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More New Jaill

jaillPretty sure there’s never a bad time to listen to Jaill, especially when it’s another brand new song from the group’s forthcoming album, Brain Cream. I will say, that the band are definitely displaying some growth on this single, having broadened the sound by taking their sound and adding to that with a wash of excellent supporting instruments.  It has the spirit of old Jaill, but you get the feeling that this is the sort of tune that could be played with a grand string arrangement behind it, propelling the band further into a world that I adore. Still, it’s got that swagger beneath, and the brevity will have you rushing back to play it again. Look for it on Burger Records on June 30th.

Dreamy Pop from Part Time

parttI sure hope that Part Time doesn’t end up being one of those bands that everyone adores, yet everyone overlooks.  I’ve mentioned before that I always appreciate the ability of David Loca to work in varying styles into his albums, and it looks here that he’s got a bedroom dream pop track ready to fit into the listening experience for you.  You can just hear those twinkling synth touches working their way around the guitar chords; it’s the sort of music that probably filled many a college dorm room in the 80s…yet it fits perfectly into the modern landscape. Look for Virgo’s Maze to pop up in a few weeks via Burger Records.

Jaill Now Working with Burger Records

jaillI loved the records that Jaill put out on Sub Pop Records, but the group’s moving on, agreeing to work with Burger Records for their brand new LP.  It’s interesting seeing the growth of the band over the past several LPs; they get catchier with each album, making it hard for any music fan to turn their head away. There’s still some kicking riffs here to get your amped up, stomping or bouncing around your cubicle (bedroom, whatever).  I hear a slight hint of Dan B from Destroyer in the vocals, which is never a bad thing for us here at the office. Look for Brain Cream to be released by the label on June 30th.

New Part Time Track

parttimeOne of the reasons I love listening to Part Time so much is that while there’s a consistent sound, there’s always some differentiation on his albums.  This new track has a Cali feel, which isn’t surprising considering his current location. The vocals on the track are a little bit hidden between the mix, but the melody that exists below is strong enough to make the song a standout, nonetheless.  Virgo’s Maze is the new album title, and it should definitely provide a nice mix of hit after hit; look for the record to be released on June 16th via Burger Records.

Froth Ain’t Foolin’ Around


For a band that apparently started as a joke, L.A.’s Froth don’t seem to be taking things too lightly these days. They just released their second LP, Bleak, earlier this week, and with this pure and unadulterated good time of a beachy rock  single “Turn It Off.” This tune will make you do the opposite of that namesake and turn it up… and loud. I’m personally loving the break down of noise at the end, where the band cuts loose and just jams all the way out of the track. Bleak is out now via Burger Records. 

Soviet Return via Burger Records

Soviet_no_ghostsThere hasn’t been a synth-pop band in the last ten or so years that really stuck with me quite like Soviet has.  Ever since I first caught them at SXSW back in 2003, they’ve made it on to many a mixtape and “DJ” set.  It’s been so long, I had no idea they were even still working together, but it looks like Burger Records has their hands on a brand new album from the group.  There’s really not too much to say, other than this might be one of the most-overlooked dream-pop acts that’s been birthed in the last couple of decades (just one man’s opinion).  I can’t wait to hear all of Ghosts when it’s released this week!

Dreamy Song from Vaadat Charigim

vadFirst, I’d like to personally take note of the fact that I was listener 666 to this tune, so that’s got to be a good sign.  But, secondly, please do yourself a favor by spending some time with Vaadat Charigim, the Israel act I’ve been loving for some time.  Their initial introduction had them labeled under the moniker of psychedelia, which is easy to see some of those touches, but this latest song really seems to get as far away from that habit as one can go, while still looking back.  There’s a beautiful hollowness to it, drifting subtly through your ears; the song rises at times, but in a pretty steady fashion that listener’s will appreciate. Just another reason to fall for these guys before Burger Records releases their album, Sinking as a Stone, on  May 19th.

Jam the New Michael Rault Tune

mrThis new track from Michael Rault‘s pretty stellar, continuing the differentiation that Burger Records has been going through in the last year or so.  I guess you could call it lo-fi, but it’s more in the vein of Coma Cinema or Alex G, though there’s a sunnier side to his tunes.  It’s like taking the songwriting chops of the other two, tossing it in with a little California cologne, then spitting it out…it’s fucking dreamy. Living Daylight, his new album, will be out on May 5th via Burger, so if it’s your style, get your cash ready.

Part Time Readying New Album

ptOne of my favorite things about Part Time is how well the David Loca maneuvers in and out of different genres, yet they’re all connected so the songs have this weird cohesion.  On the first single from the new album, there’s a noted difference in the way the vocals and lyrics are delivered; it’s casual, almost spoken-word, which feels like a new twist for the project.  You’ll still hear chugging guitar chords with a hint of jangling pop sensibility in the background, and it’s all leading to great promise for Virgo’s Maze; that new album will be out May 19th via Burger Records.

Playful Surf from Peach Kelli Pop

pkpFriday’s should be all about fun, especially when, like me, you’re about to go on a nice little Spring Break.  So, with that in mind, why not prep for it with some great feel-good tunes, like the latest single from Peach Kelli Pop. It’s playful through and through, which has always been the vibe from the act, in my mind anyways.  You get a little bit of surf, little garage and a helluva good time.  I expect nothing less from the forthcoming album from the band, III; it’s getting a Burger Records release on April 21st.

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