Have Fun With Male Gaze

artworks-000080875768-n3iggi-t500x500Male Gaze is a San Francisco based trio that rose from the ashes of many great Cali rock bands.  After getting together, the band already have new music in the works and are ready to share this great new rock track called “Cliffs of Madness” with your eager awaiting ears.  It’s a fuzzy, loud, in your face tune that’s sure to wake any of you sleepyheads up on this dreary hump day.  Let the rock begin.

Pick up this track on a new 7″ now via Mt. St. Mtn. and stay tuned for a full length coming later this fall on Castle Face Records.

Brand New Warm Soda Track

warmsodaI hope Mathew Melton never quits writing songs.  There’s nothing he’s done under Warm Soda that hasn’t simply won me over, as evidenced by last year’s spot in our Top Albums List.  I’m actually surprised he’s come back so quickly with more jams that sound just as good, if not better.  These track actually seems more casual, but in the perfect power-pop sort of way; it’s steady and not overly energetic.  His new record, Young Reckless Hearts, cannot get here soon enough! It’s out on Castle Face Records on March 11th.


Download: Warm Soda – Young Reckless Hearts [MP3]

Burnt Ones Announce New Album

burntones2014 has started off rather impressively for Castle Face Records, and things are only getting better with the announcement of a new record from Burnt Ones.  On the first single from the upcoming Gift LP, you can clearly tell how well the band manages to work together; it sounds like a practice-space jam session recorded to perfection.  But, while there’s a quality that’s definitely a little coated in atmospherics, there’s an underlying layer of accessibility that is definitely going to win over fans.  You can get yourself a copy of this gem on March 25th when it arrives in record stores.

Gritty Jam from POW!

powWhile many of us are lamenting the temporary (we can hope!) hiatus of Thee Oh Sees, we can be happy that John Dwyer is turning his attention elsewhere, allowing for more releases via his label, Castle Face Records.  His latest find is to unearth the young San Fran band, POW!, who offer up this darkened pop number.  The recording has things rather low, which provides for a dirtier sound than many are used to at the moment, but I think that adds to the appeal; the slightly discordant guitar solo really added a nice layer for me.  The band’s debut Hi-Tech Boom will be out on January 14th.


John Dwyer Unearths The Herms

hermspromophoto_101756Being John Dwyer has to be pretty sweet.  Not only does he get to front Thee Oh Sees, but he gets to run Castle Face Records too.  A great band and a great label? Sweet gig bro.  It’s also allowed him some time to really dig deep into his local or nearby history, as is the case with Berkley band The Herms.  He’s taken some early demos and 8-track recordings from the group and compiled them into the Drop Out Vol. 1 LP.  This is the first take on this band for many of us, and this swaggering bit of rock n’ roll is enough to see exactly why John took on the project.  It’s rock like this that I can get behind.


Download: The Herms – Power Joystick [MP3]

Post Punk Jamz from The Mallard

themallardMan, the music scene in San Francisco must be pretty hopping, not that it ever really died down.  We just got this new track from The Mallard, which are one of the newer bands to start making waves from the Bay Area, and I’m completely stoked.  This tune has a stuttering guitar/drum line that seems to run through its entirety, while the vocal seems to match that with an off-beat marching delivery.  The group will be releasing their album, Finding Meaning in Deference on July 29th via Castle Face Records. I think you’re all going to dig this one.


Download: The Mallard – Crystals & Candles [MP3]

New Psych Rock From White Fence

1872We’ll get things going on your drab Monday with the new tune “To the Boy I jumped in the Hemlock Alley” coming your way from rockers White Fence.  It’s a psych rock type of tune that’s reminiscent of something you might have heard in the 60s coming from The Doors or other bands during that era.  If you’re into it, new album CYCLOPS REAP will be dropping tomorrow via Castle Face Records.

You’ll also have a chance to see White Face live when the stop in for Psych Fest in a couple of weeks.

More Glamorous Pop from Warm Soda

Warm_soda_FRONTsmall_1024x1024.144844Barely a few weeks ago I brought you a rad little number from Warm Soda, and they’ve tossed out another one that deserves equal notice. “Waiting for Your Call” starts out with this chugging guitar progression, with a bit of background twang. It builds until the band twists your arm into a moment of pop goodness, aided by the soft vocal delivery.  The guitar knifes in and out of the track, each time being accompanied by precision drumming and that smooth vocal hook.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be going to pick up Someone For You on March 26th via Castle Face Records.



Pop Rocking with Warm Soda

warmsoda666.144307I loved what Bare Wires were doing musically, so when I heard that Matthew Melton had a new outfit, I had to get on it.  Boy was I pleased when I heard this rad single from Warm Soda.  It’s got power-pop guitar chords, but there’s also a nice bit of sheen to the track, making it catchy enough to play on and on and on.  The group has just released their debut LP, Someone For You, on limited edition splattered vinyl.  It went pretty quick, so they’ll be releasing it again on Castle Face Records at the end of March.


Download:Warm Soda – Reaction [MP3]

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