ATX Spotlight: Stream the Jared Leibowich Album

jzI’ve always known that Jared Zoltar had a knack for writing incredible tunes; he’s been crafting timeless pop music with the Zoltars here in Austin for some time, but could he keep it up on his own? Um, the answer’s a definite yes! Welcome Late Bloomers is his new solo-outing under his given name, Jared Leibowich, and it’s probably going to end up in my personal year end list of great things to come out of Austin in 2015. I don’t know, I’ve been listening to this non-stop and now I feel like I’m fawning over Jared, so let’s just say it’s your turn to fawn over him. He’ll also be playing a residency at Beerland all through October, so be sure to catch one of his shows…it’s always worth your time. His new album is available now through Unblinking Ear Records.  

Late to the Game: Plums

plumsPretty sure any of you reading that are looking for some good indiepop are going to really enjoy what’s going on with Plums, if you haven’t been hipped to them already.  They’ve got that twinkling guitar sound, like our friends in Literature or Rose Selavy; the tones of the vocals are warm and calming, creating the perfect balance for the band’s sound.  They just released their new EP, Jen, via cassette on Forged Artifacts, but you can also grab it digitally via the NYOP (donate or die). It’s seven tracks that’ll make you come back for more and more, just the way indiepop should.

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Keep Your Eyes on Expert Alterations

expatThere’s no doubt in my mind that I’m a huge indiepop fan; it’s what I clamor for on a daily basis, and the one thing I miss in Austin (give or take a few bands).  So, I went to hit up a show at Cheer Ups last week to catch one of those acts, Rose Selavy.  They were great, and I expected they would be; they’re still a fairly new band in town, working through the early stages, but I have no doubt they’ll make waves soon.  But, immediately following them was Expert Alterations from Baltimore.  One word to describe their sound: classic.  There was jangle, bubbling bass, steady percussion and a little bit of reverb on the vocals.  Honestly, it made my night, so here I am a week later imploring you to keep an eye on the band. Here’s their most recent cassette that should give you reason to love them.

Mozes and The Firstborn Have Skills

artworks-000046961608-2br5ga-t500x500Just this last week the folks over at Burger Records released a cassette from Dutch band Mozes and the Firstborn.  I like how the group opens up this lead single by jumping right into the chorus, than going backwards by offering up the verses.  The vocals remind me of Austin’s The Strange Boys, those there’s a different folk spin on the group’s approach.  A relaxed pace and a catchy chorus make this song worthy of repeat listens throughout your day, which will hold true for the band’s self-titled cassette.  It’s available now, so do what’s good for you and pick it up.

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