Spaced Out Psychedelia from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

kglwWant to take a psychedelic trip? Me too, and we’re probably better off if we listen to King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard while we’re at it.  The band’s latest single has this spaced out warp to the recording, which is really intriguing to my ears.  But, that being said, there’s still some California pop polish lurking beneath, heralding the sunny sounds whilst spinning them in a warbled mess of psych rock.  It’s just more promising sounds from the Aussies, who will be releasing a four-song Quarters LP (two tracks per side I reckon); Castle Face Records has the release set for May 11th.

Another New Track from Dylan Shearer

dylan-shearerI’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the Dylan Shearer record for the last few weeks, and it’s one of those records that’s going to be hounded by everyone when it’s released.  Shearer has this soft vocal delivery that begs for the attentive ears of listeners, yet the construction of his songs match that in their ornate quality.  Those of you looking to indulge your quiet listening experience will surely fawn over every second of recorded music within the listen.  Garagearray will be released as a co-release by Empty Cellar and Castleface, two very reputable labels.  Be prepared for the wonderment herein.



SXSW 2014 Interview: Burnt Ones

1913430_10151843650536330_1335524822_oThings are officially under way at the ATH offices; we’ve already caught several shows, and plan on heading out in an hour here to keep the rock n’ roll going.  But, as we close out our pre-SXSW press, we bring you this interview from Burnt Ones.  The band is just another in the long line of great Burger Records/Castleface Records coming into town this week.   Here’s the band’s answers….the rest of you have a safe week out there! Read more