The Beths Share I’m Not Getting Excited

It’s going to be really tough to follow up Future Me Hates Me, but the Beths are sure aiming to top their debut with what we’re hearing from Jump Rope Gazers, their follow-up. Their latest single comes with a rad stop-motion video organized by Sports Team, and adds a personal touch to the album. Singer Elizabeth Stokes says the song alludes to her own fears that even though things get exciting, she’s always waiting around for the proverbial ball to drop and things to get shitty. Oddly enough, that feelings seems rather pertinent as we all face down whatever the hell comes next. All I can say is that at least we’ll have another great pop rock tune to sing-along to when this new LP drops via Carpark on July 10th.

The Beths Announce Jump Rope Gazers

One of the records from the last few years that I always circle back to is Future Me Hates Me, the debut from The Beths. Today, they announce their return with a new single and news of Jump Rope Gazers; I can tell this is going to be an absolute pop rock gem! For me, the hooks come in two bits, the voice of Elizabeth Stokes and the way they drop in from catchy riffs to a heavier pop rock burst in an instant. Stokes has this weird voice that seems to rise and fall, as needed, matching the energy of the song, while we all await that fruitful pop jubilation. Don’t worry, the big hook drops in right around the 2:44 mark; you’ll have the perfect smile there. This new LP will be out on July 10th via Carpark Records.

The Beths Drop New Single

How can one resists the charms of the Beths and their new single? You can’t; it’s not possible. It’s the perfect summertime hit, featuring just enough of a punch to give you that added energy in the sweltering heat, but with an added bit of charm that keeps you coming back for more. Elizabeth Stokes is definitely winning us over here; her voice almost has an indiepop vibe to it, though with just a bit slight hint of Oceanic indifference…those “oh oh ohs” don’t hurt the hook factor. Their debut album Future Me Hates Me will be out on August 10th via Carpark Records.

Carpark Records Reissue The Beths

Why not keep things in the Oceanic region for the day. Today we get news that Carpark Records will be reissuing The BethsWarm Blood EP. It was originally released back in 2016, but sometimes it takes awhile for great bands to make themselves known overseas. It’s a great release, especially considering that it takes on a more pop college rock vibe, as opposed to the jangling sound most commonly known for the region. Reissue old issue, whatever, these are 5 songs to make your day a little better. Here’s to hoping that this reissue means a brand new LP is in the works around the corner.

New Single & Video From Dent May

What’s left for us to say about Los Angeles based Dent May? He seems like one of the “ATH originals” who has received tons of coverage since our simple beginnings 10 years ago. His music has consistently been some of the best in the indie pop genre during that time. Today I’m pleased to share with you his latest single with accompanying video entitled “Picture on a Screen”. The song just sounds like Dent May right? No one else can create such a smooth, bright and full yet simple sound like he can.

Dent will release new album Across the Multiverse on August 18th via Carpark Records.

Hello New Cloud Nothings

cloudnothingsMan, it’s always great to hear Cloud Nothings, especially now that they seem to be kicking out nice bits of pop oriented tunes this round. Actually, one of my favorite parts of this new jam is that Dylan’s voice sounds so great…still a little bit of that scratchy growl (which I like), but nice to hear this side of him again. This song’s probably going to be everywhere by the end of the day, so feel like since we’ve always loved the group, we’ll toss this one up with the masses. Look for the band’s new album, Life Without Sound, on January 27th via Carpark.

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More New Prince Rama

princeIt’s no surprise that Prince Rama is making waves this year, with anticipation building towards their new record, Xtreme Now on its way soon. Listening to this latest single should only cement the band’s continued rise; it’s the most pop-centric we’ve heard from the group…in my opinion. While the group still maintain some of their sense of oddity, such as writingthis track in Viking ruins on a remote island, there’s nothing odd or “out there” about this song. It’s an exhilerating piece of pop music, beckoning to be played by every blog, radio and listener around. Look for the new LP on March 4th via Carpark.

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GEMS Return With Another Hit

untitledA quick search for L.A. band GEMS on ATH will return many posts from just about every writer in our team.  Clearly such a show of affection for a band should tell you to expect a post and some love every time the group shares a new track.  Today I’m pleased to be bringing new song “Soak”, which is surely another stellar tune to add to the band’s repertoire.  We have yet again been treated to a dark, electro-pop hit sure to make some year end lists.  Play.  End.  Play again.

Gems will release Kill the One You Love on October 30th via Carpark Records.

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Toro Y Moi – What For?

toroRating: ★★★☆☆

Over the past five years, we’ve seen many stages of Toro Y Moi as expressed through Chaz Bundick’s prolific musical career. He’s had ups and downs through this journey of soulful indie and synth pop. What For? makes for his fourth LP under this moniker, and its one filled with a mix of tracks to delight in their pop grooves.

Opening track, “What You Want,” is a good expression of what the album as a whole holds for you in that the song blends a few genres while holding onto that distinctively groovy Toro Y Moi sound. Its got licks of cutting high and low electric guitar, streaming synths that fill in the gaps. You also get Bundick playing around a bit vocally, with some exclamatory yips and yalps. While I like this song as an opening track, as it eases you into the music, I am far more interested in the second track “Buffalo,” which sounds like a mix of a 70’s disco track mixed with the indie pop of today. Lyrically, this song plays around even more than the first one, running with the disco-vibe, and Bundick spits out couplets super quickly: “And you see the buffalo/just another one in the road.” The track also utilizes start and stop to create some drama, and just that easily you’re hooked.

The singles that we’ve already been graced with hearing make up the majority of the standout tracks on the album. Take “Empty Nesters,” as an example of pretty straightforward indie pop track, but a good one nonetheless. Later on there’s the positively groovy “Spell It Out,” which has got to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite track from this album because it grips you and holds you for its duration. The guitars on here are funky and psychedelic, swirling around the song with ease, almost giving you a bit of an Ariel Pink feel to it. Building on itself, the song really goes for that disco-pysch rock feel to it, blossoming into something you can surely get your feet dancing to.

The problem with What For? is that the good tracks really shine above the rest of the album. You’ll find yourself skipping airy tracks to get to those meaty grooves on which Bundick shines. When the album is good, it’s really good, but when you’re not in those solid tracks you can easily lose focus on the music at hand. In the future, the challenge for Toro Y Moi is to create a more cohesive work, but for now I’m okay with skipping some tracks now and then.



More Toro Y Moi? Yes, Please

28388_422877407501_1855604_nBack in January (Wow…is it really almost April?) I shared with you “Empty Nesters” from Toro Y Moi, and told you about his forthcoming album What For? that’s due out April 7th. Now that we’re a whole lot closer to that release, I’m delighted to share with you another single from Chaz Bundick called “Run Baby Run,” which is a slow, albeit still mad groovy tune that showcases the easy psychedelic and jangly rock that we’ve come to love from Toro Y Moi. I’m pretty stoked to hear the rest of the new album from Carpark Records, what about you?

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