Playing Catch-Up: Socorro!

flavorsFinally feel like we’re getting our feet underneath us here, so checking in on some of my favorite labels that I’ve not looked in on in a bit…Lolipop Records being one of those. Just recently they released Flavor of the Day, the newest effort from Socorro!. As the description hints, there are hints of jangling but you can also feel a more classic rock inflection in these songs. The whole cassette is out now, but if that’s not your thing, you can go grab the songs directly from the band themselves right HERE. Enjoy.

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One More From GEMS

untitled (2)ATH approved band GEMS will be releasing their new album Kill the One You Love later this month on Carpark Records and the entire crew over here already loves the release.  Prior to the release date on October 30th the band is offering one more new single called “w/o u” shared below.  This one is for fans of synth heavy, chilled out, dream pop vibes.  Really I have nothing else to say about this band as the wealth of quality tunes now say everything I cannot.  Enjoy.

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Water, sugar, lemon, squeeze

Los Angeles indie rapper Dom Kennedy is the closest thing to an easy listening rapper in hip-hop. Dom is currently promoting his third studio album, including a leading appearance at Trillectro this weekend. By Dom Kennedy is 11 tracks of Dom’s smooth voice over perfectly slow, soft, melodic, and deliberate beats. Three songs include production credit from frequent Rhymesayers Entertainment collaborator Jake One. It’s a quality, relaxing album and deserves a listen. A common complaint about rap music is that it’s too angry or aggressive. I don’t know if Dom Kennedy has an angry or aggressive bone in his body, and that’s reflected in his music. There is also very little cussing in his music but even when Dom does cuss, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. By Dom Kennedy can be streamed here or purchased here. The highlight of the album is “Lemonade“, an ode to Dom’s son, relaxing, reminiscing, and thinking about the future. “Lemonade” can be streamed below.

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Fashawn’s long-awaited sophomore effort

Fresno, CA rapper Fashawn’s 2009 independently released debut album, Boy Meets World, received almost universal critical acclaim with heavy focus on his age at the time–21–and the fact that someone so young could articulate the struggle so well. Many drew comparisons to hip-hop royalty Nas and the fact that Nas was 21 when he released his near perfect hip-hop classic Illmatic. Over the past six years Fashawn has released a handful of mixtapes, a couple collaborative albums, and an EP, but his latest release, The Ecology, shows that Fashawn’s debut was not just a flash in the pan. Nas himself has taken a liking to Fashawn as Nas both appears on the album and was instrumental in signing Fashawn to independent record label Mass Appeal Records. Highlights from The Ecology include “Guess Who’s Back”, “Letter F”, “Man of the House”, and “F.T.W.” but the entire album is worth checking out. Other guest appearances on the album include Dom Kennedy, Aloe Blacc, and BJ The Chicago Kid. The Ecology can be streamed or downloaded for free via DJBooth or it can be purchased from iTunes. The video for “Guess Who’s Back is below.

Dreamy Track from Weeknight

weekIf you’re looking for escapism via your musical listening, then you’re in luck if you turn on this new single from Weeknight.  The tune has this dark haunting quality, using jagged guitar chords to burst through the dense shadow of the track.  Sure, it falls in line with the nostalgic movement towards recreating the JAMC sound, but I’m impressed by the fact that it’s done with only two hands at the helm. This New York duo will release this new single on April 21st via Dead Stare Records, but you can stream the track below right now; I suggest you do!

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Criminal Hygiene Wow Us Again

Criminal HygieneCome on now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re aware of our love affair with all things Criminal Hygiene.  These guys have been pleasing our ears since we first heard their music and we try to do all we can to spread the good word about quality sounds.  With all that out of the way, the boys just sent us this lovely new track called “Turpentine”.  What starts as a poppy sort of rock tune yields its way to yet another raucous and guitar laden track from a rowdy rock band.  It just keeps getting better and better.  If you don’t know, get wise fool.


Download: Criminal Hygiene – Turpentine [MP3]

Quirky Pop from Green Gerry

greenjellyThere’s been a rise in oddball pop bands coming out in the last year or so, or at least being brought further into the foray.  I’ve grown quite obsessed, as I deem most of these acts as rather important, especially after listening to this new tune from Green Gerry.  There’s a quality of California nostalgia here, which makes sense as that’s the current residence of the group, but I love the way the guitar seems to work against the grain of the track, though clearly it also works in unison; it gives the song a swagger that definitely endears itself to me. Who knows what’s coming next for the act, but for now, I’m enjoying what’s coming my way.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: HOTT MT

16618_598259880251589_1972159839_nLately I’ve been running through a gambit of rock n’ roll interviews with SXSW, so I wanted to offer up something  a little more ethereal, musically speaking.  With that in mind, I bring you HOTT MT, an act working somewhere in the realm between Thailand and California.  I think reading their questions definitely bring home the idea that some bands come to Austin because it’s supposed to be about fun and having a good time.  There’s a list of their shows at the end of the interview. Read more

More New Music From The Visibles

the_visiblesEarlier this month, I found myself taking a liking to this new band from California going by the name The Visibles.  After that initial interest peaked, I started checking out more of the band’s music and found this new track “Trestled in Trees” floating around the interwebs.  It’s more of a slow crooner when compared to the earlier song I posted.  Nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

Once again, a new self-titled LP will be out on September 10th.

Download: The Visibles – Trestled In Trees [MP3]

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