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Dreamy Song from Vaadat Charigim

vadFirst, I’d like to personally take note of the fact that I was listener 666 to this tune, so that’s got to be a good sign.  But, secondly, please do yourself a favor by spending some time with Vaadat Charigim, the Israel act I’ve been loving for some time.  Their initial introduction had them labeled under the moniker of psychedelia, which is easy to see some of those touches, but this latest song really seems to get as far away from that habit as one can go, while still looking back.  There’s a beautiful hollowness to it, drifting subtly through your ears; the song rises at times, but in a pretty steady fashion that listener’s will appreciate. Just another reason to fall for these guys before Burger Records releases their album, Sinking as a Stone, on  May 19th.

Jam the New Michael Rault Tune

mrThis new track from Michael Rault‘s pretty stellar, continuing the differentiation that Burger Records has been going through in the last year or so.  I guess you could call it lo-fi, but it’s more in the vein of Coma Cinema or Alex G, though there’s a sunnier side to his tunes.  It’s like taking the songwriting chops of the other two, tossing it in with a little California cologne, then spitting it out…it’s fucking dreamy. Living Daylight, his new album, will be out on May 5th via Burger, so if it’s your style, get your cash ready.

Part Time Readying New Album

ptOne of my favorite things about Part Time is how well the David Loca maneuvers in and out of different genres, yet they’re all connected so the songs have this weird cohesion.  On the first single from the new album, there’s a noted difference in the way the vocals and lyrics are delivered; it’s casual, almost spoken-word, which feels like a new twist for the project.  You’ll still hear chugging guitar chords with a hint of jangling pop sensibility in the background, and it’s all leading to great promise for Virgo’s Maze; that new album will be out May 19th via Burger Records.

Playful Surf from Peach Kelli Pop

pkpFriday’s should be all about fun, especially when, like me, you’re about to go on a nice little Spring Break.  So, with that in mind, why not prep for it with some great feel-good tunes, like the latest single from Peach Kelli Pop. It’s playful through and through, which has always been the vibe from the act, in my mind anyways.  You get a little bit of surf, little garage and a helluva good time.  I expect nothing less from the forthcoming album from the band, III; it’s getting a Burger Records release on April 21st.

Hazy Return for Vaadat Charigim

vladeThe last time I covered the work of Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigm, the band had more of a bend towards psychedelia.  But, as they grow, they’ve crafted this sound that adheres to their influences while still pushing forward in a heavier sonic direction.  This new single has a sound akin to various heavy-hitters out there, with a haunting vocal tone that’s wrapped in a hazy swirl of guitars and atmospheric distortion.  It’s a darkened touch on their own sound; it should make listening to their new effort, Sinking as a Stone, quite a journey.  Look for the album via Burger Records on May 5th.

Sorry I Missed This (ish): Froth

frothyOccasionally, when wading through the murky depths of recently released on Bandcamp, you find something worth sharing. Then, sometimes you have the misfortune of discovering that sweet garage rock single you just found actually came out a few months ago, but then you realize you don’t care and you’re gonna post it anyways. And THEN, you’re diving in to research about the band only to realize they’re apart of the Burger Records line up and have just released another single and have an upcoming LP for you to talk about. So meet Froth, a lo-fi four piece outfit from L.A. who will wow you with their jangly guitars and gritty rock and roll. The track below, “Postcard Radio” is off their forthcoming record, Bleak, which is out May 5th.


Sara Bethe Nelson Brings Back Slowcore

saraOne of my favorite little genres of the past was the quieted pop music that got dubbed slowcore. I realize a lot of music has been created of that ilk for some time, but I’ve recently taken a liking to Sara Bethe Nelson.  There’s that slow moving emotional pull to this track, with Nelson’s sultry swoon bringing in more melancholy (at least in tone).  She’s readying her debut album, Fast-Moving Clouds, which is going to really wow a lot of folks out there, so it’s necessary for you slow music fans to add her to your list.  Look for the LP on March 10th via Burger Records.

Cotillon Brings Something New to Burger Records

coatyIf I told you Cotillon was on Burger Records and you hadn’t heard the band, you’d likely think the group would offer something in the vein of garage rock.  But, with this album, the label is continuing its efforts to branch out into new territory, having this latest single offer little more than just a tinkling piano and some vocals.  It’s a short little ballad, yet it’s one that continues to push my excitement for the self-titled effort from the one-man project (January 26th).  Think gentle and pretty, yet far from mundane.

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