Hinds Share Burn Video

I think of all the records I’ve spent the most time with, the most unexpected joy came from The Prettiest Curse…the latest LP from Hinds. Amidst this global pandemic, we’ve all been seeking our own small joys, and nothing has been nearly as fun as this record (in my opinion). The opening three tracks alone are worth countless repeat listens (as my iTunes can attest). But, in the context of the record, there’s a very slight energetic respite falling those opening 3 tunes; you get a couple more thoughtful slow-burners before “Burn” jumps back in to establish the joyousness that is this LP. There’s this undying frivolity that seeps through the speakers when you press play on this one, and the only thing lacking in the video context is that same feeling and camaraderie, due to the filming taking place during the lockdown in Spain. Can’t get enough of this LP.

Lost Film Is Required Listening

Maybe it’s just me, but some acts just connect at the right time…thus is the reason I’m encouraging you to sit down with Lost Film right now. This is bedroom pop that expands beyond the quiet of your own four walls; the notes are incredibly warm and inviting…perfect for my staring at the rain drops sliding down my classroom window at the moment. It’s the sort of vibe that’s timeless, in my eyes at least, using sharp angular guitar lines and dreamy vocals to ensnare listeners. There will be a new LP titled Broken Spectre out on October 20th.