Another Business of Dream Tune

The first two tracks from the forthcoming Business of Dreams LP were sort of what I expected, though I’ve admitted that Cunningham is at the peak of his writing prowess this go-round. But, the pleasure of Ripe for Anarchy is the diversity he’s brought forth, and perhaps no track exemplifies that touch more than the single below. It’s still churns out that crisp nostalgic pop vibe, but it has this thoughtfulness I don’t think I realized until the second or third spin. From the layering of the various vocals to the effortless calm throughout, it creates this weird vibe where I feel like I’m listening to Galaxy 500 channeled through the history of angular indiepop and its forebears. Slumberland drops the album tomorrow; please go get it.

Brand New Business of Dreams

We continue our regular column supporting all things Corey Cunningham by bringing you the latest single from his Business of Dreams project. I’m not sure how he’s been able to do it, but he’s topped his previous release, and is running nearly neck and neck with some of his other projects that I adore. I love the keyboard work in this track; it sort of gives this shining brightness from behind the mix, allowing for the wispy vocals to coolly wash over the listener. I don’t want to gush, except that I do. This song is just one example of everything that is great about the new album; there’s ten other examples on Ripe for Anarchy, out Feb 1st via Slumberland.

Brand New Business of Dreams

A lot of folks following musicians and blogs definitely have people that they adore, people that are untouchable in a sense; Corey Cunningham is one such person for me, be it in Terry Malts or, in the case of this post, Business of Dreams. On the latest single, the bass line opens heavy and pulsing, the lifeblood of the tune. It unfolds to build in driving synth work, as well as other electronic sparkles in the background. All the while, there’s Cunningham, sitting carefully in the mix, careful to hold the song’s lofty pop sensibility intact. It almost feels like something in the vein of Blank Dogs, but if it was crafted with sunshine in mind; there’s a natural vibrancy to this one. You will find this tune on Ripe for Anarchy, the new album out on Slumberland Records on February 1st.


Business of Dreams Will Be In Austin Tomorrow (Show Preview)

Through the years of (probably annoying) fandom, we’ve managed to befriend Corey, who came on our radar via Magic Bullets and Terry Malts. Tomorrow night, he’ll be heading into Austin with his solo project, Business of Dreams. They’ll be the opening band for Rogue Wave over at Empire Control and Garage; you can grab tickets HERE. Even better news for me is it gives me a chance to share a stream of his self-titled LP that dropped late last year. The music of the evening will be better, and in Corey’s case, the company even better, so head out tomorrow night, doors are at 8 PM.

A Night Out: Small Black and Terry Malts

Hey, all. Catching up on sharing some show photos. Last Friday was an insanely busy night with bands like Real Estate, Small Black and Terry Malts headlining around The Red River Cultural District. It meant meeting different groups of friends and seeing more bands in one night that some people see all year. Don’t you feel sorry for them?

Bands in order of appearance – Nite, Talkies, Small Black, Business of Dreams, Hidden Ritual, Terry Malts.

So click through for some notes about dinner, drinks, bands and coughing fits with a nice big gallery.

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Stream the Business of Dreams Debut LP

I raved about Terry Malts last year, and this year I’m going to praise one of their other projects, Business of Dreams. I’ve talked about the Corey Cunningham’s side gig before, and while I expected a certain level of greatness, I wanted to be sure you were aware too! It’s nine tracks of great indiepop, some of it dreamy and some of it more upbeat, like my personal favorite “Joyride.” Now that I think of it, “Turning Away” might be another favorite. Well, who am I kidding, I love it all. Take some time out of your day to indulge yourself in these pop delights. Buy it from Parked in Hell.

New Music from Business of Dreams

In my monthly Corey Cunningham update, today we have a synth driven pop hit from his Business of Dreams project. Immediately your ears are hit with bouncing rhythms, quite playful from the get-go. Vocally, Corey dreamily drapes his voice atop those beats, allowing juxtaposed feelings to mesh perfectly in your speakers. Listen closely at the 1.20 minute mark, where a nice little guitar dances around in the chorus, furthering the delight for listeners. This song will appear on the debut Business of Dreams LP, which comes via Cunningham’s label, Parked in Hell, on February 2nd. Listen now and thank me later.

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More Music from Business of Dreams

businessI’ve already expressed my undying affection for Terry Malts, and one of the band members, Corey, has been working on Business of Dreams as a side gig. The other night, while we were all on the verge of tears, he dropped this new tune. You’ll hear the vocals hiding a bit, but I think that forces the song’s emotional appeal upon the listener. For me, it speaks of a period of longing, looking for something new, something that can make your life worth living. When the world looks bleak, sometimes it’s best to listen to your friends speak to you through their craft.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Business of Dreams Covers David Westlake

businessI don’t usually go for covers, but this one involves two of my favorites, so I can’t really hide my adoration for either. This particular tune features Business of Dreams, the project of Corey from Terry Malts/Magic Bullets, covering David Westlake of The Servants. Corey has a softer touch, accompanied by a female backing vocal and some light string arrangements. Still, the whole of the song is pretty special, as it always was, and warrants just a few moments of your time today…as well as the days to follow. Business of Dreams is wrapping up a debut LP, and we’ll keep you posted on that front as news comes our way.

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Corey Cunningham is Business of Dreams

businessSurely you’ve heard me rave about everything Corey Cunningham has done, from his projects like Magic Bullets, Terry Malts and his own solo work. But, he’s just come out that he’ll be working under the moniker of Business of Dreams, crafting delightfully dark pop music. Please don’t label it as strictly synth pop, as there’s definitely more. Just take the opener on his new EP, which takes a slight turn around the 1.20 minute mark with a twinkling guitar chord. If you’re asking me, I’ll trust anything Corey touches, and this new EP he’s just put up is now available digitally, so it’s time for you to fall head over heels with his new work.