of what this band is all about. Keep an eye out friends.

Sooner Shares Pretend Single

We covered the first few Sooner tracks, and as another one has hit the airwaves, it seems fitting we slide it into today…not to mention it’s a great jam. When I listen to the band, they seem like they’ve combined a bunch of influences to create their own sound; you can file them behind the Beths in one spot, or turn the page and find the more ethereal side of Beach House blooming. This particular single is all about that climactic build, toying with your feelings in the verses, coming in soft and quiet, only to churn out heavy bliss in the chorus. Definitely a band that should be on more people’s radar; their album Days and Nights will drop on March 25 via Good Eye Records.

SXSW Interviews: Colatura

The ATH team has this ever growing level of excitement building inside of us that seems to build as each week goes by and SXSW draws ever near. We are making our lists, starting to map things out a bit, and making plans on seeing many old friends from back in the “normal times”. As per usual, we are trying to get you as excited as we are so we hope these pre-interviews are helping expose you to some new bands coming into town. Today I am excited to share my latest interview with Brooklyn based trio Colatura. You can check out their interview and some music after the jump.

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Bodega Drop Statuette on the Console

While the typical Bodega single brandishes art-punk with Ben up front, the latest tune from the band features Nikki Belfligio leading on vocals, totally changing the dynamic of the band with her performance. Angular guitar punk is out the window, turning towards a more anthemic power pop vibe, just riffing right through the hooks once the track jumps into play. But, it wouldn’t be Bodega if they weren’t calling our attention to our “dependence on fragile, fleeting technology.” Love this band, but this track takes their work to a whole new level that I’m hoping you’ll dig. Broken Equipment drops on March 11th via What’s Your Rupture.

Sooner Announce Debut LP, Days and Nights

It shouldn’t take you too long to get sucked into the sounds of Sooner; I know I got hooked the minute those guitar lines jumped right on in to my life, as my toes were tapping and my head was a-bobbing. While the sound borders on the poppier side of post-punk, the band ramp up the sound into a more distorted pop rock sound for the chorus, with the vocals pushing themselves higher in tone, driving the hook right into your ears. It’s the perfect blend of some of my favorite vibes, so I’m definitely looking at Days and Nights to be a sure-fire hit; it drops via Good Eye Records on March 25th.

Silver Liz Release Until Lately

Sometimes you just need a soft pop ballad to kind of mellow out your day, and with everything going on out there, I’m grateful bands like Silver Liz are giving me a chance to take a breath and just enjoy a nice ditty. The Brooklyn duo’s latest single works over this light strum and Carrie Wagner’s sparkling voice, as little synth elements twinkle in the far off distance. Drums begin to enter the fray, furthering the textural depth of the track, and things seem to swell to hook-laden proportions, all the while Carrie’s voice keeps us grounded as listeners. Keep an eye out on these two, as they’ve got an album in the works for later this year.

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