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Sara Bethe Nelson Brings Back Slowcore

saraOne of my favorite little genres of the past was the quieted pop music that got dubbed slowcore. I realize a lot of music has been created of that ilk for some time, but I’ve recently taken a liking to Sara Bethe Nelson.  There’s that slow moving emotional pull to this track, with Nelson’s sultry swoon bringing in more melancholy (at least in tone).  She’s readying her debut album, Fast-Moving Clouds, which is going to really wow a lot of folks out there, so it’s necessary for you slow music fans to add her to your list.  Look for the LP on March 10th via Burger Records.

Cotillon Brings Something New to Burger Records

coatyIf I told you Cotillon was on Burger Records and you hadn’t heard the band, you’d likely think the group would offer something in the vein of garage rock.  But, with this album, the label is continuing its efforts to branch out into new territory, having this latest single offer little more than just a tinkling piano and some vocals.  It’s a short little ballad, yet it’s one that continues to push my excitement for the self-titled effort from the one-man project (January 26th).  Think gentle and pretty, yet far from mundane.

Sorry I Missed This: Corners

kornerAgain, the end of the year brings to your attention a lot of great hits, and I was lucky to catch this on the ever changing line-up that is Burger Records.  Corners are this sort of synth-glam-post-punk phenomenon coming out of that LA place, and what they’re creating is really something.  There’s a bit of hipness to it, but there’s also this vibe that they could really give a fuck…making for a great listen.  Their LP Maxed Out on Distractions is out now courtesy of the above mentioned folks, as well as Lolipop Records. The jam below is the one I keep gravitating towards the mostest.

Listen to the New Cassingle from Michael Rault

mrTuesday’s always bring new music to our inbox, and one the songs I immediately latched onto was this tune from Michael Rault.  There’s two tracks below for you to jam to, both offering a nice bit of subdued glamour pop.  You can hear hints of Ty Segall inspired songwriting in what Rault and his band have completed, though it’s spun in an entirely different direction, focusing more on the perfect arrangement of pop structures. This single is a release sponsored by Burger Records in anticipation of a full length to come your way in 2015.

Take A Listen to Cotillon

cotyWhen you get an email about a new act on Burger Records, you generally know what to expect from the label…that is until you hear the work of Cotillon.  It’s this dreamy little bit of bedroom pop, akin to the work of early Captured Tracks acts.  The LA act worked with JR from Girls, so you can count on the production quality to be successful when the band release their full album.  Personally, I love the way the song slowly fades out over about a minute, growing softer and softer until you can no longer hear it.  Look for the group’s self-titled album to come out on January 26th.

New Album from The Memories

memorieI’ve got some tunes from the Memories; I like the band well enough, I just feel like they could do a bit more.  But, it looks like that time has finally come, as the band are readying a new album that’s been worked over by Sonny Smith, who I trust above many others.  There’s already a subtle R&B production to the tune, while the band maintains their approach to brevity in their songwriting; it sort of reminds me of Girls early on…you know, when that band meant something. Look for the band’s new LP Hot Afternoon next month from Burger Records.

New Opus from Vaadat Charigim

vcLast year, we wrote about Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim quite a bit; they were just releasing their debut album for Burger Records.  They’re back now with a 7″ they’ll be releasing with local Austin label Reverberation Appreciation Society, as they prep for a new LP in 2015.  This first track is this trembling swell of psychedelia, moving in and out of your stream of consciousness.  It opens quietly, building momentum for the band’s entrance just around the minute mark.  You’ll find that the song definitely has peaks and valleys, rising and falling here over the song’s 9 minute sprawl.  I appreciate that; I like a good non-run of the mill psych track.

AJ Davila Readies New LP + Davila 666 Compilation

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - July 11, 2014RayRay and I both spent (spend) a lot of our times surrounded by Spanish influenced tunes (thus our love for Juanes), so it would be shameful if we weren’t into the work of AJ Davila.  He’s probably best known for his work with his friends from Puerto Rico, Davila 666, but he’s been stepping out on his own for quite some time; I caught two sets by him at this years SXSW.  His new project, AJD y Terror Amor is releasing Beibi via Burger Records on November 4th, but they’ll also have a compilation for D. 666 titled Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos, collecting the group’s singles together.  You can rock to a few tracks from each release below my friends.

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