Another Gem from Dog Bite

Man oh man, Dog Bite really has something here.  This is the third single from Phil Jones (not the Man United utility player sadly) and his upcoming record, Velvet Changes, which is being released by Carpark Records on February 5th. Personally, I usually don’t go straight for the electronic looping, but I like the tone of the guitar that quietly lurks in the background.  Plus, the manipulated drums provides a really strong sterility to the song’s structure. If you haven’t been carried away by Jones yet, then you’re going to have no one to blame but yourself when this album goes big time.


Download:Dog Bite – Native America [MP3]

Dog Bite Forever, Until A New Song…

Dog Bite was the band lucky enough to avoid the downpour during their opening slot at The Mohawk for Washed Out’s last stop in Austin. I liked their set and in retrospect by listening to the recent tracks hitting the intarwebs, I like them more than I did at the show. I need a do over.

Anyway, Phil Jones is leading the band into 2013, Velvet Changes dropping 2/5 via Carpark. This is the second song from the pending LP and is a bit gazier and hazier. The song premiered over at Paste with a download via the Soundcloud embed there.

The band will be in town in support of Toro Y Moi @ Emo’s East on 2/2/13.


Download:Dog Bite – Forever, Until [MP3 @ Paste]

Heavy New Jam from Dog Bite

When I first pressed play on this new jam from Phil Jones project, Dog Bite, the heavy guitar definitely caught my ear.  It gave a darker quality to the song from the get-go, which I definitely appreciated.  Then the vocals washed in a bit of haunting echo pushed me over the edge.  And while there’s a lurking solemnity, it’s not a song free of hooks.  His album, Velvet Changes will be out on February 5th of next year via Carpark Records, and it’s shaping up to be one of those underdog releases I’m really rooting for.  Have at it guys.


Download:Dog Bite – Prettiest Pills [MP3]

Dream Pop Jangler from GRMLN

Hearing the story of California’s Yoodoo Park, I can’t help but recall the stories of early Cloud Nothings.  Yoodoo is 19, about the same age as Dylan was, and he’s also recording tracks he loves at his home studio.  It just so happens that we love the track too, with it’s dreamy vocals, propulsive beat and sharp guitars.  Luckily for the masses, GRMLN has just signed with Carpark Records in order to release his Explore EP.  You’ll want to keep an eye out for this group, as they figure to be big up-and-comers in the indie scene, especially with a hit like this one.


Download:GRMLN – Coral [MP3]

Brand New Track from Cloud Nothings

The self-titled release by Cloud Nothings this past January was one hell of a ride, consistently staying in my player for most, if not all, of 2011. And now we’ve got news that Dylan and his group are at it again, ready to rock and roll with a brand new record on Carpark.  As of now, it’s titled Attack on Memory, and it should be hitting the streets on January 24th, so we’ll probably have another year to enjoy fresh new Cloud Nothings jams.  Don’t think that you’re gonig to get the same fare this run around, as this first single displays a more subdued group, tossing out a more stripped down, slow-burner, as opposed to the furious blisterning rock of last year.  I’m interested to see where this goes.


Download: Cloud Nothings – No Future No Past [MP3]

New Tunes from Cloud Nothings

After re-issuing some work earlier this year, Cloud Nothings are prepping us all for the release of their new record on January 25th, which is going to be self-titled.  We know the single came out earlier this week, but we had to give you a taste.  It’s pretty noisy and boisterous, until you find the hook lying deep beneath the chorus.   If anything, the song only grows with power and accessibilty as it goes along.  Look for the record in 2011 on Carpark.


Download: Cloud Nothings – Understand At All [MP3]

New Tunes from Light Pollution

James Michael Cicero surely has a lot going on in brain.  Just listening to the latest single from his group Light Pollution gives you hints that despite all the madness and cacophony that there is an underlying since of beauty, and that becomes visible with extended listens to the underlying melodies and various hooks.  The group has their debut album, Apparitions, scheduled for release on June 15h on Carpark.  Judging by this song, it wlil be chock-full of experimental wonderment.


Download: Light Pollution – Oh Ivory [MP3]

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