Rock with New Running Single

runninBefore I get too far carried away with the pop music today, I wanted to toss in this brand new single from Running…you know, just a twist of differentiation. The track opens up with a pretty frantic pace, using buzzsaw guitars and a pummeling rhythm section to really build the song’s energy. Eventually, they slow it down just a touch for the vocals to reach at your ears from an echo-y distance; there’s even a few shouts, which comes as no surprise as the band is set to release their new LP on Castle Face Records, the home of John Dwyer. Wake Up Applauding will be released on January 4th, offering something loud and boisterous to kick off the New Year.

Demented Tape Pop from Creeping Pink

creepI’m a little bit scared of this Creeping Pink song honestly.  Sure, there’s this playful element in the way the core of the song goes, but the loops of drum explosions, placed atop varying levels of sonic accompaniment, eventually get warped into the track’s evolution.  The realm of safe pop dissipates, collapsing into this pulsating throb of electro-bedroom noise.  It’s an interesting spin on the modern trope, elevating the construction in a certain sense, and defying the rules.  It’ll be interesting to hear the entire Mirror Woods album; look for its release on July 13th via Castle Face Records.

ATX Spotlight (?): Warm Soda Ready New LP

warmNot quite sure if we can claim Warm Soda as one of our own, despite the band living in Austin, but seeing as we’ve always loved the band, I think we’ll take em.  They’re readying their 3rd LP, and it seems that Mr. Melton is slowing things down, perfecting his blend of power-pop for the masses.  He’s still got that warm fade on his vocals, the guitar lines are there, but it’s a calmer approach that’s most notable (I still love it).  Look for the band’s new LP, Symbolic Dream, to hit stores on May 4th via Castle Face Records.

Friday Rock N’ Roll with Male Gaze

mailI’m really impressed with this new Male Gaze track.  There’s a furious pace kicking things off, using the guitars to knife and cut through the speakers.  But, what’s gotten me hooked are the slightly moaned vocals, full of studio tricks; it sets you on edge with it’s ability to counterbalance the ramshackle approach of the rest of the group. They even up the noise in a distorted manner as the track comes to a sprawling close.  Look for the group’s debut release on Castle Face Records on March 23rd; it’s title Gale Maze.


Did You Buy the Jack Name LP?

jackieboyThere were tons of releases this week, whether you wanted orchestrally-aligned pop like Belle and Sebastian or something along the psych vein, like Amen Dunes.  But, I hope you looked into picking up the Jack Name album, as it’s one of the more diverse listens we’re likely to hear all year (I know that’s bold considering it’s January).  There are marks of various influences from glam to funk and beyond, so why not take another listen to the latest single from the album. Be sure to pick up Weird Moons from Castle Face today!



Another New Jack Name Tune

matthemchaungheyDue to Internet blog strategy, I haven’t been able to share this tune with you, so if you’ve jammed to it, you’re free to skip.  Jack Name‘s quickly earning a special place in my heart with his latest slew of singles; this tune in particular has his voice hiding in the song’s mix, though you can hear the eerie pop sensibility sliding through. I like how he chose to leave it as such, as he clearly could have turned that up and left the number as just a bombastic pop hit…it still is in my mind.  This is just another reason I’m looking forward to the tunes that will come on Weird Moons, which is released on January 20th via Castle Face Records.

New Jam from Ex-Cult

exexDidn’t want to throw all these mellow jams at you without giving you something to turn up loud. Ex-Cult released the excellent Midnight Passenger LP earlier this year, and they’re already looking to start off next year with a band, bringing you the Cigarette Machine EP .  The lead tune is below, bringing you that gritty sensation of danger the band have oft encompassed in their live sets.  Some bands, you skip over the EPs, but not this band, every song is worth a solid listen.  Grab your own on February 9th courtesy of Castle face Records.

How You Feeling about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard?

kingYou know, I’m not real sure how I feel about it all either. I mean, first, there’s the name: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard…some things can go too far.  But, I put that aside and really sat down with their most recent tune, and this one I feel like I can get behind.  There’s all sorts of musical movement in and out for the Aussie act; they settle into a nice bit of a groove then allow themselves to really immerse you inside that groove.  You can’t escape until the song ends, so perhaps that’s the power of the Lizard Wizard.  Look for the band’s LP, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, via Castle Face Records on November 11th.

Another Rocker from Useless Eaters

boygeorgeThe first time I caught Useless Eaters live, I was floored.  There was this rambunctious quality wrapped up in a poppy punk realm.  But, as time has progressed, Seth has tightened his ship and broadened his sound, leaving us this time with a sharp bit of rock that lurks in the dark.  Perhaps it’s the bass line here, working beneath the shredding guitar or maybe it’s that vocal delivery that seems to come from the narrator in your favorite B-movie.  Regardless, I’m always down to listen to what the group has to offer, which for now, is the brand new album, Bleeding Moon, which Castle Face Records will release on October 7th.

Have Fun With Male Gaze

artworks-000080875768-n3iggi-t500x500Male Gaze is a San Francisco based trio that rose from the ashes of many great Cali rock bands.  After getting together, the band already have new music in the works and are ready to share this great new rock track called “Cliffs of Madness” with your eager awaiting ears.  It’s a fuzzy, loud, in your face tune that’s sure to wake any of you sleepyheads up on this dreary hump day.  Let the rock begin.

Pick up this track on a new 7″ now via Mt. St. Mtn. and stay tuned for a full length coming later this fall on Castle Face Records.

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