New Single From Rural Alberta Advantage

Much has been said about on this here website about Toronto based band Rural Alberta Advantage. Though with all that coverage in the past, we’ve somehow managed to completely flake on posting about the band’s latest album. I’m rectifying our foolishness with a quick blurb about the group’s most recent single “Toughen Up”. This really is typical RAA music here with always impressive vocals from Nils Edenloff, beautiful harmonies from Robin Patch, and a reliable tight, folk rock sound throughout.

New album The Wild is out on October 13th via Saddle Creek (pre-order).

Don’t Sleep on This Mu Tune

Canadian due Mu garnered a lot of early praise for their II EP, but they’ve been rather quiet since that time, until this week when they dropped a new single. The song seems simple in structure, letting vocals gently float on top of guitar strumming at the start, then adding a layer of looped beats beneath. Beats and layered textures provide you escapism until the tune’s end. There’s also an accompanying video for this new single that you can find HERE. Don’t miss this tune; it’s a gem for sure.

More From Ultrviolence

A short few weeks ago Mr. B Gray shared with you an exciting new single from Canadian based post punk band Ultrviolence. Today we’ve got another legit new single entitled “Shadows of the Thief”. The same heavy, dark, and brooding elements are still here, but I’m really loving the addition of a slick little guitar bit bringing some brightness to the otherwise dark track. Gray and Ray know what’s up, listen to Ultrviolence.

Be sure to pick up Forty Knives EP on May 12th via Northern Light Records.


Are You Listening To The Velveteins Yet?

If you aren’t listening to Edmonton based band The Velveteins yet, today is a perfect time to start. I’ve been covering the group for about a year now and I’m continually impressed with the growth they’ve shown in such a short amount of time. Today I have the pleasure of sharing their impressivenew single “Midnight Surf”. Be prepared for a journey of a song that starts slow and builds and builds into a truly epic finish. Prepare to be amazed. You’re welcome.

The Velveteins will release Slow Wave on May 12th.


The Wooden Sky Return

Man it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky. Maybe it’s for my lack of paying attention, but either way, I’m happy to be sharing this new song from them called “You’re Not Alone”. The track is something you’d get if you combined the best parts of Grizzly Bear with the crazy vocal twang of Sturgil Simpson. It’s a true gem and I’m happy to be reacquainted with the band.

The Wooden Sky will release their new album Swimming in Strange Waters via Nevado Music on April 7th.

New Video From The Velveteins

unnamed-6Ever since sharing new single “Hanging From The Ceiling” from Edmonton based The Velveteins last month, I’ve become a huge fan of the up and coming band. They create a sort of slacker brand of doo wop pop music that’s sure to perk up anyone’s eardrums. Today I’ve got good reason to share this new single again with a new video for the track. The video here fits perfectly with the slow moving, meandering style of the song and I suggest you check it out. Be sure to pick up new EPA Hot Second With The Velveteinsout now on Fierce Panda.

Plants and Animals Return!

img-plants-and-animals_113615648555Man I used to really be into Canadian group Plants and Animals several years ago and I honestly wasn’t sure if the band was still making music or not. You can likely now imagine my excitement when I just got word today that the band is making a return after a long 4 year absence. A brand new album is planned for release in the Spring featuring this awesome new single “No Worries Gonna Find Us”. It’s a stunning, driving pop song with a catchy hook and a nice beat keeping your head nodding throughout. Dig.

Waltzed in From the Rumblingis due out on April 28th via Secret City Records.

New Music from Scott Orr

scottIt’s been several years since I’ve written anything about Scott Orr, but he’s just put out a new single as part of the Other Songs Music Club, and since I’ve always appreciated his voice (and his work), I can’t help but to put a little note on this out into the world. It begins with he typical fragility, featuring Orr and guitar, but he’s soon taking the track into loftier heights with minimal percussion and female vocal accompaniment. It’s a chilled out tune that hits straight in the heart. Listen below.

Enjoy This Grey Lands Track

greylandsI’ve really been digging this track from Canada’s Grey Lands the last few days.  It’s got a very traditional indie rock feel, falling somewhere in the world between Spoon and the Walkmen…though I can’t help but hear tons of Sonic Youth in the guitar chords on this track (none of these are bad things in our book).  The band is set to release their debut Right Arm in just over a month on Paper Bag Records, so we wanted to make sure this preview got the band on your radar as the release date (9/11) approaches.

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