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Austin Spotlight: Another Grape St. Hit

Grape St.Remember when we put out that first Grape St. LP? Yeah, that was pretty sweet. But, the band have since gone on to release their latest album, this time with Burger Records. The album is titled Wallpaper, and if anything, it’s another assured dosage of garage pop power from Curtis O’ Mara. Listen to this new single they just tossed up to support their mini West Coast tour; it has long been a staple of their live show, and I have a feeling you’ll dig hearing it in the recorded version. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to grab their new LP. You can get their old debut HERE.

Can together Pangea Live Up to Tommy Stinson’s Expectations?

thephageThe power of a producer looms large in the indie realm. The likes of Ty Segall and Jason Quever just being at the helm on a studio session pretty much guarantees some instant “likes.” But, what if you go with someone heralded in the pantheon of bands, like a Tommy Stinson from the Replacements? This new single from together Pangea definitely sees the band playing tracks more to my liking, and the recording seems bright in all the perfect places; the guitars are crisp, and while there’s a bit of a rough edge to the vocals, it feels intentional. They’re releasing The Phage EP this Friday (10.16) via Burger Records, so give this new tune a listen to see if it’s up your alley.

Grape St. Album Release @ Hotel Vegas Tomorrow Night

Grape St.Really happy for our boys in Grape St.; they’ve moved on from our little label to really bang out their excellent new effort over at Burger Records. Luckily for Austinites, the band’s going to be celebrating their release tomorrow night over at Hotel Vegas. Their shows always get sweaty, and are nothing short of a classic rock n’ roll party, meaning you should schedule it in right now. As for their album, Wallpaper, it’s the best work Curtis has done since Harlem went on Hiatus; it’s gritty when it needs to be and poppy in all the right places. They’ll have CDs on sale for super cheap, with a slight delay in the vinyl, so that’s on its way too. Jam this track, one of my favorite live ones from the band.


Coromandelles Write Pop Music

cormondellesIt’s probably pretty clear that I’m obsessed with all things Tijuana Panthers, so when I realized that Coromandelles was a supergroup of sorts, fronted by Dan from TP, I of course got in on the party. However, there’s definitely a distinct difference, both stylistically and in the recording process. For me, it seems like the natural evolution of pop music in the last five or so years…taking on the garage/surf aesthetic and applying it to the swelling combination of harmonies and melody. It’s sort of like your favorite Cali garage bands doing their take on the Polyphonic Spree…minus the whole cult thing. The group release Late Bloomer’s Bloomers on October 20th via Porch Party Records.

I’m a Big Shrouded Strangers Fan

10671270_715327151885928_1845651530695625279_nI’ve always jammed to Shrouded Strangers, so of course new material means new mass consumption, on my part.  But, the band just put up the closing track to their latest release, Teleport Beach.  I love the way the tune opens up with this hazy psychedelic stomp; if it kept up with that style alone it would get a lot of love, period. But, the band completely switches positions and styles, turning the track into a charming saloon style boogie with some help from their friends like Nikki West. You can grab the cassette on August 28th from Burger Records!

Boogarins Are Back

boogarinsTraditionally, I wouldn’t post a lyric video…but seeing as this song isn’t available any other way yet and it’s in Portuguese, it might just require such a post.  Well, there’s that and the fact that I really enjoy the work that Boogarins have been doing…this new jam included.  You’ll definitely hear moments of the band’s exploratory psych tendencies, but I also like the art-pop moment that comes from the line “that will not let me see the sun/they will not let me see the sun;” it’s possibly my favorite moment on the track.  Their new LP, Manual, will be available on October 30th via Other Music/Burger Records.

Quirky 50’s Inspired Indie Rock From Summer Twins

11289600_10153347140259210_4601142706655711543_oEveryone knows every good indie rock song can be made even better with twee organ sound running through the whole thing, and Summer Twins are on that same train of thought. “Demons,” the single below, comes off of their upcoming record Limbo, and it’s a blast and a half of a tune. The LA based group gives you 50’s style vocal harmonies with harken to the girl group aesthetic of that time, but then the guitars have a bit of snarl and psychedelic buzz to them. Take a listen and get ready for Limbo out October 2nd on Burger Records.


ATH Premiere: Grape St. Ready New Album

IMG_1455You know we love our boys in Grape St, and we’re excited to share a brand new tune from their fresh new album, Wallpaper.  This latest single displays Curtis’ further progression in songwriting, moving further away from his old group Harlem and into territory dominated by an incredible knack for pop sensibility. It seems like every song on this new record is built for a huge sing-a-long with your friends…but with a little style and flare.  You’ll be able to grab the new record from Burger Records this October; it might just be his best work to date…and be sure to catch the band’s first LP A Date with You, HERE.

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Have A Nice Weekend

Liz Caruana PhotographyOne of my favorite throwback jams is Spandau Ballet‘s “Long Story Short“. It is a timeless track for me that set a tone for the New Romanticism scene that inspired so many great bands, either to pick up a synth or to leave it behind. Stylish and warmer, the sound was a pillar for the 80’s British Invasion.

For whatever reason, the HANW track I am sharing today reminds me of a mix of that Spandau track run head on into the best of Bloc Party in a stripped down jam; a bass line that walks up and down and guitars that are jangly and layered. The band is a three-piece called Dirty Ghosts and they call San Francisco home. The track is called “Cataract” and is the first single and title track of an EP being released today on Burger Records, so look for it when you head out for record collecting after work. A full length is due in the fall on Last Gang.

More New Jaill

jaillPretty sure there’s never a bad time to listen to Jaill, especially when it’s another brand new song from the group’s forthcoming album, Brain Cream. I will say, that the band are definitely displaying some growth on this single, having broadened the sound by taking their sound and adding to that with a wash of excellent supporting instruments.  It has the spirit of old Jaill, but you get the feeling that this is the sort of tune that could be played with a grand string arrangement behind it, propelling the band further into a world that I adore. Still, it’s got that swagger beneath, and the brevity will have you rushing back to play it again. Look for it on Burger Records on June 30th.

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