Summer Pop from Saint Pepsi

saintsSeems like Saint Pepsi is gearing up to finish off your summer strong, offering up another great pop tune off his new 7″.  This jam trickles in a bit slowly, but then it spins into an upbeat number that deserves some time in your poolside playlist.  There’s a simplicity to this tune, bringing the hook immediately to your ears, rather than making you wait for it; it’s evident throughout the whole track.  You can grab this track at your local record store; it’s the B-side to the Fiona Coyne 7″ that is being released by Carpark Records today!

GRMLN Announces New LP

grmlWith the last GRMLN album you could turn it up, get caught in the huge riffs and the rest faded away.  It’s a sound that plenty of people employ nowadays, but I’ve really been gravitating towards this guy’s sound.  There’s a bit of Weasel residue in the writing style, which isn’t bad in my opinion, but all indicators point towards a darker subject matter on Soon Away.  It’s a a great sound that resonates with young and old alike, so prepare yourself to enjoy another album from the band; it’s being released by Carpark Records on September 16th.

Feel Good with Saint Pepsi

saintpepsiFriday’s are for feeling good, forgetting the week behind you, and just having fun with your family and friends.  I’m pretty sure this single from Saint Pepsi will do precisely the trick; it’s like a more dance floor-ready version of Twin Shadow, with those sharp guitar cuts and infectious beats kicking things along.  This track is the featured tune on his Fiona Coyne 7″, which is being released via Carpark Records on August 12th.  If you’re in need of something to pick the day up, then turn the volume loud and spin this song a few times…your day will get better in no time.

Cloud Nothings Continue to Thrill

Cloud-Nothings-850x566While I thought the first single from the upcoming Cloud Nothings illustrated some vocal restraint, it’s clear that I was far off, as Dylan Baldi’s not afraid to unleash on this new tune. Sure, the song begins with a slow build-up, but even then you can hear that familiar rasp in Baldi’s voice.  At the 44 second mark, the song takes off, leading up to Dylan’s forceful howl coming through. My favorite part comes near the end of the track where the band lets go furiously, as they’ve been known to do in their live shows.  And, as always, Jason’s drumming is just RIDICULOUS.  Here and Nowhere Else, the new record, will be out on April 1st via Carpark Records.

New Jamz From Speedy Ortiz


Who knows what it is with me and rock music accompanied by driving female vocals.  It’s been documented multiple times on the site so I’ll save you the re-hash of my love for the genre and get to the point of sharing with you this new tune by Speedy Ortiz called “American Horror”.  It’s a straightforward rock number with the aforementioned sweet lady vocals giving us something to hang on to throughout.  Dig it.

Check out new EP, Real Hair, on February 11th via Carpark Records.

GRMLN – Empire

adventureWeird_LP_11183_newRating: ★★★★☆

Some records are perfectly fitting for the time of their release, leaving you with an album for that particular season.  For me, the first full-length from GRMLN is definitely going to be one of my most played this summer.  Empire has the energy, the hooks and enough variance to keep it in constant rotation.

It’s fitting that Empire opens with “Teenage Rhythm” as this track most likely resembles the youthful exuberance of most teens, at least in the overall mood. Guitars start chugging while the drums immediately come in pummeling your ears, all building up to the adolescent shout of “get out get out” in the chorus.  It’s a track that makes it difficult to turn your ear the other way.  It leaves plenty of room for the following number to jump in with a bubbling undercurrent of bass lines.  “Blue Lagoon” has more of a ringing guitar sound, and it’s here where I first noticed how easy it is to sing along to the lyrics.  Who doesn’t love to bob your head and sing?

GRMLN, which is the primary work of Yoodoo Park, makes it difficult to skip a single track, even when writing a review.  “Hand Pistol” seems to blend the cocky swagger of Waaves with the hooks of Surfer Blood, though sounding entirely like it has its own personality.  You’ll hear a clean guitar cutting through the background, while a heavier guitar plays up front.  Then the attitude is switched up for a more indie pop appeal with “Coastal Love,” which has a slight effect on the vocals.  It’s a cleaner bent, which offers a bit of a breather from where Empire was dwelling for the last few tracks.

Now, I don’t want to sit here and tell you these are the greatest songs that man has ever written, but damn it if you’re not just going to have fun listening to this release.  “Do You Know How It Feels” has a great vocal throughout, and the energetic delivery of the guitars had me hooked instantly.  Then you skip ahead a few tracks to bob along to “1993,” which might just be the my favorite track on the album. It’s youthful, yet the musicianship is perfectly executed at every turn, displaying the blossoming skills of Park right before our eyes.

You can listen to this record, and almost immediately fall in love with it.  The songs throughout are fairly simple, yet they’re structured around hooks and melodies that grab hold of your eardrums, never letting go.  GRMLN has constructed the perfect seasonal listen, which due to current temperatures, is absolutely perfect.  Empire is fun, it’s catchy, and it’s something that might endure beyond the summer, keeping us warm all year long.


Download: GRMLN – Do You Know How It Feels_ [MP3]


Yet More New Music from GRMLN

grmlnIs this album here yet? Every single time I get a new track from GRMLN I get excited by the prospect of the fun to be had when Empire finally hits stores on June 4th. Personally, the further we get along, the more I see a similarity in the hype that surrounded Wavves when Nathan first broke onto the scene. And just like those raucous tunes, the songs, including the one below, are filled with energy and brevity, giving us the perfect blend of brevity and pop goodness.  Carpark will be releasing the album, and you can be sure that I’ll have good things to say about it!


Download: GRMLN – Do You Know How It Feels_ [MP3]

Another New GRMLN Track

grmlnIt seems like every couple of weeks we get a new tune from GRMLN, and I’m totally cool with that, especially when they’re as hook-laden as the following song we’ve got for your listening pleasure. We’re nearing the June 4th release date of Empire, the debut LP from the group, and I’m getting excited.  Some part of me feels like there’s a Foutnains of Wayne ode in here, just propping up a solid rock tune with a powerful chorus.  It’s actually sort of a rarity nowadays, so I’ll gladly take a revisiting of one of my favorite genres.


Download: GRMLN – Hand Pistol [MP3]

Jamming Out with GRMLN

1840We’ve written about GRMLN before, but I’m even more excited about the band after hearing this latest track.  It’s a lot more upbeat and in your face, with an edgy guitar kicking off right from the start.  The vocals have this bit of power-pop delivery while the drums pound in the background; there’s even a riotous breakdown at the end of the tune. If you’re in need of a record you can just blast as the wind blows your hair back, then you’re going to want to get your hands on Empire when it is released by Carpark Records on June 4th.

New Music from TEEN

homepage_large.01eb35c2This song surfaced last week, but I was actually out catching the band at hand.  They played a tight little set swirling with noise and wonderful melodies.  Now that I’m back in the world, I feel like Teen‘s new song needs some attention, as it was one of the hits they played during their set.  Interestingly, I felt like it was a bit noisier live, but I like the group holding back here, allowing for the powerful songwriting to make it’s way through.  The group has their new Carolina EP coming out your way on May 28th via Carpark Records. This is someone you should give some attention to in the upcoming weeks.

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