Scout Gillett Shares Slow Dancin

You’ve got your Sharons and Angels, but now, we’ve got Scout Gillett, and personally, I’m loving this new single, if only for its refreshing nature. Immediately, the pulse of the track sets the tone, which is striking, considering Scout wrote the tune initially as a country ballad, but mixed it up in the studio recording. Vocally, this is all over the place, and I mean that as an endearing quality. It’s got this soft spoken curl to it, but then it can just as quickly turn and burst into this incendiary soaring performance (that reminds me of Emily from Dehd, though I know it’ll get some Angel comparisons). It’s nice to have a new little twist in the mix here. No Roof No Floor is out on 10/28 via Captured Tracks.

SXSW Interviews: JayWood

Continuing our push with SXSW interviews, and we’ve got one I’m stoked on as JayWood just recently signed up to work with one of my favorite labels, Captured Tracks. I was unaware of their work, so getting to know Jeremy through this interview has been a great introduction for me…hopefully it will be the same for you.

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Reptaliens Drop I Feel Fine

Another January release I’m excited about here is the new LP from Portland’s Reptaliens. Now, with this record, the full songwriting was paired down to just Cole and Bambi Browning, and while I’ve enjoyed previous releases, the switch in approach seems to have provided the perfect vehicle for Bambi’s voice. There’s just something coyly playful, but also sort of indifferent in the way each lyric is dropped out there into the world. Her performance in the chorus takes on a softer melodic tone, but I think it has a stunning contrast, giving the sound this sort of solid base to carry on its own adventures. Those little nuances included a mix of spaced guitar licks battling for space with the surfier nots, both constantly pushing to keep track with the voice. This is for sure a tune and a half! Multiverse is out on January 21st via Captured Tracks.

Reptaliens Announce Multiverse LP

When Captured Tracks drop a new song or album, I’m usually in for a good listen (though I still blame them for the 30 emails a day I get from suburban white kids who “sound like Mac Demarco!”), especially when it has to do with Reptaliens. I remember listening to FM-2030 several years back and wondering where all the hype was for this group, but so it goes right? Well, their first single from the forthcoming was built from nostalgia, but in the songwriting process and the video from Tristan Scott-Behrends; the video employs all sorts of nostalgic nods that any kid growing up in the 80s/90s would surely catch. Musically, I like the subtle pop groups the band bring to the table, as they’ve always done. In a way, it has this sort of lounge-y feel, though with the psychedelic notes, I’m sure you’re envisioning one of those drug-fueled parties with go-go dancers and flickering lightwork coating the walls. Wherever my brain is, I’m enjoying the new tune from the band…and looking forward to Multiverse, which drops on January 21st.

Dinner Shares Connection (ft. Molly Burch)

A little bit of Denmark and a little bit of Austin come together on the latest track from Dinner, the project of Anders Rhedin; he’s joined by Texan Molly Burch, who provides these dreamy notes to the new single. This track has a more ethereal quality to it, though perhaps I’m being too influenced by the fog machine visuals drifting across my screen as I listen on repeat. There’s something milling about in Anders performances on this record that’s really moving; he seems to have locked into something that combines his deep tones with a very casual delivery, leaving things feeling more organic, embracing the natural state of his songs. Dream Work is yet another album dropping on October 22nd, courtesy of Captured Tracks.

Dinner Shares New Track, Anima

Fuck me, I did not expect to be so excited about the forthcoming Dinner album. I like Anders Rhedin’s work, but its felt like a unique time and place listening affair…that is until his new stuff. Having already gotten under my skin with “Midnight in My Head,” he seems to have furthered my dedication by channeling the musical landscape that’s near and dear to my heart. I mean, is it just me, but does it not sound like a lounge crooner pulling off a wonderful cover of Peel Dream Magazine? There’s that driving rhythm, those heavy jangles and dreamy vocals, all sort of maneuvering in this sort of proto-psychedelia, and its absolutely captivating. Dream Work is shaping up quite nicely! It’s out on October 22nd via Captured Tracks.

Dinner Announce Dream Work

Ah yes, the much welcomed “I Didn’t Know I Needed This, But I Did” single that drops in your inbox overnight. Today we get news that Dinner is announcing a brand new LP for Captured Tracks titled Dream Work, and there’s even a little hint of Austin on this tune. I actually caught Anders Rhedin in Austin at SXSW a few years back, and was quite impressed with his ability to control a room while working solo. On this tune, you get this real lush little bouncing pop tune, with Rhedin working his vocals, sounding like a wamer Aidan Moffat, so if you’re an early Arab Strap fan please stop in. Rhedin gets some help too with backing vocals from Charlie Hilton of Blouse, adding a little nuance to the tune. This new LP will be out on October 22nd!

Molly Burch Shares Heart of Gold Video

Molly Burch will be dropping Romantic Images at the end of the month, so we’ve got to keep you up to date by sharing her latest single and its accompanying video. As always, Molly’s voice is the star, able to hone in on its natural smokiness, but not afraid to let it broadcast angelic notes as she strikes the chorus. In the rhythm section you get pure steadiness, it actually makes the whole tune kind of dizzying, letting you tap your toes while your head spins with the vocals echoing in the distance. Captured Tracks will be dropping the new LP on July 23rd, and it’s destined to get raves, so don’t miss out!

Lina Tullgren Shares Bad at Parties

Having been on board for the first track from the new Lina Tullgren record, it seems only fitting that I continue the course with their newest tune. I’m really drawn to the string arrangements in this number; they’re quite striking and create this sort of cocoon of isolation that wraps around Tullgren, at least in my ears. In that, they end up seeming fairly fragile, as if they could crumble in your hands. I don’t want them to crumble, but it creates this bond between musician and listener that’s undeniable and hard to replicate. You’ll find the tune on Free Cell, out August 23rd via Captured Tracks.

Bopping B-Boys Track

Late yesterday, B-Boys dropped another tune from their forthcoming Dudu LP, which is now only a few weeks away from release. But, while their previous singles this go-round have been these short punchy jaunts, this new number stretches beyond the four minute mark. Interestingly, it still holds onto the same propulsive art-punk vibe with sort of indifferent spoken-word delivery; it does differ with touches more of instrumental work where the band are able to flex their muscles, only building tension in their songwriting for the emotional release of the listener. It’s supposed to offer up a bit of respite from the “instant pace” in everything we do, which perhaps is why the band have chosen to sit back and let you explore this track a little more. Dudu drops via Captured Tracks on July 26th.

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