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New Opus from Vaadat Charigim

vcLast year, we wrote about Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim quite a bit; they were just releasing their debut album for Burger Records.  They’re back now with a 7″ they’ll be releasing with local Austin label Reverberation Appreciation Society, as they prep for a new LP in 2015.  This first track is this trembling swell of psychedelia, moving in and out of your stream of consciousness.  It opens quietly, building momentum for the band’s entrance just around the minute mark.  You’ll find that the song definitely has peaks and valleys, rising and falling here over the song’s 9 minute sprawl.  I appreciate that; I like a good non-run of the mill psych track.

AJ Davila Readies New LP + Davila 666 Compilation

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - July 11, 2014RayRay and I both spent (spend) a lot of our times surrounded by Spanish influenced tunes (thus our love for Juanes), so it would be shameful if we weren’t into the work of AJ Davila.  He’s probably best known for his work with his friends from Puerto Rico, Davila 666, but he’s been stepping out on his own for quite some time; I caught two sets by him at this years SXSW.  His new project, AJD y Terror Amor is releasing Beibi via Burger Records on November 4th, but they’ll also have a compilation for D. 666 titled Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos, collecting the group’s singles together.  You can rock to a few tracks from each release below my friends.

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Austin Spotlight: Brand New Grape St. Track!!!

10606255_811918515519334_6116597443649835805_nAs you know, we’ve long been supporters of Grape St., the band fronted by Curtis O’Mara of Harlem.  We love them so much we put out their first LP, A Date With You.  But, like all good things, they must come to an end, which is why the band is moving up to release their next LP with the folks over at Burger Records.  If you’ve watched the band live, you’ve probably heard “Wallpaper;” it’s been a huge staple in their live sets.  They’re going to be taking that live set to the West Coast in a few weeks, bringing with them a tour only cassette with the below tune; it’ll also be featured on their next LP, which is slated for a release later in the year.  Come on, this tune’s just so good. Jam it loud.

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New Music from Tomorrow’s Tulips

ttYou ever discover one of those tracks that makes you go “what the fuck?” “What is this?” Yet, then you realize you’ve played the track a dozen times and now your stuck? That’s precisely what I got from this coffee shop haunt of a tune from Tomorrow’s Tulips.  There’s minimal percussion, quieted guitar bits, and this deep croon that weaves its way throughout the song.  It’s really a song that pulls you in emotionally; it’s like watching a train wreck, yet you can’t pull your eyes away…making this quite a remarkable number.  You’ll be able to find this tune on their new album, When, which is being released by Burger Records on October 7th.

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Hear Part Time’s Track off Their Split with Gap Dream

jameyThere were hints of a softer side to Davida Loca on his last Part Time release, PDA, but you get a full glimpse with his shimmering synth pop tune that plays his part of the 7″ split with Gap Dream. It’s a relaxed tune, not moving quickly, but you get a delightful bounce through the electronic work he’s done on this tune.  It should whet your appetite enough to order the release from Burger Records, but you can also grab it from them live when both bands go on tour together throughout August/September, including a date at Hotel Vegas on August 28th.

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New Single from Gap Dream

strongbadLast year Gap Dream released Shine Your Light, and it was one of those albums I told everyone they need to listen to…though I doubt many listened.  Regardless, it’s nice to see Gabriel Fulvimar back again with a split-release with his touring friends, Part Time.  His side of the release offers up this really dreamy pop composition.  It’s the perfect sort of tune to comfort you this weekend, letting your mind drift away as you feel the bubbling pulse that warbles beneath the mix here.  You can buy this split 7″ from Burger Records on August 26th, or, catch the two bands traveling around the country, inclluding an Austin date on August 28th at Hotel Vegas.

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The Muffs Return!

75-atlgAfter a close to 10 year hiatus, SoCal veteran rockers The Muffs are returning this year with a much anticipated full length LP of new material.  To be perfectly honest, I’m likely guilty of only knowing a few songs from the band back in the 90s, but I’ll be looking to change that after today.  If you’re like me and this is some of your first exposure to the band, check out new single “Weird Boy Next Door” and you’ll see why many a fanboy are making a big deal about the new material.  I love the fast paced, in your face pop punk style here that remains fresh while still keeping some of the 90s throwback sounds.

New album, Whoop Dee Doo, is out July 29th on Burger Records.

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Kick Back with Wax Witches

10407365_876274032399540_1545523233211221811_nIt’s not like Burger Records really needs another band in their stable that’s going to blast out some summery tunes, but it looks like that’s what they’re doing with this new tune from Wax Witches; it’s the project of Alex from Bleeding Knees Club.  There’s a bratty vibrancy to the tune, fueled by amped up guitar work and simple pounding drum work.  If the line “summer’s here/lets have some fun” doesn’t get you amped about the increasing temperatures (or I guess declining since one of these guys is from Australia), then you’ll just need to run to your stereo, pump this up loud, and get yourself in the mood. Centre of Your Universe will be out on September 9th, which is too late for summer time here, but at least we’ll have this jam to rock.

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