Another Tune from Gift Wrap

As a huge fan of the work that Captured Tracks has done, particularly that of Mike Sniper and Blank Dogs, I’m extremely excited for Gift Wrap. The band is the creation of Brendan Avalos of B Boys, who you know I already enjoy, but this is something quite different. This is soulful electronica. Avalos delivers this heavy vocal, deep in the heart of the mix, contrasting against the vibrant musical touches; I really love the distant vocal effect that comes in around 1:30. If you’ve been missing thoughtful electronica, or maybe even Blank Dogs, then be sure to check out Losing Count, which drops on March 2nd.

Wax Chattels Sign with Capture Tracks and Flying Nun

What more do you need to know than that simple post title? You’ve got two great labels in Captured Tracks and Flying Nun, but are Wax Chattels any good? My answer? Absolutely. For starters, there’s a frantic force pushing through your speakers, all accomplished sans guitars; the trio is nothing more than 2 piece drum kit, bass and synths. In a way, its reminiscent of early Death From Above, though this feels way more like its willing to take that sound to the limits. Energetic and noisy, yet wholly consumable by the masses. Look for the New Zealand act to be high on everyone’s list of favorites from here on out.

Gift Wrap Announces Debut Album

One of my favorite albums from last year was B-Boys jamming Dada LP. So, news breaks that the band’s Brendon Avalos is releasing his debut under his solo Gift Wrap moniker and I’m salivating about what’s in store. You can see some sonic similarities, especially in the way some of the vocals are stretching notes, but overall, this has an entire different feel. Honestly, it sounds like a sharper produced version of Blank Dogs, which makes sense seeing that this project will be released by Captured Tracks. I will say that I think this is more guitar influenced in structure, but maybe I’ve yet to have enough coffee today. Losing Count will be released on March 2nd.

Robert Early Thomas of Widowspeak Goes Solo

I’ve always appreciated the work of Widowspeak, but it’s also nice to see the members step out into their own light, as Robert Earl Thomas is doing here. You’ll find that it does resemble elements of War on Drugs or the Boss, but there’s a dreamier tone to the songwriting. It almost has this acoustic post-punk vibe to it that would have been a huge hit with the kids back in the 80s. So, it doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to find Robert in this musical place, but it’s a nice little dose of pop that never fails to warm you. Another Age will be released by Captured Tracks on February 16th.

Show Preview: Widowspeak @ Sidewinder (10.3)

Feel like we might all be taking Widowspeak for granted, but luckily Austinites have the chance to remedy that by heading to Sidewinder tomorrow evening. Through four albums, the band has been nothing but an example of musical consistency, though I feel it necessary to mention that Expect the Best might be their best release. There’s such depth to each track, brooding and coated in delicate vocals…and added textures of strings/accompaniment build to make swelling pop opuses. It’s an early show, with doors at 6:30 PM, with Clearance schedule to open just after 7. Buy yourself a ticket HERE. Stream the entirety of their latest release for Captured Tracks below.

Reptaliens Dabble In Indiepop

I’m not sure exactly where Reptaliens are going with their album FM 2030, and perhaps that’s the most exciting thing about the band. Here, on their latest single, the band seems to be heading in the direction of casual indiepop, of which you know I’m a huge fan. The guitars seems slightly muted, yet jangly; the vocals are gentle and perfectly placed in the mix; you can hear little touches of horns and synths to flesh it all out. I mean, if you’re looking for a really chilled out pop song to spend your day with, then you’re going to want to take this one out for a spin. Look for the bands new LP on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

Watch a New Molly Burch Video

We’ve always got to rep Austin, particularly for our artists that have had huge successes. So, today we’re revisiting Please Be Mine, the excellent debut from Molly Burch that dropped earlier this year. Today she just released a video for “Wrong for You,” one of the standout tunes on said album, with the focus of the video revolving around the relationship of a couple (starring Molly). If you haven’t listened to this record, well shame on you. But, if you have, this is the perfect place to revisit the whole thing. It’s available now from Captured Tracks.

Enjoy This New Dinner Video

When I first encountered Dinner at SXSW a bit ago, I regarded him as a bit of an oddity, something you had to see to believe. But, the great thing about that performance was that it made me go back and listen to his music; I’ve been hooked ever since. His excellent new album New Work just dropped via Captured Tracks, and this video provides a further illustration at the intoxicating qualities of his tunes. Deep vocal tones dancing atop steady beat work should be enough to grab the ear of any listener. He’ll also be touring the US throughout October with a date in Austin on the 23rd at Hotel Vegas.

New Playful Pop from Reptaliens

Am I the only one that sees Reptaliens mimicking Deerhoof? Well, if I am, that’s no matter, as I’m sure I’m not the only one enjoying this track. There’s the same playful sensibility in the song, especially during what we’d typically consider the verses. I like how that’s stretched and pulled back moderately, allowing for a more introspective vibe as the song gradually unfolds. Luckily for us all, this gem comes with the announcement of the band’s latest LP, FM-2030, slated for a release date on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

Dreamy New Track From Widowspeak

The Brooklyn music scene am I right? It’s like a new band comes our way from the area almost everyday and it continues to shock me. We represent Brooklyn again today with this track called “The Dream” from Widowspeak. It’s definitely a dream pop number reminiscent of pioneers like Beach House or even newbies like Alvvays. You are sure to sink in and be swept away with the beauty of this track.

Widowspeak will release Expect the Best on August 25th via Captured Tracks.

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